Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mostly fine - 40F but feels colder

Picture 1 is from The Express which David saved for me because it caught his eye. If the image has not been tampered it is really incredible. As all photographers know, clouds seldom stay in the same formation for more than a few seconds. You would have to whip your camera out quickly, or in my case nip indoors or to the car boot to get it - or perhaps he used his mobile phone ?

Readers opinions as to its veracity will be welcome.

Picture 2 is more straightforward. But I think lots of people may already do this.

I've attached a 4GB memory-stick to my car keys. I'll call it new idea 6,331...! But if someone comes back and says "I've been doing that for years" my blog-post can be edited accordingly.

Far be it from me to claim originality where none exists.

Our Ikea browse was successful and we found at least some of the things we were looking for. A new microwave jug with lid, 2 lightweight lager glasses, a jazzy cushion for the Office and a new, equally jazzy duvet cover for my bedroom. I won't bore you with the new loo seat. A suitable white plastic plate-drainer for the draining board however proved elusive.

Y is watching the Inauguration of President Obama and I'm sure it is very moving. One can't help having renewed hope for the world with such an impressive and obviously intelligent man in the job which is so important to the world. The Times online seemed the best coverage, so that is what I've linked you to. Mind you Y tells me that Aretha Franklin was a little high on the cringe-scale.

With regard to our own indigenous financial straits Matt, as always, aims his dagger directly to the right spot and hits it unerringly.

As I always attribute his work, and only pilfer stuff perhaps half a dozen times a year, I feel sure he won't object. And we do pay for the paper, not just nick material online.

As he always does, he identifies problems.

How dare these greedy bankers who, through bad business decisions, have got themselves into a mess, expect to be bailed-out by the tax-payer ? And you know in advance none of them will be honourable enough to resign.

When Y (as Grandma) apologised for forgetting something while over at Burton Joyce, or on Google Chat to Tilly (Hannah) Tilly told her, very seriously, that blueberries are recommended for older people with memory problems - although they can take 3 months before having an effect. So, while we were shopping in Lidl, we bought a punnet ! In three months time we'll report back. If we remember !

My responses to your previous comments.

Jill ..... I'm surprised that Michael Nicholson claims the authorship of the "I counted them out and I counted them back" comment because I'm fairly sure it was Brian Hanrahan. I remember hearing him say it and thinking 'WoW that's pretty good'.

But I suppose I could be wrong - it has been known.

Your other lectures sound good too. But I'm not surprised the finger print man had a problem ............ The subject matter is rather boring anyway.

As Y says "Jill tells it like it is". I'm referring to the food/fish. Of those that you mention we agree completely. Pollock is a load of 'pollocks' - likewise coley. I don't think we've yet sampled Mai Mai or Atlantic Char. I note you say your Catfish was nice, so, if we spot it we'll give it a go.

Yvonne ...... It does sound some cruise doesn't it? And with their accommodation being so good too.

You are right to praise Brian's books about Nottingham - they are good. I keep sneaking a look, without moving your bookmark.

And, as you have already told Jill "the lady in the kitchen IS knitting". I sort of remember you asking Helen. However one creates a 12th scale model of knitting I don't know. Can't be easy. No doubt Reg knows about it - with his modelling interests.


Quotation time .......

"Women like to sit down with trouble as if it were knitting"

Ellen Glasgow

Ellen Glasgow was a Pulitzer Prize winner, and is best known in the USA. As to her opinion, the views of lady readers would be valued. Mind you, if we have any gentlemen knitters ........................

....We are WoW-ing tomorrow. But where ? hasn't yet been decided. And I don't know who is going either. Meet up as normal at Reg's.

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"

I think this ending line is a new one


JBW said...

Interesting thought - If you carry a memory stick on your key ring where do you carry the computer to use it with? In your hip pocket?

Rob said...

Have you attached a memory stick to your key ring in case you forget where you left it? Ha ha!

If you fancy Son of an Evening with Graham and Rob I'm sure we could manage it. Or we could leave them wanting more........

Last night Elaine and I were the guests at Sileby Photographic Society's Annual Dinner (I judged their Annual Competition). It was held at Ferrari's Restaurant in Quorn and the food was excellent. The erstwhile owner, Gianpiero Ferrari, is a member of Sileby PS. He's an excellent nature photographer and has agreed, in principle, to visit EPS next season.

Welcome back Jill. Do tell us more about the cruise.

Sports Desk: bad home defeat for Panthers on Sunday puts their title aspirations in jeopardy. They are now 7 points behind the leaders who just happen to be the arch-enemy. Stags won though - a much needed three points.


PS - can I use this comment to thank Reg for the print of his King John's Chambers shot. It must be about a year since it graced the blog - any chance of seeing it again?

David (Not regulated by the Financial Services Authority) said...

My solution to the current financial crisis is as folows; Give everyone on the electoral register a sum of approx. £50,000 (I am sure that this must be about equivalent to the current bailing out) or more if possible. They can pay off all their debts or spend it or invest it as they see fit.

David said...

Would the addition of a memory stick help you -not forget where you have left your keys?

Helen C. said...

At the risk of disappointing you, I eat blueberries whenever I can find them at a reasonable price and they have had no discernable (or discernible?) effect on my failing memory. They don't seem to help with spelling either!
Can't comment on knitting as I never mastered it despite the best efforts of my mother when I was a child - it always seemed such a waste of time.
Have a good wow tomorrow.

Kevin B said...

You was correct when you said it was Brian Hanharan

Reporting from HMS Hermes, Mr Hanharan was not allowed to disclose the actual number of planes leaving or returning to the ship and so stated instead: "I counted them all out and I counted them all back".

Jill said...

I would be surprised if that photo of the British Isles had not been altered, even just a little bit....

I had a think and consulted the journal I keep when away - Michael N. certainly said that quote in his lecture, but he did not actually claim authorship - so perhaps you are right?

We had Sky Plus installed yesterday, it certainly seems easy to use, haven't actually put it to the test yet.

I think the quote is sexist!

Cruise - we had a day in Lisbon (cold and drizzly) and days in Lanzarote, Tenerife and Las Palmas, and two in Madeira. Much warmer and sunnier. The ship runs a free shuttle bus every 15 mins. or so into town centre. We did open-top bus tours in Madeira and Tenerife, the cost everywhere was 10 Euros each, tour lasted about two hours with English commentary, and tickets lasted all day - you could go twice or three times....Even better in Madeira where there were two different tours, you could do them both on the one ticket.

There were a variety of coach trips from the ship, but we find them mostly poor value for money and they start too early in the morning!