Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lovely Sunday rest-day - 46F - Phew !

A lovely Sunday lie-in with the papers, plenty of tea, then plenty of coffee. Nice chat to David and he definitely sounded better, but it will be a relief when he has seen the doctor on Wednesday to get the results of his chest Xray.

He still gets tired out if he does anything and says that, after he has over-exerted himself, his chest feels as if someone is sitting on it. Doubtless this is his pleurisy. We counted up and it is over 4 weeks now. So he really must take it easy. I will try to set a good example.

The Picture above was scanned from The Sunday Telegraph, and looks a great venue and not too far away. Published mainly as a possible for family and friends but also I thought it has WoW potential. Reg or Roy will probably say we've been there, done that, got the postcard etc. Google maps says 18 miles, 29 minutes. Straight up the motorway would be quickest and more or less as the sparrow-hawk flies. This link gives an idea of the enormous range of bird sightings but is dated October 2008 and I would have appreciated something more recent.

Picture 2, on the right, is again scanned from the Sunday Telegraph. The bloke makes some good points and it is nice to have a boost for Camera Clubs from such an august national paper. Roy might have to get himself ready for a rush of applications and people turning up on a Thursday evening.

Sorry about the pictures being skew-wift. That was the Derbyshire expression for it, so I am assuming that Erewash Valley won't be far away. I could have gone back into Picasa and straightened them but it seemed like a faff and I thought you wouldn't mind.

The other picture I wanted to share with you was our slimmer's Sunday Lunch. Reasonable bit a steak which was still in the freezer from the Shirebrook adventure with Rob and Bob. Perhaps 7 out of 10 only though.

But the way we cook mushrooms now was successful again. I sort of semi-fry them in a saucepan with unsalted cooking butter but stop well before the butter starts to go brown. Then I just cover them with water and let them simmer. I suppose they are kind of stewed but the result is full of flavour and retains some texture.

The chips, from whole potato, the onion rings, and the free-range eggs go without saying.


People's response to the blog rising like The Phoenix from the ashes of the old one has been terrific and heart-warming. Mind you with the example of David Herbert Lawrence in the area, we know all about Phoenixes. Or should it be Phoenii or something ?

Yvonne ..... What a super comment. Mind you I hope readers won't imagine from your 'pleased to see you back' that I have physically been away. Just down the corridor is all. And I'm so please you have warmed to the blog - we will soon sort you out with smileys, and, as you say, if I can't Hannah will.

Rob ...... Again, what a smashing comment. I love the word Huzzah ! It sounds Bulldog Drummond, or even earlier.

If Bob (bungus) were still commenting he would no doubt dig out a source. Mind you perhaps JBW or Kevin will do the honours.

Your Jack Nicholson quote is also spot on. I seem to remember Y making the odd intelligent comment in the past.

Nice to have a piece from The Sports Desk too. Haven't a clue what you are talking about but the readership will.

You are right about the Beginners Competition. As a point of interest, I would have reached exactly the same decisions as you did. And you said all the right encouraging things about the images that just missed out. A great evening and nobody left with the sulks, due completely to your sensitive handling of it.

Pete (Mannanan) ........ Y predicted that you would steer a careful course through the pseudonym minefield. And you have. He 'is pretty bright' were her actual words ! And take it from me that is praise indeed.

KevinB........ You too managed the blog transition faultlessy. And I couldn't agree more about the beginner's quality on Thursday night. You will see my remarks above to Rob. He could probably hear me grunting approval 2 rows back.

JBW ..... Thank you for your kind comments. As above, and previous, it is heart-warming to learn that people enjoy the blog so much. I enjoy doing it, and digging out the links, and preparing the pictures etc., keeps me happily occupied for several hours. Too many hours sometimes Y says !

But I think that, now she realises how much it means to me, she is warmer to it.

Quotation slot ....... perhaps she doesn't mean this ! On the other hand .....

"Someday I want to be rich. Some people get so rich they lose all respect for humanity. That's how rich I want to be."

Rita Rudner

The live link behind her name is to a short video. More fun than her Wiki page. You can always google that if you need to.

Even though it is only 4,15pm it is getting dark so I can say -

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"

By the way Y tells me I missed a gorgeous sunrise this morning. I was only a couple of minutes late but it had gone.

It must be a week or two since I ended with the train, so here it is - I don't think it is going to stop I'm afraid. Aw shucks !



Yvonne said...

Bird watcher alert: I have it on good authority (my 7-year old grandson) that yesterday at Rutland Water was a marvellous day for anyone who loves birds.. He saw: kestrel, red-crested pochard, smew, goosander, great spotted woodpecker, buzzard, peregrine falcon and a great northern diver ...........

Can anyone tell me why there's no water in the Arboretum pond?

Anonymous said...

Your request - a quick search throws up the following results:-

"Huzzah" is also the exclamation used by the slapstick villain Punch as he outwits the Devil in the finale of the classic version of the Punch and Judy show, which dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries in England.

Used primarily, it seems, in the middle ages, it is/was used to express joy.

an expression or shout of acclaim —often used interjectionally to express joy or approbation.

So if it does go back to the middle ages it is somewhat before your friend 'Bulldog'.

Mind you an association with Punch & Judy is perhaps appropriate for your blog.


debra said...

Glad to hear you are blogging again and sorry to hear it was interrupted. Loved your photos....
Lots of love
Debra and co.

KevinB said...

was also used In the 18th and early 19th centuries, three "huzzahs" were given by British infantry before a charge, as a way of building morale and intimidating the enemy

David said...

So glad that your blogging again, as you know we only really read what you have written and look at the pictures!! Its a bit like reading the papers and not reading the "letters" page!
The plating of the "healthy" food is initially impressive, but on closer examination I notice that the onion rings are in a different place!! not very masterchef which has made a welcome return.

bob the fogeyman said...

Considering the Arab/Israeli conflict, the credit-crunch, car driver killed on level crossing, etc, it’s a trivial matter anyway. So, having tugged the ribbon and resumed sucking my dummy too…

Good to be back on the blog track, Jack.

Bolsover site looks interesting.
1½ miles about my good-enough.
So if anyone’s going and cares to invite me …?.

My dictionary gives ‘skew-whiff’; the form I know.

I’m surprised mushrooms need water. I find they produce a large amount requiring reduction.

Although, remarkably, I was up (to watch repeat Match-of-the-Day) I missed the sunrise too. Sandra caught it and agrees with Y.


I missed the old bogger too.
I’ve intended to photograph Sugar Factory for years but it’s not easy to find viewpoint (see email). I shall try again with my rather better camera.

People I speak to sympathise/empathise totally with Rafa, believing Fergie to be a most objectionable character guilty on all counts. Good win though.
County did well; Forest too under new management. Stags? We’ll see.

Who is JBW? I like the Punch & Judy association.

Helen C. said...

It's good to have the blog back. You have come up with some good ideas for wows, I hope you save some of them for when I can rejoin you after the marking season!
It was a lovely sunset - I managed to snap it through my bedroom window so I'll e-mail it to you. Just don't judge the picture too harshly as I was still half asleep!

Tilly said...

Hello everyone. I'm so glad to here you've carried on with your blog. You've been doing this for 2-3 years now. Wow! you lasted longer than me with our blog at home!

Speak soon
Hannah x

Rob said...

Your healthy food picture reminds me to say that, on the way out of Nottingham on Saturday, we called at the Grove at Lenton. We decided upon a rump steak each which cost us £7 for the two. We thought we might have been a bit silly choosing a cheap steak meal but it was very good. Let's hope it's as good next time, if we go again.

Sports Desk: I'm not really bothered whether Fergie is objectionable or not. I never have to deal with him. It was indeed a good win with what some would see as United's second-rate midfield. Panthers won in Edinburgh last night and have closed the gap on Steelers to 5 points. Belfast and Coventry also threaten.

Arts Desk: thanks for the sugar factory info by e-mail, Bob. I'll try to get there but not sure when I'll be able to make it.

How nice to have all the family commenting; I hope they continue to do so.

When I was on the way home from work today a presenter on Radio Nottingham said "Kate Winslett has got two Golden Globes." I understand she's an excellent actress.