Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back to normal - its been fun - 43F

The picture is from just before 9am this morning and, as you can see, the computer-thon was still in full swing. But 'brave little Tom' is mssing from the end taking the photo. If you want to watch an 'animation to drive you mad' just open the link. Young people love it and it is very catchy ! Hence its appearance here.

After a leisurely start we took Hannah back to Burton Joyce where she got a very warm welcome. She had been missed and I think that although she enjoyed the sleepover she was quite happy to be home. We all learnt lots of odds and ends from each other and easier ways of doing things. Hannah had also helped me a lot with meal preparation. Like me she enjoys cooking and certainly won't be one of those teenagers who go to university unable to make a spagbol !

Picture 2 is a Helen C photo from WoW-ing at Ashover. The chaps came upon this water-filled hole with water of an unusual green.

The consensus was that it could be the shaft to a disused copper mine - hence the green-coloured water. However, google tells me that Ecton in Derbyshire was the only site of copper ore. That is some miles from where they were walking. But you never know.

Apart from a visit to the Doctor in the morning (the last to our much loved Dr Latimer) we plan a quiet restful day, hopefully the first of several. Personally I am worn-out. But I shall recover. It is a relief not to be going to EPS this evening. Brian was witty on Wednesday, guessing I wouldn't be going as it was a competition, he said "Graham, beware judges". It reminded me of the medieval map bearing the legend 'here be hippogriffs'. I also like the quote "Unicorns dont really exist, they just think they do" but I can't remember who said it.

Reg draw my attention to Pete Brady's site 'mannanans cloak' where he speaks of the value of Emu oil for all manner of aches and pains. (look under Ramsey Ramblings) All the rage in Oz apparently. I'll check tomorrow morning whether or not Dr Latimer can prescribe it ! Ha Ha !

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne..... I'm so pleased about all this new information you now have access too. And also I noted breakfast television too. A whole new experience.

Re Katy Perry in a corset and tights. I thought originally you were talking about Grayson Perry the award-winning transvestite potter. If one ignores the weirdness of the artist and the unfortunate subject matter of most of his work, speaking in art criticism terms, his stuff is extremely good.

Bob.... Pleased your weather seems to have improved. It's been OK here too although still quite chilly.

I need some sun so I can experiment with my 'pinhole' stuff. Today started well but by the time I got around to it the clouds had arrived.

JBW ..... The Poets Corner has certainly been given a new lease of life. I spoke to a regular who was even closer to the open fire than I was, and he waxed 'poetic' about it. Excellent food, micro-brewery at the back producing an excellent beer, and really warm welcoming feel to it. I would be more than happy to revisit.

Jill ..... You are quite right about the radio version of 'Ladies of Letters' and jolly good it was too. The linked site tells you about its history from Radio 4. I used to love Anne Reid in 'Dinner Ladies'.

All our WoW-ers are old enough to remember mangles - with the possible excpetion of Helen C who is much younger.

Joyce is difficult - but The Dubliners is for me the most accessible.

Sorry about your cheekbone and more sorry that you still have pain (see above re Emu Oil). Re your claim - I still have great confidence in the eventual outcome.


To tired to do a quote.



bob said...

Wed was also nice here.

More Tesco reduction snips on Tue. A dressed crab for Sandra, kippers for me.

Watching ‘American Pie’ I learnt ‘Sausage-fest’ has special meaning for American college kids.
Perhaps serve ‘American Pie’ as pudding next time?

‘Ladies of Letters’ it is.
When I recommended it to Sandra she reminded me I bought it for her Xmas 2006 as CDs set (in imitation biscuit tin). Patricia Routledge and Prunella Scales.

Not entirely uninterested in cars,
I do like Beetles, probably because I recognise them and owned seven (inc one Karmann Ghia which I wrote off).

I’ve never tried reading Joyce despite enjoying extracts I have heard/read/imagined;
“Oysters is amorous,
; lobsters is lecherous,
; but sheerimps, Cheerist, they goes straight to…”
“and that feather, Mrs Higgins, t’was loike a flight o' starlin’s”.

Sorry to hear about your cheekbone. I understand that they are much like ribs in that nothing can be done’
An X-Ray could be useful evidence.
I recall watching Raich Carter play for Derby at the Baseball Ground. After a heavy tackle he was holding his face and being jeered by his own supporters, “Mard-arse Carter”. He played out the game with a cracked cheekbone.

Rob said...

I heard the line about the unicorn on Radio 4 recently as part of a rhyming verse. Sorry I can't remember which day or what programme.

The Poets Corner at Ashover is owned by the same people who own the Poet and Castle at Codnor, which has been mentioned on the blog in the past.

Today is my last day in my current job. After a week off next week I'll be working in Lincoln trying to keep people in work when they become mentally unwell. Wish me luck.


jbw said...

Rob - All the best in your new job!
I always thought it was being in work that made one mentally unwell!!

Jill said...

Rob - good luck in new job - but I wonder if they should be in work if mentally unwell? Thinking of their colleagues and employers? I suppose it depends on the degree of unwellness.

That water is a peculiar colour (on my monitor anyway)

I will remember the Dubliners as a book to read in my old age - or should I say dotage?

I bought some (reduced) blackberries in Waitrose, have just stewed them briefly with a bramley apple, they taste as good as they look. I just read the label, it says 'Old Mexico'. Somehow that conjures up a chap in a sombrero with a mule and a poncho - I can't see him blackberrying, which I regard as a peculiar English occupation.

I bought two saucepans from TK-Max yesterday, they have black rubbery handles each side and on the lid. The label says 'will withstand up to 400 degrees of heat'. The label says the handles are silicone. Do you think this means they are oven-prood? Would be very useful if I could, the larger one would take four chicken pieces and I could brown them off on top of cooker, and then put in oven with stock and stuff. This would save me transferring everything, I don't have anything that goes from hob to oven.

Pete (mannanan) said...

Hi Graham, was wondering if your nice Dr prescribed emu oil. by the sounds of this stuff it really works though looking at a number of sites it is pretty expensive so getting it on prescription might be a battle. Thanks for the link anyway. Nice to know that others are watching even if they don't post.......Joyce....being of Irish descent, both parents and grandparents and being raised in Dublin for a while and spending most of my holidays in that fantastic city I got to 52yo without even attempting any of his books. it was after a visit to Dublin, my first in over 35 years that i thought I'd give him a go. Had just joined Audio on line and so purchased Ulysses.....Just couldn't get into it at all which I felt real disappointed about.

Yvonne said...

Dear Pete,

I wouldn't worry about not getting on with Ulysses - I've spent 60 years trying to read 'War and Peace'. Still not succeeded!

Good luck with your new job, Rob.

Helen C. said...

I certainly do remember mangles from my childhood days and I remember using one - it was jolly hard work! I wonder whether the chaps photographing this one have ever operated one or whether that was regarded as 'women's work'?

Last night's judge certainly made us all laugh with his extremely blunt comments on our pictures and his use of many variations of the term 'mish-mash' to describe bits of the pictures he didn't like - which were many!