Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A WoW of a WoW day - Bit of rain - but some sun too


Setting-off from here instead of Reg's seemed strange but we got underway quite early. Only four of us went - Roger, Brian, Mike and myself so we all travelled in the Yaris. And very well she did too, forging ahead up steep Derbyshire hills with 4 big blokes aboard, plus gear and my 'wheels' all without a whimper of complaint.

Ashford-in-the-Water, nr Bakewell was our chosen location and proved to be somewhat of a undiscovered gem.

I can't quite remember whether the instigator was Brian or Roger but, unbeknown to either the well-dressings were on. If you open the last link you will see photos of all the wells. I didn't take those. But I did take the one on the right which in our opinion was the best.

No photograph could do it Justice. It glowed, and, when you consider that the pictures are all worked with flower petals and other vegetative material, all you can do is stand back and be amazed !

There was so much to photograph even though at this particular time the light wasn't ideal. The chaps disappeared on their walk and I did the wells, the Church, some charming cottages etc. Then I downloaded them to my Asus note-book, and e-mailed Y a picture even though I knew she wasn't at home. She went to Burton Joyce today instead of tomorrow. Tomorrow she is off into Nottingham to meet Joan for lunch at The Bell.

My confusion over the dates wasn't helped when Joan Green rang to wish us all the best on our Norfolk trip starting on Friday, which she had thought was tomorrow. I won't go on..... One of you will ask me who the Prime Minister is ! I just know it will happen ! In any case, it's easy - it's Margaret Thatcher, anyfule know that.

On the way back I got a snap of the most idyllic village Cricket pitch I have seen for years. Probably I'll use it tomorrow but I am trying to limit myself to two photographs per day.

A security warning - The word from the streets is that, if you use a wireless keyboard you should revert to a 'wired' one. If you open the link and read the article you will see there is some risk of cybercriminals intercepting sensitive information between keyboard and PC.

I've never trusted or used Internet banking anyway. But I suppose there is always credit-cards etc., when buying online.

My responses to your previous comments

jbw .... I thought you must have gone into your 'tower', removed the hard disc and installed it in another machine or something. Thanks for clearing the point up.

My only criticism of Norton used to be that it was slow and clunky, and slowed everything else down with it. This certainly isn't the case anymore. It goes about it's business more briskly than AVG. In the field of Internet Security Eset Nod 32 is also well spoken of on WebUser forums and my chums on there are usually reliable.

Bob .... Thanks for you congrats. on the bird pics. Does 'chasing the Wren' have drug connotations like 'chasing the Dragon' ?

Norton 360 does have those links for us oldie bike-fans. I think Norton did a 350, although I suspect their smallest was a 500cc. AJS did a 350, because I owned one.

My pet AVG gripe was it's tendency to flash a small window about the size of a mobile phone in the middle of my screen accompanied by an irritating 'ping'. This window was blank except for the AVG logo in the top left hand corner. I never did discover what it was supposed to do, and now I've uninstalled the programme, I don't suppose I ever will. Am I bovvered? Do I look bovvered?

Dried plantain and saltfish ! Now that does sound exotic ! And fascinating !

Talking of recipes, my David speaks highly of the Videojug website. The site features 'how-to videos' about all manner of subjects. When we return from our Norfolk Nat Trust jaunt I aim to have a good play with it. I've linked you to the Food & Drink section but, as you will see, there are others...... I like the look of the Creative and Culture section for a start.


Quotation time ..... Exotic made me think .....

"I love being in my garden. I don't plant a lot of exotic flora, but I do spend a lot of time outside doing manual labour. "

I've always thought Jacqueline Bisset herself quite an exotic girl who has been in some v.good films. The IMDb site I've linked you to, includes other links to trailers and I thought, if you were bored .......




Jill said...

What a beautiful bridge! A pack-horse bridge? Should be a dipper around there somewhere....

Well-dressings - I saw several of those, some years back, they a works of art...

What's a wireless keyboard? Is it literally what it says - not connected via a wire? Mine is what I think of as normal - plugs into back of computer.

I don't do any internet banking either, but I do occasionally buy on line. I did this on Sunday, from a company in Seattle, ten minutes later I got a phone call from Mastercard, was it me what done it, my profile didn't fit the transaction. They are certainly on the ball.

Bob - dried plantain - could that be a banana, that's a plantain isn't it?

Great difficulty in getting to hospital today for result of R's test, no difference from three months ago, which is good news. This tube strike causes traffic chaos, long waits for buses, three each way....Have you had your blood tests result yet?

Yvonne said...

I thought well-dressing was a religious rite connected with Whitsun - I'm sure it used to be but I guess more people know about the Simpsons than about the significance of Whitsun (I had to look it up).

Enjoyed the football last night in spite of the inferiority of Andorra - they are all amateurs after all from a country of less than 100,000 and very few supporters at Wembley. I thought they worked really hard and didn't resort to the dirty tactics that were expected.

Thank goodness the weather is improving - Norfolk, here we come!

P.S. Asked Millicent (just 4) - 'what's that bird?'. 'It's a female blackbird. They're brown. The males are black' ......

bob said...

Went to doctors. BP ‘normal’.
She said I don’t have DVT but Achilles trouble. Recommended stretching like athletes do and said ‘they’ wouldn’t laugh.
Obviously doesn’t realise Sandra is my wife.

I visited Ashford-under-Water years ago on U3A trip.
It’s a delightful spot and lovely bridge.
Well dressings are remarkably skilled pieces of work but there’s something I don't like about the concept (perhaps the religion?) – so I’ve never looked at them.
(I know – it’s me, not them!)

What happened to Clem Attlas then?
(I know he was a 7 stone weakling who became world’s strongest man).

Sorry! I don’t understand connection between wireless keyboards and internet banking which I’ve long used (so far without trouble!)

Well spotted (but not a woodpecker).
Wrens, however, are smaller than Dragons and therefore less dangerous.

Can’t say I’ve ever seen/heard the AVG ‘pinger’?

Banana and anchovy might be an alternative?
Recipe website looks good. Didn’t know salt cod needs soaking for 48 hours!

I think plantain is large green type banana used in savoury dishes.

Not entirely free of malice but Crouchy gave as good as...

That Millicent’s TOO smart!
I blame the parents.

jbw said...

Jill and Yvonne-
Well dressings were first started in Tissington in Derbyshire in 1349 and were done by the villagers to celebrate the fact that the wells (springs) in the village did not run dry during a very bad and long drought. They normally take place at Whitsuntide and even today have to be seen to be believed. In recent years many other villages and small towns have tried to copy Tissington but only as a means of increasing the number of visitors/tourists and these places very often employ designers from outside their village to create the displays. Tissington has another huge advantage in that it is one of the most picturesque villages there is with few peers anywhere.
Many books have been written and there are several websites with the story and pictures.
The village is worth a visit at almost any time of the year.

Rob said...

I hope you both have a wonderful time in Norfolk; it's a beautiful county. And, to paraphrase the old joke, when meeting the locals don't forget to ask them for a 'high six'!

Ha ha, of course Thatcher's still the PM - she's just changed her appearance in a Dr Who-like way. The policies seem the same anyway, as I keep telling my friend Incy Wincy Denis. Not that he listens.

I've never had a problem with internet banking other than never having enough money in my account. But that's not the fault of the internet, more the fault of Thatcherism. (It's probably not but I feel better when I blame it.)

Wasn't Bruce Lee in Chasing the Dragon?
I like the pics of the robin and the well dressing.

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Thanks for all the memories
Spend wisely Fergie

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