Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Karen day - Blood test - 80+F - slight breeze

This is a picture from my 'most comfortable' chair.

Well - standing up from it actually, before some pedant quibbles.

In the very bottom right hand is the corner of the TV but often, if the tennis or the news is boring, I prefer just to look out of the window.

We began this morning with a routinely boring 'blood test' taken as a favour by my Obesity Clinic nurse as the regulars didn't have a slot. She told me interesting things about the bruising which sometimes occurs. Apparently, if the nurse manages just to go into the vein, rather than through it and the patient carries out the instruction to press hard on the cotton-wool swab, there should be no bruising. And today there isn't. It rarely happens to me but I know it does to some people. Apparently, if you don't press on hard enough the residue of blood seeps subcutaneously, giving the appearance of bruising.

After this we went to B&Q to buy a flange-nut because the one on the tap in Y's bathroom has disintegrated (plastic) and the hot water tap wobbles about in the air. I'll fix it tomorrow because I shall have to turn off the water.

While in B&Q Yvonne found this 'duck watering can' irresistible. It is for Millicent who likes to help her Mummy with the watering.

I tried to capture the water emerging from the duck's beak - this is my best effort and I hope it is visible.

Then we drove down to Nottingham so Y could book Pantomime tickets at The Playhouse which she did and got seats which suited. The Playhouse is just not possible for me due to the seating which is designed for able-bodied midgets. We sat outside for coffee and the place was quite busy with something to do with The Nottingham Festival 2009. Can't link you to it because I can't find anything. Perhaps it is only at the planning stage.

When we reached home Karen was just finishing and, as always, the house looked and smelled lovely and fresh.

My responses to your comments

Bob .... Thanks for the fungus identification. I felt sure you would know.

Your gooseberry crumble sounds good. Neighbour Betty just rang to say they have picked 40lbs of gooseberries from their bushes this evening - and did we want some ?? I must ask her if she needs a basil plant ?

Jill ..... You are quite right about my meal. The 'pudding' course was unnecessary. As the saying goes "Eye bigger than belly".

Wish you well with your search for a trolley. I recognise the problem with spilling. I used to be able to carry two mugs (or 3 pints of beer) without spilling a drop. Now delivering just one mug unspilt defeats me. As you so accurately said "This business of getting old isn't for wimps".

jbw ..... I'm sure Jill will find your 'House of Bath' online shop a satisfactory place to get a trolley from. Just to help, the above is a live link to it.

With regret I decided to delete your second comment, in accordance with the rules above the 'comments' box. I fear that, if I allowed it just once, it would open it up for people to return several times to the same blog-post. Sorry !

Yvonne ....... It is indeed a shame that the screeching grunters are wrecking Wimbledon for you.

And indeed that Murray's pained performance had a similar effect.

There was a fair bit of online comment about his complaints of sweating and being uncomfortable under the roof with the floodlights. According to the Wimbledon 'boss' they control the humidity very carefully and that, when the roof is in use, the Centre Court is in effect air-conditioned.

Please find above a picture of one yellow duck !


Quotation slot .......

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability"



bob said...

Blood-test explanation appreciated.
I’ve occasionally had significant bruising (but my veins are ‘difficult’– up to 5 attempts!).

Nice duck – successful water.

I like the playhouse much better than Theatre Royal (it’s jannock).
Wasn’t it Nottingham Festival when I topped the bill there with Henry Normal supporting (invaluably).
OK, it was in a (large) performance room, not on stage.

I reckon neighbour Betty must have 6 or even 7 goosegog bushes?
One’s plenty for us!

Hope you appreciate sheeps’milk is not alternative to cows' – too rich.

At ‘home’ we, like many others, always had a ‘tea trolley’ and now we’ve a tatty one (from Sandra’s family?) in garage.
Jbw’s suggestion good (but I found only laundry trolleys(?) or £175!); otherwise suggest try auctions for vintage model.

Rubbish!!? Bit unfair. It must’ve been unbearably hot and he DID win against determined opponent.
Sandra’s already given up - having been equally devoted. “Boring.”

Re panto: surely, for kids’ stuff, adults should get in cheaper?

I aim to have my ear syringed tomorrow so I should understand things better.
Or, as an old friend was wont, “I’m writing this slowly ‘cos I know you can’t read very fast”.

Pete said...

Still popping in most days but don't post but have to agree with Y about all this grunting at Wimbledon. Turned on the TV the other day and it sounded more like a zoo than a tennis court with the main noise maker being Victoria Azarenka sounding more like a firewok as it trailed off after its explosion.....Why can't they all be like Yvonne Gooligong...now there was a player...

Jill said...

I want a duck watering can! I have a large 'ordinary' one, but full it is too heavy for me to lift up to hanging baskets, so I use an old saucepan.....

Pantomime tickets already? - I don't want to know anything about the dreaded C-------- word.

What on earth does one do with 40 lbs. of gooseberries....Daghter-in-law was given several pounds of strawberries, she made jam (son round here scrounging jam-jars) which is gorgeous, but more like a ?conserve, it is very runny, she couldn't get it to set, in spite of another visit from son when he collected a lemon jelly and a lemon....

Pleased to see AM won again today, easier than before - but the Hewitt/Roddick match is a lot better to watch....Anybody see the interview and film of Maria Bueno, all her lovely dresses and her graceful playing....

Thanks for the House of Bath link, am going to investigate it. The £100 one I have found is in a catalogue for the elderly, orthopaedic comforts and all sorts of things I don't want to know about (apart from the trolley).