Thursday, June 11, 2009

Running late - sorry! - 58F - NW wind again.


I'm running late. Half way through packing. The 2 hrs I spent bedding-out in the garden this afternoon were tiring, but worth it. The plants wouldn't have been in a good state if I'd left them till our return. Derek and Betty returned just before 6pm and we were able to hand over their plants in good order. Derek has now taken over looking after ours.

So, basically please excuse my lack of responses to your comments. All will be tidied up when I next publish - sometime early next week.

Pictures 1 and 2 are from WoW on Wednesday. The Cricket Pavilion and Cromford Station both 'took my eye'.

The weather looks promising and we shall have a good time with our Mansfield National Trust chums in Norfolk. Please click here to see where we are staying.


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bob said...

Just a few words wishing you a good time away.
I am assuming that you will have internet access but urge you not to respond before returning.
Hope the hotel (it appears rather more lavish than your usual personal choice) lives up to its online publicity, particularly regards food (comfort should be a ‘given’).

Like us, you were lucky with the Wednesday weather.
Floods in Sheffield, Chesterfield and Creswell.

I too am very fond of Norfolk, esp north coast. Through ’67 I owned a third of a rundown property at Brancaster Staithe and spent every weekend working there.

I reckon Ferguson has done a good deal…
It’s how he spends it that matters.