Friday, February 20, 2009

Leisurely Friday - Mittens from Jill - 44F

We went to see Dr Latimer for the last time and it almost became emotional. Fourteen years is a long time and although we have tried never to breach our formal professional relationship we look on her as a friend. She said some lovely things.

I've provided the blog address and would be delighted if she read it sometime. She graciously received our retirement gift, some books tokens, to start her life of leisure.

Pete - she was very interested in the Emu Oil but felt it was a little late in her career to begin prescribing it.

More blood tests are needed and I am to give the Lipidor a rest for a couple of weeks as all the statins apparently, have some side effects of aches and pains and weariness. Then after a fortnight an appointment to see Dr Barrett, a whole new experience.

What a lovely surprise in the post on our return. See Picture 1. Jill has knitted me another pair of mittens to replace those that were stolen in a pub by the mitten-thief. The inset card accompanied them and on it Jill told me that, if I lose these, I'm in the naughty chair. Much as I loved my first pair I think I like the two-tone blue even more ! Blue is my favourite colour. 'knitted' the correct past participle of ' to knit' ? It sounds so ugly. - editor

I've also had chance of a brief play with my 'pinhole'. I hesitate to call it a lens because it is literally a very small hole in a metal shim mounted in a body-cap, and that is all.

The following two pictures are examples of my very first efforts.

Not everybody likes the results of pinhole photography. If you seek sharpness in a photograph then the system is not for you.

But if you enjoy a certain wistful softness with an old-fashioned feel you might become a convert. As Rob has hinted there is much to learn. One thing is for sure, at least using the technique on a DSLR, every single blemish on your sensor is emphasised. And I don't know yet why this is.

But my sensor definitely needs Reg's tender-loving-care with his sensor cleaning kit. There is no point in scutinising these pictures with a magnifying glass though, because I have 'retouched' them out.

The upper one started off in colour and I converted it to sepia.

Whereas the one on the right I have left in colour. I was interested to see how the system would deal with colour-rendition. The answer is that the colours are spot on. Maybe because the information recorded is 'more Raw' then 'Raw'.

I apologise to non-photographers for this double-dutch speak.

For lunch we had our customary battered haddock with chips and mushy peas. And then, this afternoon, because I fancied an hour in the kitchen, I made carrot & coriander soup. The recipe called for the final stage to be dressed with fresh coriander which I didn't have. So I used a liberal handful of fresh chopped basil which I do have, in abundance.

David and familly return from their half-term holiday at Center Parcs this evening. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

Mike drew attention to 'Ikea to sell cars' but he didn't give me a link. However I tracked it down and it is very amusing.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob ..... Thanks for the 'sausage-fest' information. I wasn't aware that I had cribbed the phrase but perhaps I had clocked it subliminally. It has happened.

Well done in Tesco. Kippers have got to be a bargain. Can they have a sale-by date? I thought they were designed to last several years.

Rob..... The Poets Corner people seem to have latched on to a good idea. Mike says that the one at Codnor is very good on 'open mike' night. Different 'mike' obviously. And JBW has also mentioned it.

I think that some pubs still have a future. They shouldn't be too cavernous and difficult to heat. There should be a warm and welcoming feel. Open log fires are an excellent start. Followed by interesting beers and first-rate food.

All the very very best for your new job. It sounds to me like a most difficult assignment - but so worth while. And you are so good in a caring role.

Enjoy your holiday. You both deserve it.

Jill ..... Perhaps, as you say, in 20 or 30 yrs time, you may appreciate the Dubliners. For aspiring short story writers the book is seminal.

Blackberries from Mexico - at this time of year. Reduced or not. Maybe the chap you could see in his sombrero sent his wife blackberry-ing.

Re your saucepans. They should be ovenproof so long as the 400 degrees is Centigrade. 400 F is only 204 C and in that case I fear it would be touch and go.

Pete (Mannanan)....... Dr Latimer had a good laugh over Emu Oil. It'll be yet another export from Oz she said.

Don't feel bad that you couldn't 'get into 'Ulysses'. It is generally accepted to be one of the most difficult novels ever written. The commonly accepted order of Joycean difficulty goes - Dublinners > Finnegans Wake > Ulysses.

Helen C ..... Thanks for the update on Thursday's judging. You don't say how any of us fared though. I'm sure you'll tell me all on Wednesday.

Re mangles..... From my maternal grandparent's home where an old fashioned wooden-rollered mangle, just like the one being photographed, stood in the front yard of their colliery house at Stonebroom. I seem to remember that using it was a two person job anyway. One to turn the handle and one to feed in the clothes. If tightened up to extract more water, the handle turner needed real strength.


Quotation time ............... re doctors .....

"Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died"

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"



Reg said...

Look at triple refined Autralian Emu oil I wonder if they have a nodding Emu

bob said...

Bungus believes kippers have very short shelf-life, even when vac-packed; Netto’s usually less than a week unlike smoked mackerel (up to a month).
Can be frozen of course, but, like all oily fish, not for too long as they soon taste rancid.

Interesting article in yesterday’s Newark Advertiser on recent pub closures – latest being the delightful-looking and renowned ‘real ale’ house, The Malt Shovel.
Seems that my thinking “I must have a drink in there” is kiss of death!

Credit crunch:
I understand that low-paid Australians (under $50,000 pa?) were each given a lump sum by government to save or spend as they wished.
One-armed bandit use apparently boomed, resulting in major tax returns to government!

I think definition of mental illness has widened considerably of late.
I’m pretty certain Churchill, with his ‘black dogs’, would have qualified.

I wouldn’t risk other than metal-handled saucepans in the oven.
Metal casseroles could be the answer.

I have tried War & Peace too.
Never managed to get past Chapter One of Kafka’s ‘The Trial’ either.

LIZZIE (4TICKS) said...

No time really but, my friend Patsy in Perth assures me that emu oil really works for those sufferring from arthritis but the preparation has to have nearly 100%emu oil content to be really good. The face & hand creams are good too. Patsy uses them all the time. Speaking of mangles, there's one in our backyard with honeysuckle growing over it. It was my mother's, I hated it and am watching it, slowly, rot.