Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday Off - 31F - fairly bright.

A quiet, typical Sunday off. Not quite finished Saturday's papers before Sunday's arrived. Sometimes I feel more in tune with the Sunday Telegraph than the weekday.

I spoke to David this morning and I am glad he is going to see his doctor tomorrow morning. It has gone on far too long and he sounds so 'done for' and subdued. I would be pleased if the doctor signed him off for a month to give him plenty of recuperation time.

Picture 1 is a close up of the colourful and perfumeful freesias which TJ brought and they are just now starting to wilt.

I've had lots of calls and texts which has been nice and I managed a nice long chat with Tracy, who is always concerned for my welfare when her Mum is in London. However I managed to assure her that I actually quite enjoy it. Rob rang about our shared lecture at EPS on 15th Jan and he is going to call in to finalise the arrangements.

The other interesting thins is that Janice called for our monthly tote money, only £1.60, and brought us an envelope. We have won £12.50 ! Again. It is embarrassing how many times we win. I feel sure that overall we must be showing a profit. Good job we aren';t serious gamblers.

Picture 2 is the last of the artichokes. (I kept 3 Jill, not just 1). The rest have gone to live with their Uncle Roy who wants them for some obscure photographic purpose.

In addition to newspapers I have caught up on some Radio, and I have an episode of the 'More or Less' series on my computer I would like to share, and I'm trying to figure a way of publishing a link to it.

Re the use of Churches. I accept what both Helen C and Bungus say about the use of Churches for Concerts and Y and I have been to some good choirs etc., in Greasley Church. What I had in mind was something more 'wordy' and contoversial.


bungus ........ As above, I accept what you say and I think the work at Radford Church was when David Jones was the Vicar there.

For me Joan Hickson is the definitive Miss Marple and David Suchet is Hercule Poirot.

Reg ...... I willingly stand corrected re Photoshop and Text. But we who are a little hesitant with layers find Picsasa 3 so easy to deal with. Especially as the sample text on the picture varies in tune with the different fonts, sizes and colours you may try - while you are actually doing it.

Re the Ortchids. This year we will have a better go. I'm sure we can find somewhere in the house that they will like. Also, and I think I'm at fault, they may have been over-watered. Y was advised by her chum Joan only to water once a week, so she did them Saturday mornings. But then I would be going round with my little household watering can and I'd think ..........

AnonymousYM ....... Thank you, as our London correspondent. Glad your 'dinner engagement' was so successful. And later by phone, I'm glad everybody enjoyed the pantomime. I knew they would join in the 'shouting' and I'm not a bit surprised Elli was one of the four chosen to go on stage. It was inevitable !

It might be warmer there, but it is still bitterly cold here and more to follow.

Helen C ....... Please see above re Churches and Music. I suppose we don't look around carefully enough. Several years ago Y and I went to Southwell Minster for a version of Bach's St Mathews Passion but I can't remember the Orchestra or the Choir. Don't worry - the link is to the piece's Wiki-page, not to a full performance.

The Magazine is in a safe place, and we will see you when you resurface etc.....


Quotation time .......... mainly for artists, but spot-on for photographers too .....

"Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing"

Salvador Dali

The link is to a picture - you could 'google' him yourselves.

Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow.

Perhaps the Fish ?



bungus said...

Then it must have been David Jones who thought we should risk buggering up our machinery by re-using the timber from the pews!

Orchids are not to be boggered about with.

"Those who do not make mischief make little else to gladden the heart”
Ungleby Cowpertrew.

Agree orchid advice except R-Nottm experts suggested pebble layer, with water below.

Helen C:
I was thinking of ‘Music in Quiet Places'.
Wellow a free-ranging mandoline quartet. I think Kneesall was a play or something.

Poor old Sparky.
But Derby/Forest, wow!

90 words


Anonymous said...

Snow in London last night and bitterly cold today. Be glad to get back to the so-called chilly Midlands - at least we expect it to be cold on the Derbyshire border. YM