Wednesday, January 21, 2009

WoW at Whatstandwell - then Codnor Reservoir

A most pleasant WoW day with a good turnout of 7. We went first to the Cromford Canal at the Whatstandwell end and the chaps enjoyed a good, if muddy walk starting along the Canal towpath. The link takes you to the Derbyshire CC site about the Canal in general.

See Picture 1, although this was looking back towards where the cars were parked. The light was good and a nicely romantic sort of mistiness over the more distant trees. Reg tells me there are distant plans to desilt and open up the section I have illustrated.

We had our chip-cob at the Cliff Inn at Crich and the link is to the best website I could find but I'm afraid it isn't very good. The site doesn't do the pub justice. The landlady has been in the pub for ages and the chip-cobs are first rate. Also, some interesting beer which I heard the chaps discussing.

Their walk wasn't too long, neither was lunch, and now the days are just that little bit longer we decided to visit Codnor Park Reservoir during our return journey. A sanctuary for water-fowl and anglers by the look of it. And only a couple of miles from Brinsley. Terry, whose first day out with us it was, swapped cars so I didn't need to drive back to Reg's to drop him off. He really enjoyed himself too.

Y also had a good day and managed a quick trip down to Nottingham. She needed to go to Bromley House and a couple of other visits and says what a boon her MP4 player is, as an anti loudy and screaming kids.

After I'd sorted my pictures out I managed an hour's quick kip and then felt in the mood for preparing tea. We finished off yesterday's 'spagbol' so preparation wasn't onerous. Then we had Lidl rice-pudding which was great and in my case with a big dollop of raspberry jam in the middle !

My responses to your previous comments.

JBW ..... Good point about 'where do I keep my PC to go with the memory-stick'? I know you ask in jest. The memory stick is suprisingly useful.

Sorry I had to reject your second comment, because the ball-point pen cum memory stick sounds an excellent idea. But, if I had accepted your second 'comment' I would be morally bound to accept multiple submissions from everyone else too. Anyway, you were kind enough to e-mail me saying you fully understood.

Rob ..... Ha Ha ! Good joke. I really need a memory stick which I can ring, to give me a clue where the car keys are don't I? This is getting complicated.

Next time we chat we must discuss 'Son of an Evening with .....' I'm not anti because there is so much easily understood stuff I could continue with. And I know that you, plus Elaine of course, keep churning good pictures out ! The pin-hole stuff was very interesting and would stand further exposition.

Glad you had such a good time at Sileby ! And Gianpiero Ferrari sounds as if he will be interesting at EPS.

It is good to have Jill back from her cruise isn't it. Pictures have been promised.

Helen C ..... Ha Ha ! witty you. It will be good when you are back to WoW-ing. I'm sure Jill won't take offence about 'knitting' - she is an expert, a member of groups, and prominent in the field. And, when she tells us all about it, she and her 'knitting chums' seem to have a great time. Alcohol is regularly consumed which I'm sure adds to it.

Kevin B ..... I was almost sure it was Brian Hanrahan. And, if you read Jill later on she says that, although the quote was mentioned, the lecturer didn't claim it as his own.

Jill .... The consensus seems to support your view about the 'UK map' sky. Almost certainly 'improved'.. Isn't it a shame. You can't trust anything at all.

My guess is that you will be delighted with Sky. We know several very happy users. And Ro will love the 'sports coverage'.

Thanks for further info about your holiday. You certainly had lots of choice of things to do. The idea of the tickets lasting all day is good, even if one trip lasting all day would be a bit heavy for us. We like 'doing our own thing' but tour-operators are usually most co-operative. On one holiday of ours the coach driver, setting off with our fellow-guests on a full day tour, dropped Y and me off at the Rijksmuseum in the morning. Neither of us had actually seen The Night Watch. We had a full day there and eventually made our own way back to the Hotel. Quite an adventure.

Sorry about the sexist quote. But anyway the author was a woman ! I guess that makes it worse ?


Quotation time ........

"Museums, museum, museums, object lessons rigged out to illustrate unsound theories .........................."

D. H. Lawrence

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"



Reg said...

Cliff Inn goto and down load the latest issue of DErby Drinker PDF file goto p,4 for the article that Joan showed us today.
Jill Sky plus is very easy to use and you can record two other channels whilst watching a third one. This of course assume there sre three program s worth watching on a the same time. Teh purse feature is usefull as well

jbw said...

Of course we want son of G and R and any other suitable relative ! Such evenings are not to be missed.

Jill – glad you enjoyed the cruise. While in Madeira did you manage a trip to the Valley of the Nuns it is spectacular, although the bus ride there can be a real test of nerves?

Jill said...

I did manage to record the prog. on Alan Sugar last night, now to work out how to play it back. I didn't know you could record two channels at a time and watch a third, thanks.

The reservoir photo looks almost spring-like - all that green - it's supposed to be 10 degrees today, whoopee, I think that is the highest it has been for weeks. I have bulbs coming up everywhere, but the climbing fuschias seem to have succumbed to frost, as do geraniums which have lasted seeral mild winters.

Valley of the Nuns - Ro DROVE up that road in a wonky hired car, when we there about 20 years ago! Can't comment on the spectacular scenery as I had my eyes shut most of the time...

Negative comments about knitting are a part of my life and just bounce off - I expect Helen has some occupation she enjoys that I wouldn't give house room to......

Helen C. said...

Jill, please accept my abject apologies! Knitting was a waste of time for me simply because I was so bad at it - a long and very holey scarf was the peak of my achievement. I'd now like to boast about being an expert in something or other but, sadly, I have dipped into many things and never stuck any of them long enough to become an expert.

Nice pic of the Cromford Canal Graham. I recently joined 'Friends of the Cromford Canal' so I optimistically believe the whole thing will one day (soon!) be restored.