Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nice Saturday - 72F - no wind - Shopping


Picture 1 is a collage showing my herb bed and the bit of garden I am currently working on - slowly. At my rate of progress I should be all the way round the garden by 3rd May 2016. But of course we hope not to be here by then and I shall have another little bed to care for painstakingly. The clematis has been cut-back sharply where it climbs the garage wall and the grey stain on the brickwork is where most of the plant used to be. A few days rain and the bricks will all look the same colour.

The second picture is of a delicate pink rose which climbs the trellis which is at a right-angle and behind me where I stood to photograph the herb bed.

It's name eludes me but it has the look of a David Austin variety. I know his roses seem expensive but they are healthy, robust and repay you with years of vigorous growth.

His website, in which I have linked you to his English Rose collection, is pleasant to browse around. We just need the scents and perhaps a barely audible background of summer evening birdsong.

This morning we went shopping to replace essentials (I do seem to use a lot of this Lactofree milk) but we witnessed a 'sign of the times' incident in Lidl.

The lady in front of us had bought a whole tray of tins of tomatoes, 4 across and 6 deep. This was a problem to the check out girl who is programmed to deal with single tins. "There are 24 tins" said the shopper helpfully. The sum 4 x 6 = 24 defeated the cashier and she had to tap each tin with her forefinger until she reached 24. Goodness gracious me ! I think times tables must be frowned upon by current educationalists. I must seek David's opinion.

Y has watched some tennis, but didn't want to watch the women screechers and grunters (see her comment). At tea-time I sat and watched some of the Murray v Troicki match and I could see that Murray wasn't really being extended.

Tomorrow afternoon, depending on the weather, the tennis, my state of health etc., we may go up to Laxton because they are having an open day which Stuart Rose told us about when he came to do his National Trust lecture. Google however is a little tight-lipped about it and I'd better check in the morning. We shall be very close to Bob's but don't aim to call in because the arrangements are so unsure and neither he nor we approve of unannounced, unplanned visits.

My responses to your comments

Bob ..... As you say, we must agree to differ over the issue of flower shades. Same with painting really I think - I love strong contrasty colours.

Jill ... We are in agreement over hot-weather food. Fish seems right. Beef stew or Lancashire hot-pot would make the stomach turn, in contemplation alone.

Y has explained about my Van/Band error. I wasn't actually there and subsequently misheard her report.

Weather not right for Glastonbury - it's supposed to be torrential rain and mud !

Yvonne ..... Can't disagree about the women's tennis in general. But I think you are wrong about the style of game. I recall that women often stuck to the baseline and it was the men who went in for the serve/volley type of play.

I certainly don't remember any of the ladies you mentioned, or Margaret Court, Steffi Graff etc., rushing up to the net very much. Perhaps Billie Jean King did - I can't remember clearly enough.

Rob ..... As you say - technology marches on. I'm sure your ferry driver knew his way. Or perhaps he relies on his Sat/Nav.

Even though too short I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday and a montage of snaps will be most welcome.

Peter G .... Message received and understood. Over.

Well done. I'm real proud of you.


Quotation time .............

"But he that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose"

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"



bob said...

First use of Lactofree (milk and cheese) today – for cauliflower cheese. Good; but a pint’ll last Sandra a month at least!

I’d guess mental arithmetic beyond anyone under 45.
In 70s, any competent barmaid added prices of twelve different drinks’ in her head, no trouble.
But some things’ve improved.

No trouble for Murray. Not quite ‘rope-a-dope’ but nearly.

You’re very welcome to drop in but Dan and Em have threatened to take US out!

Fish is fine but I couldn’t resist meat-&-potato pie.

I think you’re right about women tennis players and that Billy Jean Moffat (1960s) first to play ‘like a man’.
“...aggressive, hard-hitting net-rusher, with excellent speed..."

Apt quote; I picked gooseberries today.

Yup: “Orf went the van wiv me old man in it / I follered on wiv me old cock linnet…”
Unlikely to be heard at Glastonbury - something I’ve always wished I’d done, if only for the classlessness, but I’m probably 15 years too old.
Rather retro this year – Neil Young, CS&N, Springsteen, Specials. But there’s Franz Ferdinand and Lily Allen.

Can’t quite concur about holidays.
I reckon if 6 (preferably 18) months not possible, a long weekend's enough.

Yvonne said...

Peter G.: Well done! Looking forward to many more comments.

I always thought the real change with women's tennis came with Chris Evert - a player who, in my opinion, was a totally artificial product. She had no finesse and had to stand on the base line whacking the ball as she had no natural talent (although she did look charming in her frocks!)

Conundrum of the week: how can there be another 'Robin Hood' series when yesterday Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne died, and Maid Marian died earlier. Perhaps they'll bring back Will Scarlet ...

Rob: you sound as though you and Elaine have had a lovely time. Update on Robert (Lachs) - he flew yesterday to Canada for six weeks to attend the 'school' set up by the Panthers coach. When he returns he goes to Manchester to continue his education.

Jill said...

When we buy six cartons of milk in M & S, cashier always rings up each one separately, you would think there was something that did the one price times six.....and when I buy the papers in local shop it always comes to £1.40, if I don't have right money she has to ring it up 'so that I know what change to give' - usually from £2.00. I think they are too busy studying citizenship or human relations....

Evonne Goolagong was a joy to watch, and that gorgeous Gabrielle Sabatini! Did you hear John Mac. talking about Michael Jackson, saying that he didn't think MJ was a good role model...he spoke kindly, but very sensibly.

Well done with the gardening, I did a bit of dead-heading.

I don't do heat at all well, today it is hot and humid, with low grey skies, not a bit of sun or breeze. We have electric fans going in both downstairs rooms, a little one in kitchen when I am cooking, and fan will be taken upstairs tonight to where I am sleeping - we are sleeping apart at the moment (or in my case, not sleeping...).