Thursday, June 04, 2009

BJ day for Y - Catch up day for me - 60F - 5 mph Northerly

Lupins have been mentioned and this morning Y noticed that ours are putting in an appearance. I hadn't been in that bit of the garden recently, not being able to find my Safari hat or brushwood knife.

Everyday there's something new in the garden, it's hard to keep track of developments.

What was the old song about -

'June is bustin' out all over'

...... It's from Carousel by-the-way.

Y has gone over to Burton Joyce for her Thursday grannying stint but first, we went to vote.

At the polling-station we saw Roger and he told us what a great day WoW had had at Bempton Cliffs. I told him Bill S had already sent 4 snaps that looked brilliant. Roger said they had excellent photography weather !

Then we went to Lidl to buy swimming-goggles and a beach towel for Y which we spotted in the Lidl Newsletter for today. If one isn't there early people buy them all and sell them on e-bay at a good profit. Doesn't seem fair but I don't suppose Lidl are bothered.

I have done some gardening jobs. The most important one was to replant Basil seed. Although those I planted in April are clinging to life they aren't romping away as they they usually do.

Don't know why, I didn't do anything differently. But as you can see from the picture on the left above, they aren't in vigorous good health.

The last picture today is of a really old shrub rose that has moved about with us. The flower is odd with a green bud-type thing in the middle of each bloom. The scent is heavenly and the rose always does well.

I noticed aphids on it this morning but no black-spot or mildew etc..

My other odd jobs include, as ever, computer jobs and photograph stuff.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob .... I passed your comments on to the thrush this morning. He replied 'My pleasure'.

If my conversation with the Sat/Nav lady causes comment, I must restrict my conversations to those with the birds and the flowers. Plus of course the Trees. Rumour has it that Prince Charles talks to his trees - so he can't be all bad !

Re your problem with shortening the bus-story to 200 words. As I said in my e-mail -

"Tis when I labour to be brief that I become obscure"

Jill ...... In our area there are now some weird bus-services. But the main ones are excellent. Our Trent/Barton service cannot really be faulted. Y uses it a lot. There are two an hour into Nottingham from a bus stop 50 yards away. The coming back bus stop is about 20 yards away and on our side of the road. And yes, they do say on the front where they are going.

Two of our Nat Trust friends Dorothy and Joan (both in their 80s) often go on bus adventures - to Derby, to Newark, Lincoln etc., and they don't mind at all having to change. It's all part of the fun for them.

Please send your photos. If they need remedial work I will do my best and send them back to you. With your camera I think the only solution is to keep the camera more or less level and point the lens at what you want to snap. Keep the shutter button half depressed while it focuses on something and then click. That will probably work out most of the time. The camera manufacturers have abandoned viewfinders unless you want to pay a lot of money. ...... please see jbw's comment.

The Museum Café sounds great. They often seem to be.

Kate Adie still introduces the radio programme 'from our own correspondent' and very good she is too.

Tomorrow (Friday) evening on Radio 4 David Attenborough begins the first of 20 programmes about his life as a naturalist. The programmes are only 10 minute slots and should be well worth a listen.

jbw .... You are right about viewfinders. We shall all have to go back 50+ years and have a black cloth to drape over our heads and the camera.


Tomorrow morning Peter and Joan are coming over early and we are taking them to IKEA for one the fabled breakfasts. We rabbitted on about them so much they decided they had to give them a try.

Quotation time .......

"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast"

He should have added - plus the Telegraph crossword. But he was an American.


"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"



bob said...

Early post!

Retford visit pronounced success.
Compact, attractive, busy town centre with a Wilko’s, Co-Op, 2 smart charity shops [butter-dish], TWO well organised Bargain Shops (plus Asda and Morrisons on periphery).
Journey out was scenic/exciting (double-decker, country roads, steep hills, rattling branches, cavalier driver); shorter straightforward journey home (single-decker, main roads, excellent (female) driver).
Welcoming Wetherspoons (formerly Netto) provided good fish/chips/peas/b&b; top value at £3.20 plus pint Ruddles £1.29.
But price of their (still excellent) coffee (small) has gone up from 69p to 99p.

All lupins revert to pink (NMPKT).
When I was a child the garden of next door chapel was planted with Russell Lupins (then novel) by a leading member. Wonderful multicoloured show, but seven years later just a sea of (still attractive) pink.

Last time I saw somebody with a black cloth on his head I got off on appeal.

Even in Ollerton we have more than one bus and they sometimes say where they’re going.

Glad your daughter has(d) right priorities putting East-Enders ahead of World-News. Equally believable.

Graham and Jbw right.
Go like a gunfighter, just point and click (several times; you’re not wasting film).

Jill said...

JBW - many thanks for camera info. I shall try the point and press and half-depressing shutter as you, G, and Bob suggest. I can't do any worse, and I think I was doing that anyway! I didn't realise it was the lack of a view-finder.

I shall look out for K.Adie and D. Attenborough on radio, thank you G. Do you have the Radio Times to find out what is coming on radio? I find newspapers hopeless, and TV guides which come with them not much better.

Bob, I thought lupins reverted to blue? That's the colour of the wild ones, isn't it? My grandfather used to have a marvellous show of Russell lupins. My three - (blue/white, a pink and a yellow) do not like being unwatered in the recent hot spell, I've taken off the dead and dying bits and think they will recover. Also I think some pansies are past saving. Son watered all the pots and hanging baskets, they are fine.

I saw aphids and black spot on roses, bought Rosespray and used it, I remember that is what Y used.

Yvonne said...

Bus services: As Graham never uses it, he didn't mention that the ride in from Brinsley to Nottingham (50+ minutes) is totally excruciating Apart from the passengers (eating highly spiced garlic-laden food which they then abandon on the seat in front of you; and the poor infants who sob for the whole journey while their mothers converse on their mobile phones .....; and the quarelling young tattoo-laden youths;) the actual journey is through endless sameness of residence). Thank God for my MP4 player and BOOKS.

IKEA: super visit with our friends Peter and Joan who were extremely impressed with the 99p breakfast and free coffee. Who couldn't be?

Not many Radiogandy viewers could say this - I have a friend who left today for ALASKA! Why would anyone want to go there?