Thursday, January 22, 2009

Short blog - feeling tired - 38F

The blog might not be short, as per headline, because once I get tapping away my energy levels seem to rise.

Both pictures tonight are collages. Picasa seems to work fine on my big PC but not on my new notebook. The notebook simply doesn't like Picasa, or vice versa and I might discuss it with Staples where I bought the machine. It also has a tendency to shut-down unbidden. Instead of going into 'screensaver mode' it merely closes down altogether. And before anyone advises it, I have checked and double checked the settings both on the hardware and the programme.

Collage 1 is from our very own Jill and shows the lovely accommodation on their recent cruise. Ro is imitating the customary 50p piece and is there to show scale ! It all looks great Jill. I know the weather wasn't perfect but I think you both had a good time.

The second collage is from our visit yesterday to Codnor Park Reservoir where I didn't know about the black & white 'duck' ? which all the time was with a group of other birds, mostly Mallards. Grandson Miles 7 yrs has the ID problem in hand but he was only working from my verbal description and I thought the picture would help. Also of course, on the day, I should have asked Roy who I was later standing with in the Car Park but I forgot. I must remember my Blueberries !

Today has been a 'Y over to Burton Joyce day' and I agreed to collect her. The weather has been foul and it is still so cold I don't like to think of her standing at a bus-stop in the dark. Steven is away anyway because he often runs her into town. Another reason is that at EPS it is a judged-competition ! Need I say more !

Debra rang and we had a lovely lengthy chat ! Although their credit-crunch predicament doesn't ease, as she says, all their friends are in the same boat which must make it easier to bear.

My responses to your previous comments.

Reg ..... I will go and have a look for the article you describe but I seem to have been busy doing s*d all. Because I was hoping to put an extract in the blog. But PDF files aren't easy. The best way I've found is to get the words on screen, then do a screen-print and treat it like text even though it is a picture.

Jill will find your words helpful and re-assuring. As non-Sky users I don't know what you mean with the 'purse feature'?

JBW ...... Thanks for your encouraging words about a future lecture. Rob and I will certainly discuss it.

Jill ..... Glad you are getting on well with Sky. We have experts at this end if you get stuck.

I hope your 10C worked out. Personally I prefer 50F - old stick-in-the-mud that I am. Still not warm enough for bees who demand 56F. I recently e-mailed Pete (Mannanan) about it - I used to keep bees you see.

Glad you and Helen C have reached peace over the knitting-question. I'm just hoping you will knit for us, while I man the guillotine come the revolution. You are provisionally cast for the role of Madame Defarges

David ....... A bit out of sync because your comments on earlier blogs have just arrived. I tend to agree with you about the present financial crises. One of the senior International Currency dealers said on the radio this morning "Sterling is finished - how dare they force your tax-payers to bail out a couple of thousand greedy and inexperience young bankers who got you into this mess? Just so they can carry on driving their Maseratis".

Also can't fault you on comment 2 about the memory-stick. What I need is a USB port in my head to plug it into !

Quotation time .....

"It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them!"


I know how he felt - I have the same problem with shopping lists and a memory stick.

Quiet day tomorrow. Perhaps a little shopping, a little cooking, some radio, some newspaper and crossword puzzle, some reading, some computer, some kip - that sort of day !

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"



Jill said...

I could supply you with a list of people for the guillotine...

It's been much milder here today, when I came home around 9.00 it wasn't nearly so cold, I come out of a very warm place into the night air usually to a sharp intake of breath, tonight not. Or perhaps it was the Somerset cider and apple cake....

Ducks - is it the same black/white duck in each photo? In the top one it looks like a common or garden farmyard duck, but bottom left it looks quite different, possibly one in winter plumage?

Reg said...

Reading my last post I must have been on the bottle its this keyboard someone keeps shifting the keys. I ment the 'paws' feature You can 'paws' the programme you are watching to answer the phone etc.
Last nights competition went well the judge was John Jones one of the few who know what they are talking about. Mike Holland won the colour section and Kevin the mono. both blog readers. Well done to both. I came nowhere, Judges!!!!

KevinB said...

With thanks to reg, I was convinced was going to be second as I commented to Brian, So pleased to get a 1st. Shame you missed it Graham as some of the recent joiners displayed work which was superb.
The judge was very critical but managed to get past the faults of each picture.