Saturday, January 03, 2009

Late blog - lots of 'kip' - 33F - No wind


Helen, please skip the first paragraph.

Picture 1 shows a 'larding needle' which I might have rabbitted on about, either in these columns or at WoW. Although its use here is to thread strips of orange deep into the gigot, its main use was to thread strips of fat into any joint to be roasted. The effect was to amplify any 'marbling' there might be and make the joint particularly moist and succulent. My mother had one - I inherited it - but lost it.

Fortunately, in the article is a web-address please click whence I can obtain another. The website isn't the easiest to navigate but, I have checked it out and there they are - together with other useful kitchen gadgets. The piece was in the Telegraph supplement and was about this chap who specialises in historic cookery.

My day has been restful. Papers, radio and kip.

The Archive Hour was good this evening, all about The Bow Dialogues which took place in the 70s in the St Mary-le-Bow Church on the left. As the picture shows there were 2 pulpits - The Rev Joseph McCulloch occupied one and his visiting celebrity the other. The Church was invariably 'standing room only'.

Joan Bakewell did a tidy job with her material, as ever, and wow, what an archive - from Enoch Powell to Peter Cook. It raised the question in my mind "Why don't we use our Churches for something imaginative now ?" rather than only use them for a Service on Sundays etc...

Y has had a good day. Elli and Ruby both spoke to me on the phone and they are quite excited about the Pantomine tomorrow. Andy and Debra were invited to Gillian's for dinner this evening and very thoughtfully invited Y too. She texted me and was having a great time.


bungus ..... My description 'non-invasive' about the Picasa 3 'text tool' was a straight comment. The text is not permanently written on the picture file, as it would be in Photoshop for instance. All you need to do is bring up the Picasa 3 picture and, with a single click, you can remove the text.

Re 'comments' ..... I am not prolonging things. It was you who brought up the matter of TJ finding your comments boring - not me !

Reg ..... Pleased to hear that your Orchids are doing so well. Did you cut them back ? Y cut our last year's main stems back to about 3 inches above the leaves but nothing happened - no fresh shoots or anything , even though the the leaves looked healthy and glossy.

Jill .... Poor you and Ro - to have your Central Heating go on the blink during the coldest winter for decades. It sounds as though you have plenty of back-up heating but it is never quite the same.

As you start your cruise of warmer places tomorrow I think you are right to wait for the engineer you trust.

Have a lovely holiday ! If you have chance to leave a comment in the morning please identify the cruise and the boat and I can google for a webcam and keep readers informed of your progress.

No quote today. Too tired.


bungus said...

I think you’ll find some churches are put to alternative use.
I’ve attended concerts (jazz/classical fusion) at both Kneesall and Wellow.
Kneesall had 70% of floor cleared of pews to provide open space for more flexible use and a Radford church had similar 1980s treatment by FFPA for whom I worked.

Misunderstanding. Mea culpa.
I read 'non-invasive' as ‘non-obtrusive’ which I thought the particular case wasn’t.
You’re quite right about reverting to the original in Picasa – one of its many good features.

I suppose you’re right. You'd only be prolonging things if you kept mentioning it.
TJ implied, as she’s every right to do, that she found my long comments boring.
I responded. I wouldn’t have brought it up otherwise, would I? because there would’ve been no reason.

Pleased you’ve alternative heating.
Fleece jackets and blankets are our present fallback.
The last time we had real snow we were without electricity for best part of a week.

I don’t care for Agatha Christie although I read her complete oeuvre in my teens and enjoyed the Miss Marple films with Margaret Rutherford.
I just thought it would’ve been rather less annoying than J Creek.

193 words

Reg said...

We/I did cut back the old stems. The new flowers are on new stems which appeared from the base of the leaves. I belive the secret is minimal watering. I dip the pot in luke warm water and then let it drain, once a week during summer less in winter. Ours stand on a north facing bathroom windowsill, no direct sunlight. All as adviced by Radio Nottingham's gardening experts John and Martin.
Correction -- Photoshop puts text on a seperate layer which can be switch on or off. All layers remain intact if saved as a .psd file.(Unless you flatten or merge layers) Only if saved as a .tiff or .jpeg etc. is the text permanently fixed in the file.

Anonymous said...

Warmer in London today and lots of excitment about the pantomime. Lovely dinner last night with salmon and lentils ..... Very nice. YM

Helen C. said...

As Bungus said, churches are often used for concerts. There used to be a series of summer concerts in Notts called 'music in quiet places', many of which were churches. They provide great venues for music as long as you remember to take a cushion to sit on. Southwell Minster regularly puts on organ recitals, some of which have been excellent.

Thanks for the tip about misty morning pics and I look forward to seeing the Icelandic landscapes article. Unfortunately I'll be out of circulation for the next couple of weeks but I'll probably see you at camera club in about 3 weeks' time.