Monday, August 28, 2006

Photo Problems and Underlining

There have been such problems uploading this picture that you will have to be satisfied with just the one this evening. The other one, sunlight shining through a hollyhock, must wait.

The sunflower is a 'strag seed' from a plant we bought last year from Ikea and I guess we can thank the birds for the propogation. It is the same sunflower which I showed the honey-bee working in a previous Blog.

A problem also occured with everything being underlined. Whether or not I messed things up while positioning my 'Clock' I don't know. Anyway, getting rid of the underlining wasn't too difficult, when I found the HTML code.

Can't demonstrate because it would no doubt start underlining again. The 'Clock' is now less obtrusive, sitting happily below my links in the side-bar. And before Bungus announces that he doesn't know what a side-bar is, all he has to do is spot the Clock and the area above it is the side-bar.

The future of the 'Clock' is in the balance. So far 2 readers have said they like it, 2 readers dislike it and 1 reader manages to sit firmly on the fence. It appeals to me personally; but I pride myself on being democratic.

Joan and Chris didn't come in the end - we suspect that Joan is not convinced that I am 'up to it' yet. But I think I am. Twinges occur but not really debilitating and I am hoping to meet Bob in Mansfield at lunchtime on Thursday. Shopping was OK this morning and Barnsley chops and mint sauce, new potatoes, carrots, sugar-snap peas, and courgettes flowed from my grill and steamer like honey. Jill says she is 'with' Joan on the subject of celery. With friends there is always something to remember; a dislike of mushrooms, a hatred of currants, raisins etc. The only vegetable I've never known anyone take against is the humble potato. However, some varieties etc., etc..........

That's it folks unless I have an afterthought.........


Bungus said...

How tall is the sunflower? My understanding is that unless it is over 10’0” (3m) tallit cannot be considered significant – other than for problems it has caused you.

I had noticed the clock has moved, I see. I am pleased Madeline likes it but now, apart from regularly having to search the house for my keys, my mobile phone, the cordless phone(s), my camera and my lovely little card wallet, I now have to ****** scrat about for a picture of a tick-tock clock. Not really, no; I just turn over my wrist taking care that I do not have a cup of hot tea in my left hand. Meanwhile, I have too little time left to sit and watch the minutes tick away.
I am well up on ’croggies’ (or crossbars) but right out of contention when it comes to side-bars. I remember sideboards and sideburns but very few people use those nowadays. Are side-bars set to become the ‘scampi-and-chips-in-a-basket’ of the second half of the current decade?
Talking of ‘croggies’ (I was) does anyone else remember ‘belt-‘osses’? They are proving very elusive (a bit like unicorns).

Please that you enjoyed your dish of mixed metaphors for lunch. On likes and dislikes, there were several things I would not eat as a child but which I now greatly enjoy: cheese, tomatoes and parsnips are just three. But I still detest fat on meat (esp, of course, lamb or mutton fat), the only exceptions being a moderate amount on crispy bacon and boiled or baked ham..

Am I being more than usually paranoid? Or, in yesterday’s comment, is Madeline (whom I shall always think of as Mata Hari) suggesting that I am the one in need of a spellcheck? I hate them since many years ago when I was cataloguing inscriptions on gravestones in Sneinton Churchyard (don’t ask!). The LANed Amstrad (super version, not the PC) stopped at virtually every surname (except Smith, Brown, Hardy, Pratt, etc). My experience is that they miss a lot of errors (‘here hear’, ‘hair hare’ - and ‘ahs’ does not register) and pick up a lot of deliberate mispellings (or should that be misspellings? Yes, it should.). There are a few words that I always spell incorrectly, as do most folk (eg, RadioG’s infuriating ‘abit of spelling ‘a bit’’ as ‘abit’). I also sometimes spell incorrectly in a haphazard fashion and I quite frequently make mechanical errors (ie, hit the wrong key); something which I try to ameliorate by draughting (Microsoft, being American, thinks that should be ‘drafting’) in ‘Word’ (as I am doing now) and copying it to the blog comment. RadioG and I take a small delight in correcting each others (I thought, apparently incorrectly, that that should be ‘others’’ but it seems to be like ‘theirs’) Gmails (or delighting in the new forms serendipitously thrown up).
I hope the above does not sound too pretentious or defensive or mardy – it was not intended that way and I greatly enjoy Madelines’s comments and ripostes.

Jill said...

There are a lot of veg. I don't like - anything that could be called 'salsd' for a start. And mushrooms (though I like mushroom soup if it is all whizzed up) parsnips, broccoli,sugar-snap peas, sweet corn, brussel sprouts to name but a few.

I'm with Bungus on the fat meat issue today - though make an exception for pork crackling....

Spell-check constantly irritates me, so I don't use it.

Talking about words, I was infuriated to hear Peter Sissons say (on the Sunday politics show) that Howard Brenton 'had authored a book'. Since when was 'author' a verb?

bungus said...

I think Jill's comment deserves an immediate response.

Include me out as well when it comes to 'salsa' unless its for dancinginwhich case I'll watch. Otherwise it is neither sauce nor salad. and if sald means the traditional lettuce, tomato, cucumber and radishes I'll forego thta too. All tomatoes / radishes need is salt and bread&butter and a lettuce & salad cream sandwich is OK too. But for salad give me something a bit out of the ordinary: cous-cous or rice with peas and corn and lemon juice, calabrese & cheddar mayonnaise, beetroot & broad bean.

And yes, pork crackling can be delicious but it needs to be amazingly crisp without being hard or my teeth can no longer cope!

Nouns as verbs? Generally, yuk! Especially 'accessed'.