Friday, June 19, 2009

Normal Friday - 60F - 9mph NWesterly - Blood Test


Awake early this morning but not due to pain, just due to having had enough sleep. The centre picture in the above collage was the trellis and roses at around 6am. Lovely light - well worth getting up for. I waited for Y to get up and shared breakfast. Tried milk in my tea again, not a wise decision but I won't bore you with the details. I've consulted with Helen C and obtained several useful tips. I had forgotten how high in protein chick-peas are and I have remembered how I used to make Hummus with them plus Tahini and garlic. Helen also says eggs are a good standby.

Suffice to say that, during shopping we bought Soya milk. Weird stuff - it looks rather like Dulux Magnolia. But I've had several mugs of tea with it in and kept them down without a problem....... I had an INR blood test at 11am and the clinic have already rang to say my level is 2.8 which is good. No warfarin dosage change but I'm to be retested on Tuesday 23rd.

Also this afternoon I managed some time in the garden. My tomato plants, and the bird feeders needed attention. As I dealt with the bird-feeders the birds were impatient for me to 'be off' and as soon as I went about 10 yards away Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Great Tits, and Blue Tits immediately descended. No Sparrows or the Robin though. They won't be far away.

I made a start on the WoW>Picasa Web Albums job and have done the Bempton Cliffs trip - I shall do the Ashford in the Water outing tomorrow. If I get time, because we are off to Long Eaton a.m. for the Carnival followed by lunch.

The snap on the left is The Walnut Tree Shades Pub in Norwich which we mentioned. I've linked you to a page where other people have said what they think about the place. It seems the live music is v.good.

My responses to your previously crafted comments

Bob ..... I think it must be your perception of the Wells Quay which is remiss.

Wells was on our itinerary when we used to stay at Mundesley in the 70s and Frarys Fishmongers was certainly there then. No matter.

Re foodstuffs. I have also consulted Helen C and picked up some valuable tips particularly on protein-source alternatives to meat and dairy produce. Don't know if you remember but I have a good recipe for hummus which I used to make for the Nottingham Writers lads. The one the link shows, is Jamie Oliver, but almost identical to my own. Fortunately Y and I both love hummus.

I yield my position on their's.

Jill ..... Please see above re their's. Don't know what I was thinking of ! You are all correct.

Re : The Shire Horses. Pleased to hear that you set a good example to that lily-livered youth.

When I referred to hanging on to the horse's halter I meant, of course, his collar. On a heavy horse the collar is an enormous piece of leather worked art to which all the pulling equipment is attached.

Usually Yvonne is also concerned about 'shellfish' i.e. mussels, whelks etc., but she seems OK with crab, lobster, and crayfish tails. She had a bad experience in Egypt ! Apart from the 'camel' already mentioned.

Yvonne ..... Lovely story about the Milkman's Horse and I can understand your concern that he might nibble your toes. Our milk also was delivered by pony and trap with two big churns and two long-handled ladles (one full pint and one half-pint). The milkman was in fact Archie Stubb's mother. His parents/grand-parents owned the farm up near Bradley Wood which I will have pointed out to you.

As you say - a busy weekend. But with benefit of frequent 'kips' I shall be fine.

Roy ..... Thanks for your support over the Seafood Stall on the Quay at Wells.

You are quite right about the Deli ..... opposite and maybe 30 yards further down the road. A fascinating place. We also bought some Olive Oil based salad-dressing with Shallot and Orange. We tried a dash last night and enjoyed it. A little goes a long way.

Brancaster Staithe we remember with affection for probably the best strawberries we have ever tasted.

Like you, I can't understand the acclaim for Scallops. I too consider them tastless but worst of all so chewy as to be almost impossible to masticate into a swallowable consistency. Are you perhaps supposed to swallow them whole like oysters ?

I've tried them twice - to be sure I wasn't mistaken first time. And that will do for me and scallops.


Quotation slot .......

"I never believed in Santa Claus because I knew no white dude would come into my neighborhood after dark."

Dick Gregory

We haven't closed with Grandma for a week or two - so here goes



bob said...

Remember home-made hummus – we now buy Tesco’s (and others’).

Seems Norwich pub’s gone downhill.

Learnt recently horses don’t PULL –they PUSH on the collar!

We’ve recently enjoyed freshly pulled/dug carrots and potatoes. You forget what they taste like!

It struck me seafood rather than pork pie could have caused poisoning!

Tesco have goats’ milk but S doesn’t like it (I can’t tell difference) and she’s allergic to soya.

‘their is’!!!????

Chicks were egg-layers with names.
Fox sleeping under peony.

I fed apples to my farmer/milkman/great-uncle Harry’s pony (and greengrocer Billy Gilbert’s).
I enjoyed elephant ride at Whipsnade (Howdah, pard’ner).

Don’t doubt Wells seafood stall – just never noticed it.

The property we renovated (actually at Burnham Deepdale) was a delicensed pub just off A149 on road towards Burnham Market.
We ate and drank at The White Horse where I first enjoyed LOVELY scallops (deepfried in breadcrumbs). Far superior to scampi but once ate so many that I hallucinated driving home to Farnsfield.
I think they need the orange roe.

We once bought freshly boiled whelks and learnt how to ‘worm’ them (there’s a sandworm in each). Awful things – only one of our party who enjoyed them was 3year-old.

Jill said...

Garden looks full of delights.....

I'm with you on scallops,G, can't see the point of them! Also scampi. But then neither of us like hummus either.

Bob, frshly-dug-up carrots and pots, how lovely!

We stayed in Mundesley in l979, great big imposing hotel called something like The Grand, (rather faded grandeur inside), car park the other side of the road....

Pleased your blood levels aren't affected, hope you can find something you fancy to eat?

We went down to New Forest yesterday to visit friends, asked Ben how he was doing now he is 80, his reply 'apart from old age and poverty, I'm doing fine' - the 'poverty' referred to his shares....We went out for a birthday lunch, their choice of pub, but we thought it very poor, sticky tables, noisy, R's fish and chips not nearly as good as the place just along the road here (and dearer!) I had a very fat gristly piece of gammon not served hot enough, with an almost raw egg on it, plus a cold slice of fresh pineapple (to my mind it has to be tinned with gammon). But friends seemed happy enough with their choices, so of course we didn't say anything. But disappointing....

Looks like a good day for a carnival, take it easy G, but hope you both have a good day.....