Monday, August 14, 2006

Wind Dropped - 20C - Pleasant

More rosebuds ! But I'm not apologising because they are so cheerful and they are just outside the front door which is nice. The weather has been pleasant; details in title and a wind-speed of only 12km/hour which is negligible. Just a foliage-rippler is all.

We went to Matalan this morning to obtain some better looking boxes for things in my room which was, since getting rid of furniture, looking distinctly downmarket. I settled in the end on 3 'faux leather' magazine racks which are made-to-measure for the shelves for which they were intended. As is usually the case when things work well, they look as if they have always been there. Then we called in at Morrisons for essential supplies and Y likes their 'fill a box with salad from their salad counter' for lunch. It is a Y-day for catering today and I settled for a cheese & tomato cob (2 actually) with a glass of fizzy water. And I haven't been nosying about in the kitchen, honest, but I think we are having griddled tuna steaks and I've seen new potatoes being scraped. We really like this day-on/day-off system.

Bungus sent me a photo of a wild flower he had spotted at Ollerton and was of the opinion that it was Toadflax. My Collins Little Gem wild-flower book confirms his suspicions - Common Toadflax (linaria vulgaris). I know the Collins Gem series are maybe intended for children but I always find them excellent. Children's books often are. Many years ago we thought we would like an aquarium (decided against) and I went to the Library finally settling on the only book I could understand. I read it carefully thinking "this is good" and eventually came to the sentence "if a fish dies you must get an adult to remove it from the tank". Ah well !

We still can't get the VCR bit on the new TV system to work but I've arranged for a 'person' to come and set it up and show us how to use it. I know that with cable TV we can't watch one thing and record another but there is still the aerial point in the ex TV room. Maybe that can be brought into play. Steven would know, but he is so busy we don't intend to ask him. Neighbour Peter would also know but we always ask him to do things like that and this time we have decided to sort it ourselves.

Thats it !.....................

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Bungus said...

Pretty roses. I am surprised they have survived the frost! Do they smell? We like roses that smell (nice). Lilies smell nice but powerful.

One of my favourite books from some 30 years ago is called ‘The Ways of the Ant’, I think by someone called Richard Compton who did not write the ‘William’ books. I suspect it was aimed at children. Absolutely fascinating, although I think it overstated the voracity of Soldier ants (‘strip a tiger down to the bones overnight’ sticks in the mind, although I think these particular ants live only in Africa whereas tigers are found only in Asia, if at all). And I reckon that book gave much the same advice as yours: ‘Once the tiger is just a skeleton, get an adult …’.

It must be grand being able to watch a recording of a programme you have already seen – even if you didn’t enjoy it much. It would suit Sandra down to the ground as she is pathologically incapable of watching anything properly anyway. If a thriller is about to start she always goes into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee; just to ensure that she doesn’t know what is going on. And half a film is the maximum extent of her attention span, unless Julie Andrews is in it.

I still haven’t managed to get Dan (whom I try to treat just as gently as you seem to treat Steven) to call in and get my printer/scanner set up so that it prints without banding.
But I am feeling very clever this morning having managed to add a second printer (my marvellous 15 year old Epson Stylus Color 460 which is far, far cheaper to run). It was a bit of a tricky operation as it meant finding the plug on the end of the only loose cable and then inserting it in the only socket that would accept it (How comforting to find that such a skill is still within one’s capabilities. It’s like riding a bike, as they say), I now feel a right little technophobe (but he appears to enjoy it too).

Do you still have a video recorder. Son-in-law David , who is IT adept and can mend tellies, prefers it to DVDs which he has found less than reliable. I have also (I think thanks to you) seen/heard several bad reports of the new hard-drive recorders. I think it may be best to stick to tape for a year or two until all the faults have been sorted.