Friday, June 26, 2009

A good day - nice meal - good company - 68F


My e-bay acquired lens cap arrived from Hong Kong this morning and I've been very satisfied with the transaction. I completed the purchase on 19th June and here it was. Item including postage £3.39p as against the official Nikon replacement at £8.89p from a shop or by mail order. And the latter would have attracted additional shipping costs.

An added attraction to the one I have bought, is the thread-loop to attach the cap to your camera to obviate future loss. Miss Wongrm can be assured of my future custom should the need arise.

We've had a lovely day. I didn't sleep too well and was in the garden around 6.30am doing some little tidying-up jobs. Then around 9.30am we went over to Peter & Joan's prior to going out for Joan's Birthday, to The Woodend at Huthwaite. Peter and I managed some time with his PC and I was able to help with a few 'workarounds' which will make his computing-life easier and more satisfying. In my opinion, at 80, he does remarkably well but what is more, he is eager to learn.

He went and collected Jean and we eventually set-0ff in both cars because it made sense for us to come home directly rather than drive back into Mansfield. Moreover, it allowed Y some extra Wimbledon time this afternoon.

When we got home I fancied a 'kip' rather than tennis, after which I watered and it is nice to see the first flower on my petunia hanging-basket - father's day prezzie from Long Eaton. Please see picture on the right.

We have some lovely coloured petunias. There is one in the front which is purple and white striped and looks really jazzy. I'm sure a snap will eventually surface. Y and I both like brash flamboyant flower colours, dahlias, petunias, and things like that. It says much about our 'common' tastes.

For tea Y made scrambled egg on ciabatta toast, with the two remaining eggs from Alex. She got the consistency just right and the beautifully rich yellow colour shouted 'home reared eggs'. They tasted great too.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob ..... I accept my mistake over the venue of Sandra's smoking problem. It just sounded like the same sort of place.

Re the entertainment. I am still trying to find out better particulars. Basically it was two blokes making weak jokes and leading community singing of songs like 'My old man said follow the band'. But I now realise that I have probably been too critical because I heard this morning that several people had enjoyed it very much.

The intransigence you encountered in Newark Morrisons is only too common and, if anything, is on the increase.

If Diogenes will permit me my laptop I would be more than willing to share his barrel.

Roy .... Ludlow is one of our favourite Shropshire towns, apart from the supermarket now plonked in the middle. Friends of ours live near Craven Arms and whenever we go we seem to have good weather.

Give my best wishes to little Basil and tell him I have every confidence in his ability to transcend these minor hurdles.

Jill .... No doubt the photographs have exaggerated the size of the garden. Whilst large it falls well short of 'grounds'.

I am happy to withdraw my remarks about 'entertainment suitable for an old-folks home'. They were unnecessarily discriminatory. Of course people are entitled not to be treated as if they are unintelligent and have lower standards. Sorry !

The Woodend Pub meal was fine, especially so considering that it is basically a £3.50p carvery. I asked for the 'vegetarian option' and was served, quite speedily, with a brocolli and brie bake, with which I had a selection of the veg from the carvery hotplate. No criticisms at all. Joan felt that the stuffing balls, stored on the hotplate and under strong lights, had gone rather hard-cased. None of us had room for pudding.


Quotation slot .......

"........... second childishness and mere oblivion, Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything"

"Sleep tight - I'll catch you tomorrow"


bob said...

Excepting ambivalence regarding some lilies, I must disagree about gaudy flowers.
Sandra (surprisingly, as she usually likes shades of white with a hint of pink) has some I don’t like at all – photo follows.

Good in-barrel discussion but, with that onion diet, I’d consider air freshener more essential than laptop.

And ‘ca ne fait rien’ !

As G acknowledges, you’re quite right about old folk in captivity. Some of us, at least, would require stimulation, not condescension.
Almost on theme:
Visited Radcliffe-on-Trent, Thursday afternoon, to listen to British Legion’s 6-to-9-piece Octogenarian Swing Band practice (pros/ex-pros/amateurs).
Then, Royal Oak having closed down for refurbishment before installing new tenant, to Black Lion for pint of IPA.
At a bit of an angle:
It was suggested that a former architect boss of mine, in Ransome Hospital, dying of lung cancer, aged 30, should indulge in occupational therapy.
He exploded;
“If they think I’m making ******* baskets they can ******* think again”.

Don’t want to sound facetious or callous but little on TV about your daughters’ fathers-in-law...
But interesting ITV1 review of Michael Jackson’s life (made pre-mortem). He certainly possessed a unique talent.

Bit of a glitch for Federer but he looked good.

Jill said...

I'm a bit touchy when it comes to elderly in nursing homes, G, just ignore me.

I like all the very bright colourful flowers too, have some petunias same colour as yours, and a patch of zingy orange mixed marigolds - I don't do subtle....

We had scrambled eggs yesterday too, not 'home-grown' alas, we have Clarence Court Burford Browns when I can get them. Fish for supper, cod in butter sauce, on offer in Sainsburys, suited us as it was tasty,not a very big portion and it was very hot here yesterday - and 30 degrees plus is forecast for next week, heaven help us. Salmon tonight - I go off cooking/eating meat when it is hot.

It's 'My old man said follow the VAN', not band.

Trust Michael Jackson to corner all the publicity.....Felt sorry for Thayen. though, he and Carrie had gone to Glastonbury for the first time without the children, and he got summoned back. Carrie has stayed on with the other couple they went with. My idea of hell, Glastonbury, but they have been every year for years.

Yvonne said...

Jill: VAN and BAND - Graham had sloped off and misheard my comment on the dreadful 'entertainment'. Certainly, we are in no way thinking that old folks should have c..p amusement - but don't we all dread it having seen t.v. programmes .....

I'm writing this at this time because only WOMEN'S tennis is on at the moment. I cannot stand the shrieking and - why do women now want to imitate men with big serves, back line hits and rude noises? Those of us who remember Maria Bueno, Yvonne Goolagong, etc. are appalled. WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT. (Maybe BETTER or not but DIFFERENT!)

Rob said...

Greetings from a cross channel ferry - things have certainly come a long way since Dr Crippen's day! As I write we are just leaving Le Havre and heading towards Portsmouth, assuming the driver knows the way.

We've had a lovely week but, as ever with holidays, it wasn't long enough.

I hope, when I get back, to send RG a montage of snaps from a son et lumiere at the Chateau in Blois which was amazing. Audio-visuals at the camera club will never be the same again.

A tout a l'heure.


Anonymous said...

Peter G.
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