Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Mini-trip to Colwick Park - Warm no Wind

The picture is a collage of front and side views of a bug on our bird-feeder Rowan. My reference books don't give me a positive answer. The closest picture is a Green Shield Bug but I'm not sure. All suggestions will be gratefully received.

My day began with an appointment at the Obesity Clinic and I'm pleased to report a further 4lbs off. The nurse is pleased with my progress and I don't need to return for another month.

As you will see from her comment Y went swimming again and is still very happy with the place.

Brian S came to sort out my printers. The Epson's symptoms were simply that the blues were coming out orange, and none of the colours looked right. We went through the nozzle-cleaning processes several times but although the print-outs were clear the problem persisted.

Then Brian had a brain wave and identified the cause. Human error ! Mine ! ..... Last time I had had to replace ink-cartridges I had put the Yellow in the Cyan slot and vice versa.

He changed them over and eventually, after many nozzle-cleaning runs (due to cross contamination) the problem was solved and a perfect print emerged. Thanks very much Brian !

Y made a lovely salmon salad followed by bananas and custard, after which we decided to nip over to Colwick Country Park (where Denis Incy Wincy photographed the Mandarin Duck) but I think we finished up at the wrong end.

Not at all the Sat/Nav's fault but we went to a car-park close to The Starting Gate pub. I can't give you a link because I couldn't find a decent website with a picture. Anyway, we enjoyed our walk, talked to nice people and the exercise was good for us. According to the forecasters Wednesday will be the beginning of a period of not-so-nice weather - by we have tried to make full use of the beautiful last few days.

Here's hoping it remains good for the WoW trip to Bempton Cliffs. I wish very much I was going with them but it would just be too far for me in the one day, even though I was offered a lift. Looking at their photographs will be a recompense.

Picture 2 is of a bee between two poppies. There were lots of bees around and I got lucky, I hadn't actually waited for this moment, like a sports photographer does. Although the bee seems prominent it is in fact a heavy crop from an overall snap of the poppies.

Talking of photographs here are some of Pete B's Isle of Man TT pictures. Thanks Pete ! They are great and just what our readers want.

I know that you personally aren't a keen bike-fan and your pictures are therefore even more appreciated.

My responses to your comments

Roy .... You need have no fear of my disrupting normal WoW-navigation processes. I shall remain more than happy to be a follower. The route post-mortems are all part of the fun anyway.

The Caravan Club Sat'Nav advice seems sensible. Having been a caravanner I well remember the problems of a long rig and narrow lanes.

Little Basil will be fine with a diet of plain water whilst on holiday. Maybe a little Baby-Bio or something as a restorative on your return. I don't feed mine as such, but maybe give them a little, if I remember whilst feeding other house-plants. Perhaps twice a year ! It's not critical though.

Bob ...... Re tomatoes. David's Helen reared the plants and very healthy they are too. The variety is Gardeners Delight.

Re parafin and blackberry control. Do you spray the brambles with it, or set fire to them ?

jbw..... I am intrigued by the need, when map-reading, to visualise in three dimensions. Surely two is plenty, unless you are in the habit of taking off and flying up tall buildings for instance.

Re GCEs - In Ashbourne we were under the Joint Matriculation Boad. A hangover presumably from School Certificate days which only ended the year before I took mine.

Yvonne ..... The only thing I remember clearly from 'O' level Geography is what causes 'rift' valleys.

Reg .... At The Hayley Leisure Centre it seems that little or no notice is taken of the membership's views.

It will be interesting to learn what Bob's view is of the effect of lanes on useable pool area. If actual ropes are used it must imply that you can't have more people using the pool than there are lanes available. Not a good idea at all in a 'leisure' pool I would have thought.


Quotation time .....

"No man drowns if he perseveres in praying to God, and can swim."

Russian Proverb

Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow


jbw said...

f you are using the map simply as a means of deciding what road to drive your car along then hills and valleys are of little consequence and so yes, I agree, there is no requirement for 3 dimensions. However if you are a walker 0r are setting out for building a road, a pipeline or even a building/housing estate then to be able to visualize the topography and the shape of the land and steepness of hills etc then to be able to "see" in 3 dimensions is important.

Jill said...

Morning All! I won't try and play 'catch-up', have just read through the blog. Interested in the sat-nav, we are trying to persuade R to have one. But I don't think he would believe it, especially if it was a woman giving the orders....

Bristol, we had an interesting time, but it wasn't helped by me having dreadful hay-fever, worst for years. Don't know what triggered it off, we were in a city-centre hotel, no trees or greenery for a long way! It was also VERY hot, high twenties, and sometimes humid. Hotel was very good, we had a huge room with two double beds in it, two armchairs, coffee table, etc. Food was excellent, so much better than last time, (both Marriott Hotels) by far the best we have had on this sort of break.

We had a day in Bath, heaving with people, humid and hot, and I have discovered a new thing to be grumpy about, uncontrolled children on scooters. We ended up on an open-topped bus, one that went outside Bath into the countryside, which was pleasant, then we went on a river trip.

RSPB had set up a cam-corder etc. to watch peregrine falcons nesting in the Avon Gorge, we were lucky enough to actually see one.

Part 2 tomorrow......

Yvonne said...

Jill: Welcome home - sorry about the hayfever but everything else sounded good. I love those open-topped buses.

JBW: Thanks for your email - my '0' level examining board was the University of London. Obviously, Londoners were not expected to be able to read maps!

Pete: Loved your photos.

Reg: Thanks for the 50 lengths explanation though I think my achieving it is some way ahead!

Graham: Sorry I'm doing comments instead of you but they were for subjects that were special to me. Won't do it again!

bob said...

Visit to Retford (10miles) by bus not altogether successful.
Told bus driver Retford but he took me to Walesby (2miles) then back home.
It took only half-an-hour though (quicker than if I'd got on the Worksop bus as I nearly did).

Pleased gentle weight loss continues and that printer sorted.

Nice bee crop.

Tomatoes: I grow some Gardeners’ Delight but prefer earlier, less prolific but finer flavoured Red Alert

Paraffinn dilutes brushwood killer but your suggestion...

I did School Cert geography and, like Yvonne, never learnt map reading.
Pass achieved solely on one fortuitous question about Iberian peninsula, (revised night before, forgotten day after).
I can, however, point in general direction of almost any city on earth and most British towns.
Many men talk to recorded voices; many women lack spatial awareness (all people I’ve known unable tell right from left, inc 3 wives, have been women). That’s observation, not criticism, and, therefore, not sexist.

I only know Olympic Pools are 50m long with 8No 2.5m lanes.
Rebecca and myself learnt in 25yds pool with (I think) 6No 2yd(?) lanes. Once swam 75lengths. Never raced more than 100yds.

Worse are uncontrolled pensioners on scooters!