Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Strictly come Dancing Tour

In the end I decided not to go WoW-ing. We had too much on.

I only show this foody-picture to sing the praises of Lidl yet again. As I have tried to stress - we don't shop there solely because its cheap but because of the high quality of certain products. Particularly 'delicatessen' stuff.

This Salami for instance is genuine Italian and gorgeous. Its carbon footprint is not good but the flavour is.

This morning we had the cavity wall insulators and it only took them around 90 minutes, but they were experts.

Another reason for the early blog is that this evening is our outstanding Xmas present - the Strictly come Dancing Tour which is this evening at the Arena (the old Ice Rink where Torvill and Dean practised) and TJ is delivering us and then bringing us home at the end. Apparently we will be allowed to vote from our seats via text message. Oh what fun. It will be great to see everyone in the flesh because we really enjoyed the TV series.

My responses to your previous comments

JBW ..... I fully accept what you say about your recommended weather-forecasting site. But I seem to remember that we have had this conversation before, at least once, and the reason I use the one I use is that it is a google gadget and can therefore be carried on my iGoogle homepage - which I have no intention of ceasing.

Helen C ..... Catching up or not, it is good to see your comments.

It is indeed a good idea to experiment with subjects differently lit. Especially when they are dormant. There are so many variations, so called "dracula lighting" where the light source is at the bottom of the frame, certainly yields drama.

Jill ...... Sorry its still chilly down there. It has seemed warmer here - until you go outside.

There is nothing worse than a student who feels at the outset that they know more than you do. My patience is too short these days - especially when not being paid ! In the end I just walk away from it, leaving no doubt as to my feelings. But I guess, like Y, you are too polite.

I regularly receive 'comments on the blog' by e-mail, but I do not refer to them. It wouldn't seem fair to real 'commentors' .

Unfortunately, just after I had posted yesterday's blog including the John Updike quote, news arrived of his death. I decided against going back into that day and editing it out - that would have seemed more disrespectful than not doing so. A great writer and a very witty and urbane man.

Quotation time .......

"Television has raised writing to a new low."

Samuel Goldwyn

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"



Rob said...

I managed to slip off work today for about 15-20 minutes and visited the NEMPF Exhibtion at Mansfield. The room was full of old reprobates hurrumphing about magenta on the prints and asking me why I wasn't at work!! (Only joking chaps). I thought the exhibition was good though the judges/entrants seem to have a bit of a romantic view of the world.

Helen - if you get the chance to see the exhibtion do go but be critical and try to work out why the pictures were accepted and why the winners won. That's a genuine comment, not a sarcastic one. It helps in learning what does well in competitions and what doesn't. We will have a chat at an appropriate time, preferably with a good number of your pictures to discuss.

Sports Desk: Stags managed a draw at home to Rushden last night; not a bad result in my view but Bob may differ. Over 2,000 turned up to watch which must be encouraging.


Rob said...

I took a bit of time off work today and went to see the NEMPF Exhibition at Mansfield Museum. Worth going to see even though the entrants/judges seem to have a romantic view of the world. When I arrived there was a room full of reprobates hurrumphing about magenta prints and asking why I wasn't at work!! Nice to see you chaps, anyway.

Helen - if you get a chance to see the exhibition do go, but look critically at the pictures and try to work out why they were accepted and why the award winners won. This is not a sarcastic comment but, in my view, a useful learning tool. We can have a chat about your pictures at an appropriate time, hopefully with lots of your prints to discuss.

Sports Desk: Stags picked up another point last night and over 2,000 people turned out to watch them do it. A good night I think, but Bob may not agree?


jbw said...

Now you remind me I too can remember the weather subject before. Just goes to show how ones memory starts to play tricks after passing the three score and ten mark.
I fully endorse your comments for Helen C on Rob's judging. He is one of the best. Most honest and in particular probably the most constructive and helpful judge you can find.

Jill said...

I thought you knew about John Updike's demise and were being very quick off the mark. I didn't enjoy his writing very much, struggled through a couple. I got on better with the short stories/novellas.

I am waiting with baited breath to hear about the Strictly Dancing outing. Baited breath - now there's an odd phrase.....

My patience is certainly not what it was either, if this awkward lady gets landed on me next week I am going to suggest she takes a class at the shop - but they cost £60 for six hours, only four in class, and she can have me for free!

Some welcome sunshine today - but colder.