Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Y dead-heads the roses - I kipped a lot. Cloudy start.

Thrushes are apparently endangered so I decided to publish a mug-shot of ours. I'm not sure where they are nesting but we see one most days.

The bird on the left looks very young. But not quite young enough to be this year's I suspect.

Yvonne has been busy this morning dead-heading the roses. Two points - (1) we have a lot of roses and (2) the garden so much repays her efforts because the roses now look super. They were fine before but even better now.

I was up quite early this morning and had breakfast, did a few crossword clues, and then announced I was going for a lie-down because my back was bad. Next thing I knew it was 2.30pm. My first thought was that it was 2.30am then, due to the light, I realised it was afternoon. I must have needed the sleep I suppose. Y had finished the crossword.

This afternoon I sorted out the recent pictures that WoW members have sent me. I uploaded them to a Picasa Web Album, sorted the captions out and reduced them to 1024, amended the Album title and then circulated everyone with the amended link.

My responses to your previous comments

jbw .... I yield the point about 3 dimensional views being necessary.

Jill .... A warm welcome back. Glad Bristol was 'interesting' but I am sorry about your hayfever. Even in towns, privet always triggers Y's. I'm not a sufferer at all, but I do sympathise.

Re Sat/Navs. I note that, within our Garmin, one can change 'the voice' were R to object to the lady suggesting that he turn left.

Your Bath day open-top bus trip sounds good. Plus the river trip. Y and I love a boat trip, anywhere.

Yvonne ...... No need at all to apologise for using the 'forum' aspect of the blog.

I am pleased when people follow up the 'comments' of other readers. It would indeed be boring stuff if only I was able to initiate a 'thread' for discussion.

Bob ..... I don't understand about the bus. Have you explained already? Can you tell the bus-driver where you want to go - like a taxi ?

We must try your brushwood solution (ha ha!) because this morning Y noticed an intrusive blackberry bramble and when they get a foothold .......


Quotation time .....

"Extreme thoughts take hold in his mind, like the brambles in a wild field. "

Denis Diderot

From her knowledge of 'The Enlightenment' Y will probably tell you all about Diderot and The Encyclop├ędie-ists in uder 200 words in her comment !

Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow



bob said...

Lovely thrush.

We have a case where the 200 word shorthand has faltered.
When boarding a bus the driver says ”Where to?” unless he is beaten to it by the boardee saying (for instance) “Retford” (intended destination), which driver ignores and assumes “Walesby” (because that is where his bus is going). When the bus turns round and starts back from walesby, the passenger has a choice; get off back at his starting point (more or less) after a half hour trip, or continue on to Mansfield instead (another hour).
And I thought I had summarised it rather neatly and pithily!

The brushwood killer is fierce stuff; not to be messed with!

Jill said...

That's the country bus service for you.....does it have a destination board on the front?

Lovely thrush picture.

Daughter (late teens) once slept through from late on Saturday night until Monday afternoon, and demanded what had happened to the omnibus edition of East-Enders (usually shown on Sunday pm.)

Part 2 - I did take a few photos which I will endeavour to send. Seeing them on the camera though, not very good. I have trouble with reflection, when I look at monitor thing all I see is me, no matter how I tilt camera. Is it just this very bright sunshine we have now? It's fine indoors.

We discovered an excellent cafe, everything made fresh to order,and staff carried trays for us, in the City Museum. With the three-storey marble atrium, air.conditioning, absence of people, it was a little oasis of coolness and quiet....and some interesting exhibits as well....

Good prog last night, Kate Adie on the 2oth anniversary of Tiannamen Square, I didn't reall understand it before.

jbw said...

The problems of reflections from the LCD screen on the back of the camera is one of the really major drawbacks of many of the current digital compact cameras. A few years ago when the LCD screens were very small a direct view-finder was provided but, as LCD screens became larger. to save money and space, the manufacturers dispensed with the view-finder to the detriment of the camera user. You may be able to adjust the back-lighting of the screen on your camera which can help but bright sunshine is a problem.