Thursday, June 18, 2009

Y at BJ - Me quiet and messing about - 60F - Windy

Y has gone over to Burton Joyce as usual having managed a little rest yesterday. I stress 'a little' because whenever I saw her she was either using the washing-machine, tumble-drier, or ironing-board. Household equipment with which I seldom experiment.

Having been a long-term uniform wearer though, I can put a tidy crease into a pair of trousers - if necessary, but so seldom these days.

The snap on the left from Wells-next-the-Sea will please Norfolk Coast fans because this firm have been trading here as long as I can remember. And we certainly enjoyed our dishes of freshly dressed crab. He also had a small amount of freshly gathered samphire and I wish I had brought home a small amount to use with our salad today. But I fear it would have gone soggy and limp.

This morning I thought I was fully recovered even though still on the anti-biotics. In consequence I risked milk in my tea. Bad decision because the feelings of sickness immediately returned. I shall stick to my green-tea with lemon and black coffee for the time being. Is that CoffeeMate stuff diary free I wonder ? Must read the box carefully.

Having mentioned the Heavy Horses in their field I attach the above collage of two snaps from the bedroom window. Jill said she liked the idea, so here they are.

I note from my EXIF data a timing of 5.03am which accounts for the attractive lighting. As a boy (about 5yrs old) I was allowed to sit on the back of a super Shire Horse pulling a haycart, and holding onto the top of his halter tightly. The horse seemed enormous and I was so high in the air. Elf & Safety would probably prosecute the farmer these days but, there you are, I remember it vividly nearly 70yrs later.

The picture on the right is a collage of the front/rear of the packet of Smoked Maldon Sea Salt. I tasted a few grains this morning and it is certainly a subtle and interesting flavour. I'm preparing a salad for our evening meal which will be a good opportunity to try it out.

If my problem with dairy produce and meat continue I must consult Helen C and Bob's Sandra who are both experienced in the field. Missing out cheese long term would be the biggest problem. I feel that, with regard to meat, I am going off it steadily anyway.

I have heard nothing from my fellow WoW-ers and don't even know where they went on Wednesday. I'm sure I shall though in due course. If they haven't read the blog they probably don't even know I'm back. This evening I'll probably ring Reg....

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne .... I wouldn't have rated the Walnut Tree Shades as the worst pub. My feet didn't stick to the floor for one thing, and there was no lipstick on the glasses.

And what about that IRA pub near Waterloo Station where the hubbub of conversation died when we walked in ?

I maintain my position over the greengrocers' apostrophe. My aim was to discuss 'their' Carnival and to say we would visit their's rather than our own. A moot point I think. Other opinions would be welcomed.

David ..... We too are looking forward to coming over to see your Long Eaton Carnival. I love the countdown timer at the bottom of the web-page. At the time of writing I have just 1 day - 20 hours - 11 minutes - and 27 seconds to wait.

It will be great to see you all and have a little lunch with you.

jbw ..... I can recall the house you mention and I agree with your assessment of its architecture. Unfortunately I didn't take a snap or I could have blogged it.

Jill ..... Just to clear up the point about the hotel food. It was very good indeed.

After the first morning I decided to leave the fry-up alone and have a more continental start to the day. Although the actual food was super the waitering was sloppy. You'd ask for toast and nothing would happen. Then you'd ask again and two lots would arrive. But minor irritants only. Some of the starters and puddings were exceptionally good, especially those based on sorbets.

I didn't complain to the Farm Shop because I can't quite be sure about the pork pie. And re-reading what I have just written about going off the 'fry-ups' I wonder if my tummy started to be iffy earlier.

We didn't like the singer in the purple tent either. I found neither her voice, nor the rest of her, at all attractive.

Bob ..... Please see above re food.

You are right about the weight-loss - I lost nearly 3 lbs. Not an attractive way to do it though.

Really sorry to hear about your chickens. Usually there is no doubt if it is a fox, due to the feather debris left behind.


Quotation time ......

"The English country gentleman galloping after a fox - the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable"


bob said...

Oft visited Wells but don’t recall seafood stall – looks and sounds good though.

‘Diary free’ Coffee Mate?
an idea to conjure with –
non-blogging elevenses’ companion, mayhap?

My mother used to tell of riding an uncle’s farm horse bareback when young, little legs sticking out horizontally.
I’ve never boarded a horse and don’t intend to start now – they’re far too big.

Food allergies are considerable nuisance.
Sandra, now appreciably improved, tries different things again with varied success.
I think if you’re serious you’ll probably need to consult a ‘specialist’ and have tests (rather than following some DIY method of assessment).

I presume Yvonne never went in ‘The Original Dog & Partridge’ (Arkwright Street?).
I only entered once: walked straight to bar (diagonally across very large room) and, when reached, turned round and kept my back to it.
One pint (not a place for halves) and out (again looking neither right nor left).
VERY intimidating.
Lipstick on the glass? Don’t know: daren’t take my eyes off the clientele to look.

The possessive ‘theirs’ is like ‘its’ – no apostrophe.

Nowt b’t feathers, youth.
“Fish gotta swim
‘n’ birds gotta fly
Fox gotta eat
Else he gonna die…”

Jill said...

Shire horses - my memory very similar to yours and Bob's. Being hoisted up (I was about 7 at the time, evacuated to country/seaside)
onto this huge animal, legs astride and horizontal, as Bob says, hanging on to this thick mane for dear life! A few days later, there was a boy older than me, also offered a ride, but he was scared and wouldn't go, I was lifted up again as an example of not being scared (though actually I was!).

I have been off crab since I was very ill after eating some, about 20 years ago....prawns are my sea-food of choice.

Will look for Maldon Salt.

You could try Soya Milk, or Goat's milk (very good for delicate tums).
We eat much less meat than we used to - we eat mostly fish and chicken. (I know chicken is meat - but not 'proper' meat).

'Their's' is an abbreviation for 'their is' which isn't what you wanted to say, afraid I must side with Y and Bob.

Bob, so sorry about the chickens. Were they the only two you had? Egg layers? Pets? or both?

G, I hope you are feeling a bit better today, take it easy and drink lots.

Yvonne said...

Horses: we've all got a story haven't we? Mine is of being put on the back of the milkman's horse when I was about 5 - no shoes on (scared of having toes chewed off) - and being terrified! Would never go on one again - though I have been on a camel ....... also a dreadful experience.

Confirm Graham's assessment of the food at the hotel - outstanding with plenty of choice.

Looking forward to the Long Eaton Carnival on Saturday and Fathers' Day meal at Steven and Lisa's. A busy weekend - hope G. is up to it!

Roy said...

We use the seafood stall at Wells regularly. I often sit on the wall with a tray of mussels. If the deli is the one opposite then I agree with your comments. Oddly enough my only disappointment there was a small pork and game pie which cost £2.60 and was not very appetising. However it did not make me ill.
Although I have only visited in recent years I doubt if Brancaster Staithe has changed that much except that quite a few properties have been fairly tastefully converted into modern holiday accommodation. There is also a small seafood shed where the mussels are if anything even better than Wells.

Speaking of seafood does anyone out there like scallops? I have had them twice in restaurants recently and on both occasions been disappointed, very bland and rather tasteless. I can’t understand why they are so expensive.