Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Film cameras - 49F - University Challenge - Useless Virgin


Two more collages today. I might form a Collage Society and call it The Old Montagarians or similar ! The first one is about my recently acquired Nikon F401X which I bought at the weekend on e-bay (£5 and £3 p.p.) paid for by PayPal and it arrived today. It works. And part of the 'packaging' was this sturdy old Nikon camera-bag which I hadn't ordered. I e-mailed the vendor with my surprised thanks and he said that having no use for it he thought I might like it. E-bay, in my experience, is a happy place to be. Most of the web is like that - there are only a few unpleasant rogues. Like spammers !

My reason for wanting a 35mm film DSLR is in the pursuit of my pinhole interests. This evening I had a pleasant 10 minute chat to Roy about it all because film photography is his first love and I need advice about films etc.

Collage 2 is about Bob's rotting-head (in his garden !) and his attendance at woodcarving classes. The classes tire him out and I have advised him to take it easy. The head in the garden has always reminded me of Charles de Gaulle but is apparently now suffering the ravages of time. I have linked you to a Wiki page so you can check out the similarity.

Unfortunately I shan't be WoW-ing tomorrow. Senior Management (i.e. Y) has been quite clear about the matter.

At the moment our television works but not the old NTL remote amd while we have a good quality picture on the screen the sound is too low to be audible. Virgin media have been most helpful and are to send us a new remote control as a matter of urgency. Delivery time ? Between 2 and 8 days. However, on the PC and also the laptops, we can use BBC iPlayer so we don't actually miss anything. The University Challenge final for instance which we loved.

However Y wanted to watch the Milan v Manchester football match live and had an incredibly bright idea. While watching the match on the telly she tuned her radio to Radio 5Live and received on the spot commentary. If the idea had been one of mine it would be allocated number 6 ???. ..... The linked page carries a live interview with Mourinho so she will be watching that !

My responses to your previous comments

Jill ..... Oh dear. What an accident and time ravaged lot we are. Y seems the fittest, except for her blood-pressure and even that isn't too bad at the moment. And this runny nose she can't shake-off.

I agree about Gail Trimble - to call her 'Grace' must have been a feudian slip because she is indeed 'graceful' for one so frighteningly bright.

Sorry your face is going to take 6 months to heal. Were you told that the concomitant pain would also last that long ? Take loads of pain-killers would be my response.

Bob ..... Your Tesco Tea bargains do indeed sound worth dropping-in for. Another item where sale-by dates are hardly relevant when you consider how slow the East Indiamen were doing the round trip.

The lateral-thinking arising from linseed-oil made me smile. But who am I going to get to apply it ? Y would refuse point-blank and I think Karen would expect an impossibly high wage increase to take the job on.


Quotation time .... Without I hope straying into the Sports Desk's emporium...

"(Wayne) Rooney has signed a deal to do five books. That’s an awful lot of crayons.”

I've linked you to a page about his radio show. Unfortunately I don't listen to it, so I can't enlighten you.

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"



Yvonne said...

In Rob's absence, I feel I ought to present a Sports Desk ....... the match was very good but Manchester United should have scored in the first half. With the match ending in a draw, they are at a disadvantage in the return match at home.

It was interesting that the Radio 5 commentary was slightly ahead of the TV picture or, as Graham explained, the TV picture from Milan was slower.

Jill: hope you soon feel better. x

Jill said...

Sorry about the Grace/Gail - I thought it was wrong, but was too lazy to check...

Dr. thinks pain in my face will just gradually go - at one time it was constant, now it is intermittent, I can go 48 hours without it, then back it comes for the next eight hours or so. I can't find what if anything triggers it off. I take Boots answer to Nurofen, seems to work just as well.

I think most e-bayers are fine. When I am selling yarn (not at present) I often put in a half-used ball, and if it was on unusual-sized needles and I had them I put those in too. And I was always scrupulous about not inflating the p. and p, price.

Bob - your senior management evidently not so effective as Y is. But I think you should carry on going to the classes while you enjoy them, you can rest-up the following day. Definitely De Gaulle!

No, I didn't ask for criticism of mittens - I rarely give any criticism, constructive or otherwise, have decided it is a waste of time and doesn't help relationships...

G. sorry you are having to miss the WOW. Perhaps you can have the chip butty at home....

Loved the quote, says what I think about footballers (!) but you could substitute the name 'George Bush' and it would be even better!

bob said...

Tiredness from woodcarving is of “played extra time/cycled 100 miles in a day” kind.
And unfamiliar use of 2” gouge (chisel) and mallet bruises hands.
All self-correcting.

Yup, Tesco Tea ‘no-problemo’(foil sealed, Feb 09 Best-Before).

Suggest spray-on oil.

Agreed excellent match. Utd’s first half brilliance should’ve brought goals.
All digital sound slightly behind radio waves (as discovered playing same station on both at same time!)

Unlike G, I take view hiding pain can lead to worse damage and therefore only take pills ‘in extremis’.
But who can feel someone else’s pain?
And I’d make exception for morphine delight.

Saw news item yesterday warning e-bay vendors of (apparently genuine) nasty virus.

Sandra’s health service is “shut up; get on with it; forget sympathy; do something practical”.

My professional education was mainly ten years’ harsh, often sarcastic, criticism. Invaluable.
But it can rebound, however well intentioned, eg,
“Was dinner OK?”
“Yes, thanks, although the mash could’ve been smoother and gravy more seasoned and the carrots were rather underdone and beef slightly overcooked.”

Today’s rewards mean there are now several intelligent and well-educated footballers.
But Liverpool and Wolves had graduates even in 50s/60s/70s.

Pete said...

Graham, cracking quote, loved it might even pinch it for my site if you don't mind. Great link as well to Johnnie Walker, great broadcaster and DJ......Mannnan