Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back home, back to normal - 60F - heavy rain

We seem to have been away ages but in fact just under a week. The Mansfield Centre of The National Trust's long weekend in Norfolk was a great success. The organiser, Jean, had done a super job and, as usual arranged for us to have excellent weather.

Our itinerary included so much of interest I think it best not to list them all. But we included stately homes and gardens plus the seaside.

Picture 1 is of Sandringham the Queen's country retreat and everything was in lovely condition. I spent more time in the gardens than the house.

Our seaside day was at Wells-Next-The-Sea where again the weather favoured us. We enjoyed fresh crab and Y discovered a delicatessen which deserves mention. A fascinating find and although I just went to look, inevitably I bought things. One notable purchase was Maldon Sea Salt (smoked). I use the ordinary all the time but I'm interested to encounter the smoked version. I shall report back.

Our room was exceptionally good with a magnificent view from our bay window. Looking right you could see the sea and looking front and left were lovely meadows, village houses, and a Shire Horse Rescue Station. In the mornings you could see the heavy horses in their fields.

We never had time in our busy schedule to fit in a visit to them. Perhaps next time.

On the return journey Jean's control over the weather only held out as far as our last visited place, Norwich where we had several hours. Some people visited the Castle, some the Cathedral, some, including us, just had a good mooch about. Just 20 minutes after we left Norwich the skies opened.

We stopped in a Farm Shop/Restaurant at Holbeach where I inadvisedly ate a pork pie. I think it had recently been defrosted - it was suspiciously cold to the touch. But, fortunately after dropping off Jean and Wendy, I just managed to get home before I was violently ill. Sickness, diarrhea and violent and uncontrollable twitching - at my request Y sent for the Doctor who was out making visits and called in. She prescribed anti-biotics and things for the sickness. By today I was well enough to go for my blood-test and I know my INR level will have gone haywire again. I was so ill I didn't take my Warfarin on Monday and the tablets prescribed will affect it anyway. I await the results with interest.

My replies to your previous comments

Jill .... Your keyboard is fine. Apparently the 'wireless' ones which transmit a signal to the PC leave enough space for cybercriminals to intercept and download account numbers etc.

Glad Ro's results were OK.

The bridge at Ashford in the Water is, without doubt, of the pack-horse persuasion.

Yvonne .... It seems well-dressings no longer are limited to religious themes and are simply works-of-art in their own right..

Bob .... I'm pleased your trouble is diagnosed as Achilles rather than DVT which is more serious. Colin Fletcher has DVT trouble and it has made him quite poorly.

There may be some mistake. Your Ashford-under-Water sounds post deluge. Our WoW trip was to Ashford-in-the-Water.

jbw ... I know Tissington very well, being an Ashbourne lad. My father's firm owned the village pub there.

Rob .... Thanks for your good wishes for Norfolk - all of which were fulfilled. We met a local in Norwich who directed us to The Walnut Tree Shades pub down an alley. Every word was intelligible - our objective was a quiet pub without juke-box and this was spot on.

Y may well say more in her comment.

Thanks for The Haiku from the Sports Desk. It is undoubtedly a gift you have there. Just wish for your sake there was some money in it.


The fun-fare is arriving bit by bit on the Football Field opposite, prior to The Carnival on Saturday. But we are going over to Long Eaton to enjoy their's. Previously we have sat out on David and Helen's forecourt and watched it go by. Here's hoping the weather allows us to do so again.

Quotation time .....

"No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one"

Elbert Hubbard

Some TV to watch tonight Y tells me, a programme about the Pre-Raphs on BBC 4 and a whole hour about The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition on BBC 2 at 7pm. Yvonne and I have always loved the Summer Exhibition and it must be about time for us to pay another visit.


I don't believe I've shown you The Ducks yet



Yvonne said...

The pub was easily the worst one I've ever been in! But, curiously, had a certain charm as the barmaid and the only other customer (with greased hair and a D.A.) were very friendly!

Graham: Notice the greengrocers' apostrophe has crept into the blog ........

A splendid holiday only marred by the pork pie.

David said...

Looking forward to seeing you on saturday. If you check out you can see that the parade starts at 11.00am and should pass our house around 11.15. So, if you come round about 10.30 that should be fine.

jbw said...

The bridge at Ashford in the Water is known as "Sheepwash Bridge".
I assume that an times long past the shallow river local to the bridge was used for sheep washing (de-bugging).
The house I always like the look of is the one on the same side of the road as the bridge but a little further along behind the long, high hedge and sitting over the river. Always looks so splendid.

jbw said...

The bridge at Ashford in the Water is known as "Sheepwash Bridge".
I assume that an times long past the shallow river local to the bridge was used for sheep washing (de-bugging).
The house I always like the look of is the one on the same side of the road as the bridge but a little further along behind the long, high hedge and sitting over the river. Always looks so splendid.

Jill said...

Welcome home! What a shame your holiday was spoiled by a rotten pork pie. I hope have telephoned the farm-shop in question (or reported it to someone?) - very difficult to prove what upset you though.

Perhaps because of your delicate condition you have not mentioned what the food was like at the hotel. Love the sound of those shire horses next door.

We've been to Sandringham, aren't the grounds lovely.

I too always use Maldon sea salt, have never seen a smoked variety. Report back, please!

I like those ducks!

watched the RA Summer Exhib. - interesting (apart from that awful singer in the purple tent)but did not see anything I would like to have on my wall to look at every day....

Hope you are beginning to feel better.

bob said...

Pleased much of the hols enjoyed (hotel food?).

Unfortunate conclusion recalls previous otherwise enjoyable Norfolk visit! Hope your health not too much set back.
Attempting cheerful note, weight loss should benefit.

Sea salt diet?

I once acquired royal pheasant (roadkill) at Sandringham.

DVT struck my Stevenage-based oldest friend (over 70 years) visiting Somerset last year. Fortunately diagnosed quickly but has left him practically immobilised – and he doesn’t drive. He who advised me to consult GP after minor symptoms.

Ashford-‘under’-Water deliberate - I find ‘in’ rather than ‘on' or ‘by’ strange enough!

’Fun-fare’ (sic) from trendy deli?
As my friend (above) said, aged 15, after losing everything on ‘Roll-a-Penny’,
‘More bloody unfair than funfair!

Quotation Apt.
Week away, fortnight to recover.

Superb 3-part drama ‘Occupation’ on BBC 1.

Guardian/Observer Summer Pub guide only recommends ‘Cider Shed’ and ‘Adam & Eve’ at Norwich.

Well done spotting greengrocers' apostrophe (almost understandable being of the possessive “it’s” variety!)

At recently reported splendid funeral, guests donated almost £1,000 to Cancer Research.

Last night a fox (apparently) took our 2 chickens.
“Birds gotta fly / Fox gotta eat…”)

What-do-you-call a mild lizard curry that changes colour to match crockery?
Korma Chameleon