Thursday, August 10, 2006

More or less a normal Thursday

Just a late rose to cheer everybody up. Not that that is necessary because I am quite perky today and Y reports a lovely day at Burton Joyce with the children. We both had a good night's sleep, and I took Y to the tram this morning as usual.

Karen came abit later due to the school-holidays and she did the big-room first so it was clear for Bob and me. Bob arrived just after noon and we had a smashing time. We discovered that he does have exposure-compensation on his camera; so he now has plenty of experimentation to keep him out of mischief. I am looking forward to some pictures !! My experimenation today involved working out how to send emails via our cable TV, using the 'remote' in lieu of a keyboard. It was a success but I won't be using the facility often, because it is very tedious. Nice to know it's there though. Yesterday evening we watched Wallace & Gromit (The Curse of the Were-Rabbit) and it was excellent. I've never seen one before, assuming it was kid's stuff. It is but the subtle nuances and references for adults make it excellent entertainment. The anti-pesto patrol was hilarious.

Y made her way to the Tram terminal and I collected her around 6.45pm ; to save me the drive to Burton Joyce. And I was pleased she did because by then I was about all-in. Things improve each day though and I certainly don't want to complain.. We are promising ourselves a Rest Day tomorrow. But by then we shall probably be lively again...............

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