Thursday, January 15, 2009

EPS joint lecture with Rob - 43F - Southerly wind 6mph

A short blog, to which I may return later, fatigue permitting.

This evening Rob and I are doing our joint lecture at EPS.   Rob will be showing some good pictures, including a selection of his cyanotypes.  My contribution will be to show some famous paintings and discuss their relationship to photography.

Picture 1 was sent in by Pete (Mannanan) and shows a recent high-tide near his lifeboat-house at Ramsey.    Thanks Pete, water that looks like water again !    I would have felt the need for the proximity of a lifeboat man simply to dare to stand there to take the picture.

David's XRay results show the aftermath of his pleurisy and some pneumonia but the Doctor is satisfied with his progress.   And he hasn't got to return to work, or tire himself, for a week or two yet.

I didn't succeed in persuading Picasa to keep my picture files for this evening in the right order so I have decided on an alternative strategy.  They are in the right order on the memory stick so I shall play it from there.

My responses to your comments

JBW ..... Thank you for your suggested shortcut to the comments.   I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure you are right.   One nice aspect of the conventional method of clicking on 'comments' at the end of the blog page is that you can see how many there are.

Rob ..... Y was worried about discussing Lachs on the blog, but apparently, according to his Mum and Grandma, now he is so much in the public eye all publicity is welcome.   We might get a 'scoop' one day.

Re Jill....She is still on her cruise we think but is expected to return this weekend.

Roy ....  Thank you for the  'Tufted Duck'  identification.    Brian S e-mailed me the same info but he told me its latin name aythya fuligula.. so there !   It was its bright yellow eye which caught my attention.

Y notes your request re  'smileys' and says the best solution will be our 11yr old granddaughter who is very computer literate and is also on Vista.

Bob .....  I'm impressed with your lunch at Caunton.    It is reassuring that some places still actually prepare and cook the food on the premises.   And custard from scratch - what can I say ?  

The mind boggles when you say that you were inhibited from the 'sun in the mist' shots because you were not driving.  Do you usually take such snaps whilst behind the wheel and careering down the A60 at 60mph then ?

Pete (Mannanan) .....  Thanks for your encouraging comments re the misty morning series.   I shall keep churning them out knowing I have at least one appreciative viewer.


"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"



Tilly said...

Hello. Today I'm the first person. Go me!Today I don't really have anything to say, which is unusal for me. But I've decided to put ham and cheese in my scones on Monday. Sounds strange but we did it with BACON AND CHEESE, it was fine. But everyone and I mean everyone is just doing just cheese by it's self. What is pretty boring so with ham in mine I'll be different! Go me again!
From Hannah x

Yvonne said...

Arboretum Pond/Lake: Filled with water by today with fountain playing. However, judging by the equipment/men hanging around last week, I was convinced that it was being filled in with soil prior to some dastardly attempt to do a 'garden makeover'. But all is well.

bob the fogeyman said...

You’re being deliberately obtuse so that’s OK.
Not being the driver I couldn’t stop to take pictures of gorillas in the mist.

I lost my Word doc in which I draft these comments. Eventually found it in My Documents. Very odd.

Pleased to hear that the pond I don't remember is not to be filled in.
I suppose it will all come flooding back?

I am uncomfortable with 'bob the fogeyman'. May I revert to 'bungus'. It isn't actually deceptive, is it?

Rob said...

I've had cheese scones a number of times but always found the cheese flavour too strong. Maybe it's the type of cheese used, I suspect Cheedar which I'm not keen on. Ham and cheese scones sound good; maybe the recipe will find it's way on to the blog?

How wonderfully careful to worry about overexposing 'Lachs'. As the info I was referring to was in the public domain I never gave it a second thought. He scored another two goals against China making a total of 7 in 4 games. The boy done good.

The blogmeister 'done good' last night as well. Highly entertaining and informative. Elaine was impressed not just by your knowledge, RG, but also the entertaining way you put it across.

The Ramsey wave reminds me of the ones that hit the Malecon in Havana. Maybe they are related in some way?

I've been looking at a Samsung 13.8 megapixel compact camera in Tesco for £127. Bargain I thought until I read that anything above 8 or 9 megapixels will be too much for a small sensor. Any advice anyone? (I hear a voice from Spain shouting 'stick to film!)


bob / bungus said...

Stags have offered Nathan Arnold a further contract but will he accept?