Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy Tuesday - Blood, Hair and Nails - 78F - Light E Wind

The first picture is a 'left-over' from Saturday. Just as we were leaving to go over to Burton Joyce this Dakota flew over as part of the Brinsley Carnival celebrations. I didn't have chance to change to a longer telephoto but was quite pleased with this result anyway.

On looking at the snap I notice that the fuselage door is open. Perhaps they were going to 'leaflet' us saying that the Government are rubbish.

First job this morning for me was a blood-test, and then I collected Y and we both went to have our hair cut. My barber Matt is a caravanner and very keen to hear all about North Norfolk which is one of his favourite areas. Then I took Yvonne over to Sherwood to have her 'nails' serviced. We decided I would leave her there and come back home, she to return on the bus - which all worked out fine.

It meant I could only manage one charity shop, Oxfam, but I found a lovely dog-eared edition of Ansell Adams' book called 'The Negative'. All about the 'zone-system', always worth brushing up on.

The picture on the right is one of Reg's 'Goldfinch' photos and "credit where it's due" - his is sharper than mine and well deserving of publication.

We've even got a catchlight in the critter's eye !

The weather has been great all day. Hot, very little wind, and fairly high pressure - so it feels good. Karen thought it too warm when she arrived this morning. It couldn't be too warm for Y - I remember her thinking the Tropical Biodome at The Eden Project was just about right.

Whilst in bird-picture mode we had a visit this morning from a Siskin. Please see left.

Bird habits vary so much between species. The tits and the finches seem busy and hurried feeders while this Siskin had all the time in the world. He sat there for around 10 minutes without doing anything, or making any attempt to feed.

Good news for photographers though.

I have decided against Wow-ing tomorrow. In the evening we have the National Trust Annual Dinner at The Hostess, Warsop and I need to conserve my energies for that. We have been before as a group and it always works quite well.

We plan to go over to Peter & Joan around 6pm and then collect Jean en route. Chairman Gary has arranged 'entertainment' rather than a 'speaker' so I have absolutely no idea what that will entail.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob ..... Although my diet may sound uninteresting, it isn't. This evening I cooked fresh Sea Bass, oven-baked, with fried slices of left-over salad potatoes from the fridge. Marcel Boulestin always used to recommend this. He advised "If you cook salad potatoes (the waxy kind) always cook too many and store the residue in the fridge". You can then always rustle-up a meal in minutes.

For pudding we again had Y's fruit-salad - even better today !

Jill ..... Thanks for your good wishes ! Although still rather fragile, I'm coping.

I'll scan Y's fruit-salad recipe. I think it is a Delia, with modifications !

Y is going to be just the same as you with Wimbledon. At the moment she is watching Murray whose opponent Kendrick is mounting a sturdy defence.

Rob .... Lovely to hear from you. I'll make Amboise in the Loire Valley a live link and then everyone can see where you are.

Glad it is hot and sunny and we'll look forward to more on your return.

Internet caf├ęs are ropey. I take it your dongle doesn't work there. Or is it prohibitively expensive. I love my dongle - use it lots. It was great in Norfolk on holiday.


Too tired to dig out a quotation. May catch you tomorrow - or may not, it depends



Jill said...

I don't think that is a siskin, I think it is an immature goldfinch. Look at the gold/black patterning on the wing, esp. on the other photo, the one round the back. Siskins don't have such distinct markings.

'Zone system' - I hope you enjoy the book, haven't a clue what that is - parking zone?

Enjoy your annual dinner, and the 'entertainment' - lap dancing? a belly dancer? probably not.

bob said...

I’ve never seen a Siskin.
(Niger seed on offer 2 years just for 10 minutes of lone Goldfinch!)
I think Jill’s probably right.

I’ve never been to The Hostess.
I believe it is/was run by one of the Lee girls, daughters of violin teacher General Lee Dealer off Skerry Hill.
(the 1940s sign above the shop read ‘General LEE Dealer’)
I’ll be interested in your report.

I’ve never eaten Sea Bass. It sounds good.
It was the sausage dinner WITHOUT GRAVY that drew my sympathy!
I can always enjoy a cold new potato with a bit of salt – every time I open the fridge.

I’ve never liked very hot weather, especially in the car.
To Newark for Aldi, Morrisons and a Conservatory Shop.
Bought Lactofree milk (and cheese) from Morrisons (but no cream available).
The very bland ‘processed’ ungrateable cheese is similar-to but appreciably better-than Edam, which neither of us care for much. But it will be a change from Feta and sheep’s-milk cheeses.
(On Saturday, I bought some excellent mature cheddar at Retford’s main market).

Yvonne said...

Miles will know whether it's a siskin or not!

Brinsley by-election on 30th July (caused by the disappearance of our BNP candidate ....) - I've been asked if I'd be interested in standing......

Tried this lactofree milk G. has been talking about - and you can't tell the difference! However, I shan't be sticking to you (it's twice the price of semi-skimmed) as I don't suffer from: nausea, stomach cramps, bloating, gas or diarrhoea. But for those that do, it's obviously the solution.

Roy said...

I agree with Jill, it’s a young goldfinch. Look at the wing pattern and markings, it’s identical to Reg’s picture of the adult goldfinch. Athough it is a finch the siskin is a yellowish bird with different and less distinctive markings.