Thursday, February 26, 2009

Signs of Spring - but still only 47F - lots of naps

The opening collage is Bob's 'woodcarving' and here you are actually watching the creative act taking place. A person, complete with personality, is emerging. Already 'he' reminds me of someone but I can't quite yet shout out who it is.

The weather here has been dark and gloomy all day but there are signs of Spring.

Crocuses all over the place (mostly yellow) and rose-buds emerging from the stalks. Very little light but I wanted to capture a little of our Princess Elizabeth which lives just outside the Office window.

Y has gone to Burton Joyce but, when I had dropped her at the Tram, I came straight back home and had a day of 'recoupage'. You can recoup financial losses so I guess you can recoup energy. It sounds rather French but my little pocket Collins English/French doesn't have it.

My day's diet has been just a couple of rounds of toast and plenty of tea and coffee. We may eat when Y returns but we may not. If Lisa sends me a cream cake I will definitely eat that.

Computer- wise I have bought a new copy of RegCure for the big PC and my Asus and all I have had to do is download it, pay, and enter 2 different licence numbers for the different machines. Since I first installed it years ago on the Packard Bell laptop I have been a fan. I do a scheduled scan on a weekly basis and the programme always finds some crud to clear out and my computers work better and quicker thereafter.

I know it sounds like a programme designed to sort Reg out, but, in fact, the Reg bit stands for Registry. And I haven't spent the entire day in bed either - I've had a good 'go' at the crossword and actually read the paper. Jill will certainly see the letter on the 'letters page' about rampaging urban foxes. Apparently the writer has suffered one such entering the house during the night via the cat-flap and causing damage.

Picture 3 is the lay-figure as left by Karen. Lay-figures are interesting - they induce people to leave them in poses. Tracy favours an 'entrechat' or some other ballet movement and hers can look quite artistic.

No doubt some post-grad psychology student could design a doctoral thesis on the subject.

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne ..... If you want Sky Sports my darling, you can have it ! As you say, especially if they secure Wimbledon. As long as I've known Y she has been devoted to Wimbledon and, in the old days, has been known to take her annual holidays to coincide.

'Emanuele' on WebUser forums won't be best pleased by last night's match, as a Juventus fan.

Bob ...... For the benefit of other readers 'Pickup on South Street' is now a link to some extracts from the film. I take your point about the 'noir' aspect - even the music is certainly not 'blanc'. There is a definite attraction to black & white films, as there is to b & w still photography. And to Radio without pictures. BBC 7 is well worth a listen, if you have access. Their plays and classic readings are excellent. At the moment they are even repeating 'Dick Barton - Special Agent' - I can distinctly remember running home from wherever I was playing so as not to miss the cliff-hanging adventures of Barton, Jock and Snowey. I've even managed, please click here to get you all a recording of that unforgettable music. It will all be complete double-dutch to our younger readers.

Although I am a fan of most greens I agree with you about kale. Lets face it - it's cattle-fodder, not for people !

Jill ...... The reason the orchids look flourescent is because I had tried to photograph them like that, for drama. Either with the sun behind them and the sun shining through the petals, or, with the sun full frontal both of which seem to make them glow.

Re e-mails and viruses. Your anti-virus software should protect you against e-mail borne malware. I'm assuming you have such - AVG or Norton etc.. The e-mail I was talking about was a 'hoax' misinforming people that a big virus attack was imminent, with an e-mail entitled either 'Postcard' or 'Postcard from Hallmark'. If you ever receive anything which you are not happy about, copy the subject, or the opening words of the summary and then paste that into Google and click 'search'. It will soon tell you if it is a hoax.

I always recommend that people download McAfee SiteAdvisor which is completely free and it basically tells you if sites are safe or not by a green, amber, or red icon at the side the the result. The title above is a link to the download page. All you need to do is follow your nose.

Re your claim. In my opinion it will be £45 well ventured. You have a strong argument and I still think that, if you pursue it, the Council will at some stage fold, and make you an offer.

I've just noticed in my inbox that your pictures have arrived. Thanks. I'll probably use one tomorrow. By the way, I noticed in your e-mail, an intro to 'Incredimail' smileys. I can only advise that you give that programme a very wide berth indeed. It really is trouble. If you haven't downloaded it, for goodness sake don't. If you need to know more I will send you some information about it.

Reg ..... Obviously you are right about the time delay in the football commentary. Going up to satellites and back, instead of more 0r less direct radio waves is the reason. Brilliant. ..... Satellites never crossed my mind.

Yvonne will be pleased !

Sorry to hear about your upset tummies. Hope you are soon recovered.


Quotation time .......

"The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think"

Horace Walpole

Walpole, in my opinion, was abit of a Wally and a very dodgy Art Historian. But, credit where it's due, I agree with his quote.

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"

I think the train must be about due for an airing



Yvonne said...

Reg: Many thanks for your explanation re. the satellite - explains the mismatch between radio sound and tv picture perfectly.

Actually, now I understand it (I thought it a bit spooky at the time) I might always combine them as you know where to look, i.e. 'Ferdinand heads the ball away' when the ball is still two metres from him!

So sorry you and Maureen are not well - hope things soon improve.

bob said...

The word in your head may be ‘decoupage’-
ie, making greetings cards from bits of old ones, much favoured by old folk’s thingies like Day Centres and U3A.

I could do with a BobCure Programme (Bugger Off B****x) which would, upon boot-up, know exactly what needs to be done and do it (including mashing tea).

Steph rearranges my lay-figure in interesting ways.

‘South Street Pickup’ theme-tune?
‘Again (it couldn’t happen again)’
I played Dick Barton’s ‘Snowy’ in end-of-year school concert skit.

I don’t have McAfee SiteAdvisor preferring frisson of uncertainty (and Dan has never suggested it).
Smileys do little for me. I only look at about 1%
Quotation: I prefer Voltaire’s
‘God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh’.

Sandra would like your gran.

Best thing for tummy up-sets? Sheep’s heart, rare.
I only had heart once (beast’s). Bit tough and me only one who enjoyed.
Liver and kidney, yes please.

I think I would have to poke the cheek for the frisson (again!)
A good £45worth, just for experience.

Does that also explain ‘live’ radio being seconds ahead of computer?

Nothing like a holiday for making one ill !

REg said...

Thanks Y We are recovering not quite 100% yet but getting there.
Stopped by a "courteous young PC" what would he hve been called in days got bye?
Dick Barton, the streets emptied a 6:45 until the re-enactment at 7:00Music "The Devils Gallop"
Eastwood are just in the lead in the photo battle. Peter Cheetham our judge was I though very good in sorting 60 good images into a respectable order showing how nit picking little diferances need to be attend to, to get a good mark in a competition picture, of rather higher standard then the average monthly comp.

Jill said...

I used to love Dick you remember the series that followed it - about circus folk, called something like 'The Daring Dexters'. Then there was a space thing, but I didn't listen to that.

I could happily live on tea and toast - with the occasional cream cake of course!

I think the wood-carving pictures are splendid, cannot wait to see who will emerge.....

Watched the prog. last night about Margaret Thatcher, not too impressed, we kept saying 'who is he supposed to be?' all the way through it, her voice irritated, and she looked too young! - M.Thatcher was 65 at the time.....

I didn't know I had that Incredimail thing, Picasa was playing up again, so I just tried it. I don't think I have Incredimail anything else. Don't think I have ever used it before.

Slept badly last night, was wandering around about 2.30 a.m. and there was a bird singing his heart out, my best guess would be a robin. Anybody know why? unless he couldn't sleep either.....