Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nice Sunday - plenty 'kips' - jobs done - 75F - no wind

Although suffering computer problems David managed to send me this picture this morning.

The children had been promised that everyone would sleep outside in the tent (Brooke excited since Thursday) and they managed to erect the tent in the rear garden.

Only just by the looks of it. As I said to David on the phone it resembles a space-ship forced to make an emergency landing. Anyway - it all went well. Unfortunately it was a dull morning and they didn't wake to the rising sun and the dawn-chorus. By the way, I asked David about maths teaching and our Lidl girl's problem with 4 x 6 = 24. He said children are still taught 'times tables' but perhaps, if one's career aspirations lie in the supermarket check-out line of work ...........

This morning we did our favourite Sunday morning routine i.e. stay in bed and catch up on Saturday's papers. I listened to Desert Island Discs where the 'marooned' was Arlene Phillips (of Strictly come Dancing fame) and I was very impressed by her, both personally and career-wise. If the Sun story that she is to be replaced on 'Strictly' by Alesha Dixon, a former winner, I consider it an ill-judged move. Alesha is a nice, rather silly young girl singer who couldn't possible bring to the show Arlene's depth of knowledge about Dance...........

As I have recently mentioned Fruit Salad I thought I ought to publish Y's extremely good and always successful 'Carse of Gowrie' recipe. But, as Jill says and Delia always tells you - "use whatever you've got available ....."

However, courtesy of Peter Kay :-

"Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad."

For lunch we had pasta (linguine) with a basic, tomato-ey sauce which worked rather well. For afters 'fruit salad'. This evening Betty brought us a bowl of freshly picked garden strawberries. The tasted great ....... after my tea of Rocquefort and biscuits. Rocquefort, recommended by Debra is a sheep's milk cheese and it packs sufficient clout to make up for anyone missing cows milk hard cheeses. The link is to it's Wikipage. Therein the word 'crumbly' is used. I certainly would not have chosen that word because my sample was almost spready with more the texture of a well-matured Stilton. Most acceptable though and I shall have it again.

When the sun started to go down and be less over-powering I went out and did some garden jobs.

There's a bed just outside the back door where Y has done all the hard work of cutting back and clearing. All I had to do was use a hand fork and trowel to make sure most of the twitch was out and then I hoed and raked.

The bed is now ready for planting and we aim to visit a garden-centre tomorrow to buy a few suitable plants. I stress 'suitable' because in wet weather the bed becomes water-logged and can stay that way for weeks. This is why the Iris Sibirica, being basically a marsh plant, has been so happy there.

Y tells me she can 'possibly' find me a 'window' prior to lunch. After swimming and certainly before the tennis, which starts in the afternoon.

Re the picture above - I think this single poppy arrived to thank me for tidying up her living quarters in the herb bed.

I know I ought to dig out the mint, replant it in a bucket or something, to restrain it because, in a week or two it will be all over the place. Such an invasive plant but so essential in the garden of anyone who cooks abit.

My replies to your personally crafted 'comments' which are so welcome each day

Bob .... I am pleased you find Lactofree so acceptable. I honestly didn't realise it was for you ..... we naturally assumed it was for Sandra. Also you were lucky to find their cheeses - Eastwood Morrisons haven't managed to 'have it in' yet, likewise the cream.

In any case I seem to be OK with the 'greek yoghurt' we get in Lidl ( in the cartons which resemble large tubs of emulsion).

Thanks very much for the kind offer for us to 'drop in' during Laxton trip. In the end we decided to give it a miss and have a 'rest day'. Albeit with jobs. Y is 'ironing' at this moment.

Lucky you with your goosegogs. As you know, for me, the pain if picking outweighs the joy of eating. Some of our raspberries are ready and yesterday we casually chucked a net over a few. However, the birds had beaten us to it. The blackbirds are the wortst offenders. A permanent 'fruit cage' is the answer really. Perhaps in our new house ........

So pleased also that your camera turned up. My life wouldn't be the same without a camera.

Yvonne ...... With you 100% about the arrival in the comments columns of Peter G. Our readers will enjoy his ascerbic mode and his sense of humour.

I think you were a little harsh on Chris Evert. I know you didn't really like her but I considered her a sound and talented player. Pretty frocks don't win you 18 grand slam titles !

Your report of the finale of Robin Hood astounded me. No deathbed scene where he fires his final arrow to identify where to dig his grave, and surrounded at his deathbed by Little John and Will Scarlett. I was amazed when you told me the Will Scarlett hadn't even been in it !

Jill .... You are probably right about School's preference to teach citizenshp etc., instead of 'times tables' - David's reassurances notwithstanding.

We seldom encounter the 'change' problem in Supermarkets because we always pay by debit-card. In our more normal local shops, the shopkeepers seem pretty nimble. Kumar and Rachel rpund the corner are quite sharp, (well it is their own shop) and ditto Paul the £1 shop equivalent up in Eastwood.

It is quite remarkable how well John McEnroe has transmogrified from loud-mouthed player into dignified and well informed commentator. We really like to see him now and he adds much to the game.

As with Y and dead-heading. I have this mental image of you in a floral frock, spready straw sun-hat. secateurs, and a wooden trug going round the roses in the evenings when the sun is cooler. It must be a proper wooden-trug by the way, none of this horrible green plastic rubbish !

Differently from you though, we both like the hot weather and it doesn't trouble me at all. As I have already mentioned somewhere, Yvonne considered the Tropical Biome at The Eden Project just about right !


Quotation spot ......

"The Harvard Law states: Under controlled conditions of light, temperature, humidity and nutrition, the organism will do as it damn well pleases"

Larry Wall

"A busy day tomorrow - but sleep tight - and hope to catch you come blog-time"



Jill said...

I cannot see the attraction of sleeping in a tent, I never could, even when young.

Fruit salad - looks a very posh one, R would not like the alcohol content though, does it overpower the fruit? I do like the Peter Kay quote.

Sheep's milk/cow's milk - are they very different, surely both dairy foods? Lactofree, does it still have high calcium content? We have gold top/Jersey milk most of the time here.

I don't wear a floral frock to dead-head, sorry to spoil your illusion! A 3 year-old M & S skirt, and a t-shirt - no hat, but I DO have a proper wooden trug. A Cath Kidston one, present from daughter-in-law this year. It's lined in floral plastic, ribbon bows around the edge and on handle. All prettied up - says it all about my d-in-law really.... I am very tempted to take off the embellishments and be left with the plain wooden trug!

bob said...

I never properly learnt my tables –I learnt tricks instead.

What I’ve seen of Arlene Phillips fails to impress.

Morrisons sell Sheep’s-Milk Wensleydale. Worth a try.

Lactofree IS for Sandra but making TWO fish pies seems a bit much!
And if you have problems, Tesco sell Goats’-Milk yoghourt.

We’ve been picking raspberries for a week. The birds seem happy to share. Also blackcurrants.

As usual, the camera was in the last place I looked!

...and I never knew Friar Tuck was West Indian!

Lovely tea. Baby carrots, fresh-picked manges-touts, new spuds, smoked trout, horseradish/sourcream sauce.

Confederation Cup
At half-time seemed possible USA could beat TWO best teams in the world to win.
But Brazil don’t like losing.

Cannot case be made for citizenship/human-relations being more important than maths? (which can always be learnt later as Sandra discovered to become excellent barmaid and preparer of accounts).... but can they be taught?
OK, I think mental arithmetic’s great, but I LIKE it.

Very impressed by McEnroe’s summing up of Michael Jackson (like Judy Garland, eg, a victim).

With you re heat; 6 months needed to acclimatise.

Hasn’t men’s tennis become boring too?

Anonymous said...

Peter G.
I am glad I am not a foreigner trying to master the English language. Your blog suggests a hive of activity in the garden and then I note there is a 'BED' outside the back door.
Thought at first you had found a ideal way to garden and then relaised that the 'BED' was full of mint and twitch - at ground level.
Sorry, just my mind running away with me at the thought of your gardening from your bed!
Love to you both

Anonymous said...

Peter G.
Sorry that you appear not to have received my earlier comment re gardening from your bed. I get a bit confused trying to comment on blogs sent at unearthly hours. I'll try to be more careful next time. In the meantime congratulations to all on the standard of the photographs. Add colour and background information. Have a good weekend
Peter G