Sunday, June 07, 2009

Torrential Rain - Heating On - 47F - 6mph NE wind

Whoops ! I think yesterday's blog-post should have read 'Quiet Saturday etc.etc..'

Fancy getting my days mixed up. Some social worker will be asking me the name of the Prime Minister next ! ..... I'm surprised one of my regular commenters didn't mention it though.

Picture 1 is from David's Caravan Holiday at the Peterborough site and weren't they lucky to have such lovely weather. (I love that strong diagonal D.)

Today has been awful here but Y spoke to Debra who was enjoying a warm sunny day.

That's England I suppose. But I wouldn't want to swap it.

There was a lull in the weather around 9.45am and I managed a little while in the garden. After clearing some more of the 'herb bed' I transplanted a sage plant which had become potbound in it's pot.

I split it into 3 and gave each one some space and I'm expecting them to prosper. Our fearless Robin came to within a few inches of my kneeling mat and managed to find beaks-full of grubs where I couldn't see any. He/she would go back to the nest and then come back for more.

Picture 2 is a Kalanchöe which David and Helen brought Y on Mothering Sunday (22nd March) - the photograph was taken yesterday. Hasn't it done well ! Between us we have given it care though - dead-heading and keeping it trim.

I think 'succulents' do perhaps have a longer flowering life-span than other houseplants. Except of course for the current varieties of Orchid.

We've had a pretty standard Sunday. Leisurely start with the weekend supplements, out shopping to Lidl. We were going to do Morrisons as well but in the end we gave it a miss. It wasn't worth getting soaked for.

Over lunch we watched (Y wasn't keen but she was happy for me to watch it) an excellent programme on Arena (thanks to iPlayer) about T.S.Elliott. It certainly held my interest and, unless reminded, one forgets how important he has been to 20th/21st Century Poetry. He must have been a helluva' fella because in whatever job he did he was destined for the top. A top level banker for Lloyds. An excellent publisher/editor of Faber & Faber. Seamus Heaney was an important part of the programme and I always find him a joy to watch, and listen to too.

This afternoon I did some photographic printing. Possible now after Brian's good offices.

Picture 3 is also from David. As he says - the blog tries to cater for all interests. This must be part of the Nene Valley Railway which has a station as part of the Ferry Meadows Caravan Club site. Or a level crossing near it.

Talking of catering for all interests as Pete B says in his comment, the TT races are in full swing, except of course for the bad weather delays.

Please click here for a full update and some great pictures. I love the sidecar snaps Pete.

And bear in mind Pete is not really a 'bike' fan so his coverage on his site is by way of a public service to us blog-readers. I love the way bloggers side step the media, and editors - they really are 'power to the people' organs.

My replies to your previous comments

Jill .... I suppose it must be a 'tea infuser'. I was hoping it would be called something more exotic. Perhaps someone could invent a more flamboyant name.

We too are great 'English Breakfast' fans. Usually Mr. Twinings. It's base is Assam and, as you will see from the link it is described as full-bodied and a fine accompaniment to breakfast.

I think the behaviour of bus passengers is inevitably a product of area. And without wishing to sound snobbish I think Chiswick probably has the edge over Eastwood and Arnold.

Bob .... We also were relieved that the BNP councillor lost her seat in our ward. So did Labour. The Tories won it. I just hope they don't start boggering up our local services because we think the Labour Council have been pretty good...... But Labour Councillors have lost their seats all over the country through no fault of their own,

Bright idea using your tea-infuser for herbs. I'm certainly going to borrow that one.

Yvonne ..... You make a fair point about tea-bags. I think that, like so many things, they have improved greatly in recent years. Definitely not 'dust' anymore.

Pete B ..... Thanks very much for the 'word from the streets' about the TT races.

As you will see above I have included a link to your site.

David .... Thanks very much for an excellent story about JD in his Night-Club management days.

For the benefit of other readers - JD is a friend of David's from School Days. Unfortunately now he is an M.S. sufferer but struggles on gamely. He is also a talented artist.


Quotation time .....

"For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver. "


Jill said...

We were woken up yesterday morning about 7.00 with heavy thunder and lightning and torrential rain - it all stopped by about 10.00 and then we too had a sunny day, until around 6.00 when it started raining again. Brighter this morning, possibly a bit warmer too.

I have had a similar plant to your pink one - didn't know that was what it was called! - but mine didn't look nearly so good. I notice it is sitting on pebbles - is this what you usually do with pot plants? I'm the kiss of death to most pot plants.

I also watched TSElliott, but thought prog. was over-long, I never particularly liked his work (didn't understand it)and oddly enough I didn't like him reading it himself. I too like Sean Heaney though. I remember seeing 'The cocktal party' and 'Murder in the Cathedral' at the age of 17 or 18 and not understanding it....

The heavy rain has taken all the petals off my Albertine rose, first year it has flowered, over 30 flowers on it, it was glorious.

bob said...

Just amazed myself again by drying each foot while standing one-legged on the other.

Persistent heavy rain Sunday afternoon;
and we put the heating on too.

Asking PM’s name could be a tricky one!
You’d have to answer quickly.

I recall Nene Valley Railway and Country Park with affection.

How about calling it a ‘mashball’?

Behaviour of bus passengers is also a matter of timing – school buses not recommended!

Repetition time:
‘dust’ is a technical tea-term.

Luther was right about trees.

I agree with G that teabags much improved.
But I still prefer a PROPER mash.

Being charitable, the pitch was terrible.

I first scratched that cartoon into the sandstone wall of our kitchen when we were living in Mansfield’s Rock Houses
(G: see emailed doc).

I don’t recall 'Murder in the Cathedral' being difficult to understand.
Don’t know ‘Cocktail Party’.

Yvonne said...

Jill: Sorry about your rose - I'd be devastated if our Gertrude Jekyll suffered a similar fate - it is magnificent. (Incidentally, why is the rose and the female called JEE-KILL when the man - with Hyde - is called JECK-ILL?).

As already established via email - it wasn't me that went with you to see TS Eliot at 17/18. I was far more low-brow though I do remember seeing 'Waiting for Godot'- what a total load of rubbish.

Question for Reg when he returns - why didn't you inform me about the Aqua-class at the Hayley Centre? A load of old women in black costumes, who couldn't swim, taking over the pool with loud music and a shouting instructor! And apparently it happens three times a week ....(Fortunately I'd just finished my ten lengths and was getting out anyway but REALLY ......).

My little 4-year old, Millicent, was taken up to 'big' school today to get a feel of it before her joining in September. All she could talk about was the little toilets and the little sinks where you could wash your hands! Obviously, school will hold no terror for her.

jbw said...

No terror for Millicent until that first morning in September when she has to leave mummy! Fortunately it is only for a morning or two and then leaving mummy becomes a pleasure as she rushes to be with her friends.