Monday, June 01, 2009

Yaris plus Garmin - irresistable - 71F - 9mph NE wind

An opening shot especially for Y. Dry-stone walling, a stone gate-post, and a field full of this year's amazing buttercups. 2009 has certainly been 'The year of the Yellow Flower'. Firstly the daffodils were good, then the dandelions were unusually good, and now the buttercups are outstanding. In Derbyshire at least, there are rolling fields full of them. And such a pleasant yellow too, much better than rape.

Our destination was Carsington Water and the Sat/Nav took us via Wirksworth - not the way I would have gone - but an excellent route, lots of narrow country lanes with grass growing in the middle. The above shot was from our first coffee-stop.

We had a great time at Carsington. A good place to be - plenty of different interests. Next time we've promised ourselves we'll hire a rowing-boat or an unflatable. Lets just hope the current blog-thread about 'capsize' doesn't prove an omen.

Just before you get to the nearest bird-hide is a carefully nurtured pond with a bridge over and I noticed several blue dragonflies darting about. My Collins Wildlife book allowed me to identify them as Common Blue Damselflies. The snap is the pick of a not very good bunch, all the rest are already in the recycle bin.

A knowledgeable? bystander told me they were laying eggs.

I know nothing about the habits of dragonflies, so I am more than willing to yield the description if anyone knows better.

Another picnic was enjoyed. A flask of coffee of course, but we took some lemonade, some filled cobs, and a selection of fruit. We ate it looking over the water - always attractive to English people. The urban myth is that it stems from our history as a maritime nation.

Last night, thanks to iPlayer we watched Ian Hislop's 'The Changing of the Bard' on BBC 4. The programme was about the Poets Laureate, since Dryden, all the way through to Carol Ann Duffy. We both love his 'impish' sense of humour. Andrew Motion came over very well again.

If you don't fancy actually watching the programme (which is what I have linked you to) click here for some text about it.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob .... Yeah we know all that. What we wanted from you was something that links 'capsize' to a boat overturning. How can it possibly have anything to do with 'cap' or 'size'.

I'm sure your tomatoes will be fine. A resilient species. On one of ours we actually have a tiny little truss already.

Reg .... I will indeed give the Sat/Nav a test (to your house) a week on Wednesday probably. Incidentally my very best wishes go with you all to Bempton Cliffs and I also know that you are aware why I feel it would be too much for me.

Re Hayley. My guess is that the admission of the under 18s won't much affect the 'offpeak members' - except of course for School Holidays.

You are probably right about the 'sneaky' way they are using the alleged results of a vote to support a change that they had decided on anyway.

jbw ..... Thanks very much for the Sat/Nav info. And also for the further particulars in your e-mail. Your point about their value after dark is first-class.

I must research the matter of 'Landmarks'. On the device itself is a 'help' page with loads of info. therein. Always worth scrutinising 'help' pages, in my experience. It's the same with 'right-click' menus. Folks don't realise what a wealth of info is there at their fingertips.

Yvonne ..... It sounds as if you got Hayley membership just right. Trust you.

They obviously need to raise more money and the under 18s is just one method. Lets hope it doesn't spoil it for you, or for Reg and Maureen for that matter.

We agree 100% about our Sat/Nav. Good fun. The loud 'bleeping' when in a speed-restriction area with cameras, is a bit irksome. But better that than a speeding ticket I suppose.

It seems we have a lot to learn yet. But it's going to be an attractive 'learning-curve' not a niggly one.


Quotation time ........

"The poppy opes her scarlet purse of dreams"

Strange poet. Strange chap. He probably talked to his Sat/Nav.

Just an excuse to use a Bob poppy picture as an endpiece

Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow


Roy said...

Perish the thought of Reg in charge of a sat-nav. As WOW’s master navigator particularly when accompanied by Graham, Wednesday mornings will not be the same if they find a direct route . Just think, no more “we stopped to take photos” excuses. It looks as if we will now all have to follow Graham which might prove interesting if the trip to Carsington by backroads is anything to go by.

Incidentally the general advice from the Caravan Club is to totally ignore the sat-nav for the last few miles of a journey but rely on the instructions in the site book. It isn’t easy to turn a car and caravan on a narrow country lane!

Graham Thanks again for little Basil who will have to travel with us to Suffolk if he is to survive. Incidentally we will presumably need to keep him moist but do we need to feed him at all?


bob said...

Doubtless Mull’s yellow irises were grand too.

I like sound of your route but UNflatable sounds risky!

Knowledgeable bystanders are notorious countryside hazards. I’m pleased I ignored one who showed me some ‘bluestalks’ … ‘bluedamsels’ are less of a risk!

Must watch ‘Changing of the Bard’ -thanks for link for later.

I await a more seamless progression from shipover to cap-size.

Your tomato IS early. What variety?

Scharmel Iris indeed strange,. Appraisal reads like Peter Cook.
Possibly transgender? previously Iris Scharmel?

Purchased today at Fat Boys; 5 litres paraffin (for Sandra to dilute ‘stump-killer’ to stop invasive blackberries from neighbour).
On returning home I immediately knew exactly where in garage to find half-full can of paraffin!

I find maps fascinating but think we should tolerate non-enthusiasts, even those also incapable of adopting lotus position or whistling Bartok.
I just hope nobody discovers I don’t understand how jet engines/car brakes work.
Lots of folk use barometers/watches/phones/cameras when not ‘really necessary’.
And why not?
Do what you enjoy doing, I say; chacun a son gout.
I don’t have satnav but what I’ve seen impresses.

Graham talks to SatNav; I converse with recorded phone messages. Perhaps a ‘man thing’?

jbw said...

I too enjoy reading maps but we need to remember that those "of a certain age" were, when doing 'O' levels etc., taught how to read maps and were tested on their ability to read and interpret maps, I believe it helped to develop the ability to see in two dimensions and visualize in three dimension. A major benefit to engineers and architects.

Yvonne said...

JBW: I wished I'd learned to read maps for my 'O'level geography - all I was taught was useless facts about deserts, Africa and isthmuses! To this day, I have very little idea of towns and counties - though I do know that Yeovil is in Somerset as I won ten shillings on a bet once......

Reg: the jacuzzi is out of action and there seems to be an undercurrent of discontent over the introduction of 'splash' time for children - two couples told me they'd voted against it. (But, hey, I did eight lengths and, once I've got my Lidl goggles, it will soon be 50, though I actually don't understand that magic number. Is it 800 metres?).

Rob: Haven't spoken to 'Lachs' grandma yet though, of course, she calls him Robert. She is very proud of him. I accept that poetic justice would have been served if Everton had won the Cup Final as they are a splendid team. But as a Chelsea supporter of 57 years .......

P.S. I was delighted to learn from 'Focus' (a BBC scientific magazine) that talking to yourself is not a sign of madness - it's called 'private speech'. Thank goodness as I do it all the time!

Reg said...

Roy-- Hark who's talking Do you know which way to turn at the street end for Suffolk?
Y- In Imperial terms 44 lenghts is half a mile i.e. 880yrds, 20 yrds/length, or so I am told. Where we are going next week the pool is only 15M and that seems very short.
Their was a vote last year about letting under 18's in and its was 85% against letting them in. Many people join because youngters are not allowed. Managment say they want the pool to be availsble to guests children but I have very rarely seen any children in the hotel. I also think the pool is not big enough to have lanes even one rope will reduce the usable area considerably.I would guess it will effectivly take 2 feet off the pool width, perhaps are resident Architect can tell us.