Saturday, June 20, 2009

Good trip to Long Eaton Carnival - the weather held

We arrived at Long Eaton just after 10.30am and sat outside David/Helen's to watch The Carnival go by. A good long procession with lots of floats. I've not shown many with kids on because parents can worry.

I was disappointed to see the Carnival led by Policemen in a van ! In my day we used to have an Officer at the front (on foot) 'pulling' and one at the back 'pushing'. Times change.

The floats were good - people work so hard. It was interesting to see no fewer than three DeLoreans ! Shame the concept didn't take off because the vehicles certainly had style. The elderly Barton's Coach was a joy. It actually looked luxurious with the antimacassars over the headrests. The RVO 668L tells exactly how old it is and I hope someone will work it out for us.

After the Carnival had passed we had lunch. David had made some super stuffed Jacket potatoes and salad, followed by fruit tart. I'm sticking to my dairy-free approach and I feel OK. Still not 100% but getting there. My Father's Day prezzie is a hanging basket of petunias. They look good and when we got home I found a place for them to hang over by the garage. Pictures will inevitably follow.

Picture 2 is yesterday evening's sky at around this time i.e. 6pm-ish. Tonight's isn't so dramatic.

If you have a spare minute or so The Cloud Appreciation Society is worth a visit.

Apparently there's a new cloud formation around called 'Asperatus' and, if you open the link, you will be able to see some.

Personally I am more than a little suspicious, knowing what can be done in image manipulation programmes like Photoshop.

Maybe I shouldn't be such an old cynic but they just don't 'look right' to me. Views please !

Picture 2 in the series (see link) seems to owe more to Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' than to a record-shot of cloud formations.

Tracy has just arrived - she wants to be here in the morning for Father's Day, and John rang from somewhere north of Lyons. He says the weather is just starting to 'go off' abit and they are heading north, intending to sail back to UK on July 2nd. It will be good to see them when they get here. What a trip they've had !

My responses to your comments

Bob ..... I take your point about homemade/Tesco hummus. 'Bought' is certainly more convenient because I seem to remember that, when making it, I finished up with about a bucketful - and I only use a dessertspoonful on a piece of toast. Can you freeze it ? I can't remember.

It would be fun to make it again though !

Whether horses 'pull' with their collars or 'push' seems a classic case of Newtonian Physics. "To each action there is an equal and opposite reaction ....." and all that Jazz.

I seem to have known your chickens had names. But perhaps so did the Fox. And I certainly knew your chickens were egg producers because I have sampled the delights ..... Please accept our condolences.....

Whilst disliking scallops I am a keen roe-eater. The soft variety rather than the hard. I like them peppered and lightly fried in butter, with a dash of olive oil to stop it burning.

Jill .... You are right about the garden. It is full of joy at the moment. Once I get started I don't want to come in. But Y tries to keep me sensible about it.

When I was seconded to The Home Office (Police Federation and Discipline) my Region included Norfolk and Suffolk and Cambridge. I used to hold the regional meeting at North Walsham, and eat at Mundesley or Bacton (where the Oil Installation is).

Pleased you saw your 80yr old friend. 80 seems to be 'where it's at' at the moment. Our National Trust Friend Peter is 80 and last time they came over he wanted to get the mower out and do our lawns. And Yes ! he was serious. He's marvellous - but I had better spare his blushes because he is now a regular blog reader. He just wants a quick tutorial so he can start leaving ascerbic comments.

Quotation time ......

"A lawn is nature under totalitarian rule"



bob said...

Pleased you enjoyed the carnival.
I totally agree about deLoreans being stylish.

Dramatic sky indeed!
Heard about asperatus the other day on Calendar News.
In general terms I support your ’Drop the Dead Donkey’ view of reality and, much as I’d like to give the clouds a chance, some of them look very dodgy.

I think better to freeze cooked chickpeas rather than hummus.
But why not cook less?

No, I think it’s right that horses push. It was from ‘Victorian Farm’.
If the shafts were stuck to their sides they’d be pulling.

Scallop roes are unlike others.
I’m never sure whether I like soft/hard cod/herring roes or not.
Don’t like thinking about it!

Bus to Retford today.
Really super town; compact, level (suit you G) bustling with a good market and farmers’ market (cultivated field mushrooms £1/lb, smoked eel 4oz/£6), smart charity shops, etc, plus Wetherspoons - sausage, beans & chips £2.99, pint Ruddles £1.29.
Worth the trip for mushrooms alone!

I love proper whole scallops but today, although the mushrooms were great, I’m mostly looking forward to my smoked eel.
What to have with it though? It’s very oily so probably horseradish and capers.

Jill said...

Carnival looked great, especially sitting down and watching it all pass by!

I'm very doubtful about those clouds, especially the NZ one, it looks like a shot from that film 'Independence Day'.

It's amazing what some people do at 80, isn't it. Can't wait to get there.....I am reading the latest book by PDJames, she wrote that at over eighty, and look at Mary Wesley.....

R out playing with his band, the Cajun Jammers, for someone's celebrations somewhere in North London, I am fielding cards and chocolate from family for father's day.

Watched a good prog. about China's Revolution last night, a bit overlong, wish I had recorded it and watched it in two parts....

Yvonne said...

Had another lovely day at Burton Joyce for Father's Day - barbecue as the weather was so nice.

Back home now but Graham has gone to bed as he is very tired and his slightly upset stomach continues. So no blog today, folks!

Tilly said...

Hi. Glad you enjoyed you father's day over at ours. Very enjoyable.
Even though we nearly got squished by a giant standing parasell it was all still fun.