Saturday, August 12, 2006

Windy Day - Cooler at 18C

You don't have to go to Egypt for sun-peeping-over-pyramid-shots. I just happened to be sitting in this carpark and thought 'that looks interesting'. My guess is that skies in Egypt don't look like this anyway. My love of skies, particularly ones with sun-edged clouds, remains insatiable. Much cooler again today. It was around 13C when we got up, and is only 18C now, coupled with a strongish 21km/hour, north wind. But it suits me so much better than the heat.

I have admitted to Bungus that it was a bit sneaky to amend the Blog after he had added comments. If I do it again I shall, in future, add some sort of codicil to make clear that the above text may be subject to editorial change.

People's holidays continue. David just rang and they have reached Christchurch. I think it is the one on the Solent, and not the New Zealand version ! He was sitting on the quayside again, with Brooke while Helen and Sky were crabbing. Hope they get one big enough to eat - that would be fun. Another nice caravan-site apparently and they haven't yet explored the town. As I remember it, it is very picturesque. with a lovely Church. But I could be totally wrong.

Y had left a message on Steve's answerphone saying that if Hannah wanted to come over to stay she would be most welcome. When we returned from shopping Hannah had left a message on our answerphone saying she would love to come for a 'sleepover'. She and Y will have a great time. They chatter away like two little old women anyway; so, without the distraction of Miles and Millicent it will be a fun time. Unless I'm wanted for the equivalent of 'dummy' in Bridge I shall keep out of it.

Which reminds me (and you will wonder how) - one of our upcoming winter-programme lectures at Mansfield National Trust, is about the Monopoly Board ! It is with slides, so we shall love it.

That's it. I think ....................

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Bungus said...

All is forgiven but I have waited overnight before commenting, just in case there are changes. May I suggest that it could be less confusing for your readers if, rather than amending blogs, you should refer back to relevant item in the next day's edition? (Strange; I ahde to check the spelling of 'relevant' even though I had it right!)

Re Christchurch: when Trev and I cycled around hampshire, Dorset and Devon (not last year) we stopped there briefly and I took a super b&w photo of the ancient stone bridge on my Voigtlander Brillant (sic) twin lens reflex camera. Unfortunately the only print has gone missing from my album although I think I still have the negative somwhere (is it possible to convert to a digital positive?). We stayed that night at the romantic watermill Youth Hostel in Winchester where I met the lovely Marit whom I visited in Norway the following year (and who took me to, among other memorable places, the Frogner Sculpture Park in Oslo). As you will see from the photos I have sent, it is a priory church.

Monopoly !!! I cannot think of anything worse - with the possible exceptions of motorbikes and horse-racing.