Monday, June 29, 2009

A 'mixed' day - very hot and humid - 81F - little wind

A day of mixed fortunes, for me at least, fine during the morning and while Y was swimming I went shopping. I decided to check-out my dairy allergy and bought a 'creamy carbonara sauce' to accompany the second half of the fresh linguine. My eye was also taken by some fruit-on-custard and pastry tarts, for pudding.

At least I now know I'm not imagining it because immediately after lunch I was quite poorly - the sickness etc. and the churning stomach.

I dropped Y at the Hayley Leisure Centre at 10am for her morning swim. She did her 10 lengths and has decided that, rather than extend her distance, she will increase her speed. She followed it by 'steam rooom', 'jacuzzi' and 'coffee' and then walked home via The Headstocks.

While she walked off to the pool I sought and obtained permission at Reception to take a snap of their pond which is at the side of the old building and around 150 yards from the drive.

An excellent place for wildlife photography due to its privacy and lack of disturbance, I would think.

By the barriers on the drive is the stump of quite a large tree and the fungus shown was growing out of it very contentedly. Maybe Bob, or someone else can put a name to it.

After Y arrived after her walk home we went to Reuben Shaw's at Moorgreen to buy a few plants to populate the increasing number of empty spaces. The staff were as helpful and knowledgeable as ever.

My replies to your previous comments

Jill ..... Y feels the same as you about tents, and caravans. We who are nature's campers however, see it is a way of getting closer to nature and the pre-history days when life was more simple.

Re sheeps/cows/goats milk. Bob has fwd-ed a copy of an e-mail to you, where he goes into the subject in some depth. I can now only speak about the effects - please see above.

Bob ..... I can't quite work out whether or not your 'Arlene Phillips failing to impress' comment was as a result of hearing her on Desert Island Discs or not.

I never realised that Wensleydale was a sheep's milk cheese. I shall approach it with renewed interest. n Thanks for the info re Tesco and Goat's milk yoghurt.

Anonymous Peter Green ...... It would be nice to curl up in my herb-bed wouldn't it, with a cup of mint-tea perhaps and a chive sandwich.? Now 'twitch' in bed is not an unkown condition for me. Particularly when I can't get comfortable.

Our readers will be amused by your 'Love to you both' ending and will wonder which two. The largest numbers of readers I have had on a particular day was well over a hundred. My stats system will tell me if I ask. Many people read it and never leave a comment which is absolutely fair enough. I love to get the comments and our regulars enjoy reading them and the sometime exchange of ideas, if a particular 'thread' is of interest.


Quotation time ......

"There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling."

Mirabel Osler

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"



bob said...

Some sort of Bracket Fungus, probably Polyporus? possibly Ganoderma?

I’ve only seen/heard Arlene P on ‘Strictly...’ (accidentally) and ‘... Buzzcocks’ (where she was out-of-her-depth, pretentious, and inarticulate).

Wensleydale IS cows’milk cheese but Morrisons stock a sheeps’milk version (virtually identical in appearance, so ask).

I think the quote is about as 'true' as your camping comment!
Camping/gardening reinforce my father’s belief that ‘a bit of suffering (pain) is good for you’.
But I've always loved the discomfort of sleeping in a tent.

Lovely pud; oat crumble on gooseberries flavoured with elderflower cordial, and cream.

I’ve always loved tents.

Lactofree essentially identical to semi-skimmed except less carbs.
Sheeps/Goatsmilks are lactose free, less likely to contain hormones and additives, and goats’milk is more easily digested than cows’.

Fancy wearing new clothes for gardening!
I agree lining a trug (apart from newspaper) is poncey.

I once had a neighbour who said I was the only person he’d ever seen do gardening lying down.

Watched great match but if it hadn’t been Murray it would have been 80% boring (baseline/big serves/lack of rallies).

Oh, Under 21s!

Jill said...

Sorry you were poorly again after all the dairy stuff - but you did have rather a lot at one go - perhaps if you had just stuck to one course......I am going to look for sheep's milk, I would like to try it.

Anon.Peter, if you or G find a way of gerdening from bed, or lying down, lead me there! I have a sort of kneeling thing with high-up handles that you can haul yourself up on, you can reverse it and use it as a low seat (which I do to get to bottom/back of fridge).

I am thinking of buying a two tier square trolley with removable plastic trays - there are no steps between kitchen and where we eat, at the moment I carry one tray in at a time, on my more doddery days I am scared of dropping one (haven't yet, onl;y slopped tea). Only one I can find is just over £100, which seems expensive? Anyone know different?

Was exhausted last night after playing along with A.Murray - he was not a happy bunny this morning, about playing under the closed roof.

jbw said...

Look at "House of Bath" online shop as they sell a two tier wheeled trolley that, very conveniently folds flat.
We bought one a few weeks ago and find it very useful and when not in use and folded will go into a 2 inch space - cost £29.
It is wood with laminate surfaced tops.

jbw said...
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Yvonne said...

Wimbledon: have watched absolutely no tennis today as it is those screeching women ........ And what a load of rubbish Andy Murray was last night: I thought he was a total embarrassment. (Can it be after 50+ years of total devotion, I am giving up on tennis?).

However, not all doom and gloom - went to B. & Q. this morning and bought a watering can that looks like a duck ...... Millicent (who is a keen gardener at 4 and has pink gardening gloves) will love it!

Booked for the Nottm. Playhouse pantomime this morning - only a laughable reduction for children: I thought pantos were for kids!