Thursday, February 12, 2009

Camera Club this evening - 33F

There weren't many 'nodding donkey' replicas at Eakring yesterday but this one was fairly near to the car-park.

My recollection from being the policeman for the area in the 60s was of a much rougher piece of equipment. This one looks rather like a 'sculpture' of a nodding donkey and designed more to please the eye than to do a job. Ah well - I could be wrong.

Incidentally, a proposed 'white horse' sculpture 164ft high is to be created in Kent. In my opinion it looks altogether too realistic and lacking in creativity. It is too much like a photograph of a horse.

Obviously, due to its massive size it will have impact. But not the impact of Anthony Gormley's beautiful and imposing Angel of The North for instance.

Picture 2 is of Roy guarding an imposing S shaped curve (Hogarths Line of Beauty) and if I ever give that particular talk again I shall use it. Elongated S shape, line of beauty, Ogee curve all refer basically to the same shape.

Today has been restful for me although during the past hour it has started to snow again. Y is at Burton Joyce but should be back around 7pm when I should just be walking out of the front door to go to the Camera Club. I hope her journey hasn't been too awful. I started the blog quite early intending to 'save as draft' and to finish it off when I return from Eastwood.

n.b. I have now returned and I haven't much to add really. Trevor has my entries for next week. Rob and Elaine were there and it was nice to see them and manage a few words chat.

David tells me that Sky and friends represented "The 15th Long Eaton Fearless" cubs in a 'build a monster' competition. Needless to say they won ! and Sky gets to keep the shield for a month !

Although David didn't say this in his e-mail but drawing on previous history, my bet would be that Sky was team-leader and she would have sorted them out double-quick.

On the right is the trophy.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob..... Yes. I did see the Elephants Head before taking the picture. As I said in the blog I concentrated on looking for interesting patterns in the ice.

I thought you had got used to 'abit' by now. But I will try to remember, if it irritates.

Re Ironmongers.... As far as I know Mitchells are still trading on Lenton Boulevard. But I haven't been in for years so I don't know if the inside is still traditional. They still pile stuff on the pavement outside though.

Jill...... You are right. The company and the fresh air were beneficial. Talking about my extremities though I have a confession and apology. Perhaps a 'confolgy' or maybe an 'apolession'. Somehow I have managed to lose the mittens you knitted for me. Probably put them down somewhere and the 'mitten thief' got them.

Glad you enjoyed the Lower Marsh website. It was different and a bright idea. At the back of my mind I recall a method of making pictures etc., be 'links'. It will stand research.

Your photographs have arrived but I haven't had time to look at them yet.

Reg .... Thanks for the update on Durban House. I didn't manage to talk to you much about today's meeting. Please keep updating us as more emerges. I did hear you about the need for protest and I will spread the word.

Pete (Mannanan)..... Glad you too spotted the 'elephants head'. It's a good job I didn't make it a sort of 'spot the ball' competition and offer money prizes !

The 'line' is a good one. One thing I've always liked about the internet community is the way folk are happy to help each other. WebUser was my introduction to it. And I have learnt so much from their forum, and similar. The blogging-community is just the same. Somebody will know the answer to your problem, and be willing to share it with you - invariably for nothing.


Quotation slot ..... I'm sure this is right - but I resent it !

"The male is a domestic animal which, if treated with firmness, can be trained to do most things."

Jilly Cooper

I've linked you to her website rather than a wiki-page. It looked nicely designed,

Tomorrow I'll tackle the IKEA bookcase. Wish me well !

I'm sure to have forgotten something



Yvonne said...

Unlike us to disagree, Graham, but I think the white horse will look absolutely magnificent - especially as it seems private money is involved in its construction.

P.S. Why would you worry that it looks like a photograph? You love photographs!

bob said...

Bungus bemused.
Jessica, with all other students, has 2 days off school for ‘Academic Interviews’.
I understand these replace "Parents’ Evening" (when each student and parents could see all their teachers for assessment).
Now they have a dedicated 10 minute time slot with Tutor Set Teacher only. Jess’s TST has only been in post a couple of weeks.
Potentially, any parent wishing to attend will have to take time off work.
Oh, and next week is half-term.
Is it me? Am I missing something?

Agree 'white horse' too realistic.
Prefer Clipstone headstocks !

Ogee curve perhaps most notably used in Greek/Roman cornices (and cast-iron gutters).

Be impish;
in future write ‘abit with a cheeky smile.
Make it ‘abit of a habit.

‘Mittens’ or ‘fingerless gloves’ were referred to in ‘Victorian Farm’ (or ‘Larkrise…’?) as ‘Lady Gloves’.

Jilly Cooper received her honour (OBE?) on the same occasion as Sandra. She is doll-like TINY and FRAGILE; looked like a fairy in her floaty dress.

Hope Durban House can be saved in some form – it won’t help David, whatever … although Ollerton Welfare is a bigger loss!

Isn’t Bennetts the big store rather like Pearsons of Nottingham?

Reg said...
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jbw said...

Yes - Bennetts main store is in Irongate in Derby but they also have a shop in Ashbourne and a Trade Outlet on Stores Road in Derby.
It really is an "old-fashioned" store selling everything but at the rear of the ground floor is a "real old-fashioned" iron-mongers.

Jill said...

Reg, I remember that ironmongers in Devon, in the middle of the moors, it was a regulat stopping-place for us so that R could get his fix!

Ironmongers and Haberdashery, the two most-missed shops....

I saw Jilly Cooper once at a book-signing, was surpised how petite she was, like the Queen....

G, I rather like the idea of the horse, so what if it looks like a real one? As long as the three-dimensional aspect is kept, I wouldn't want it to look flat. I liked Anthony Gormley's people on the beach, and for a short time we had them all over the roofs of buildings on the South Bank.

Bob, there was a bit in the Daily Mail last week about how difficult schools made it for parents to come to such occasions. They expected parents to take time off work, and the child's file got marked up in some way if the parents didn't attend.

G, I can see I had better put strings on the next mittens I make you, Y will thread them through your coat sleeves....

Pete said...

Graham I have to agree with you about the horse, (sorry Y) but it looks too lifelike for my liking. as you say the Angel of the North is something else as is I think the Iron Man in my home city of Birmingham. not to everybody's taste I know but I like it. Just as I liked the Forward sculpture that used to be facing the registry office in Brum before it was vandalised and moved.

Reg said...

Overheard in the Pub this lunch time Bennetts my be closing the ironmogers and expanding the restuarant/cafe.Bennetts is a big store it had/has a magnificent ironmongers that sold O's and fork 'andles There were at one time lots of drawers containing door knobs and such like with an example of the contents on the outside to open it with.
Pearsons was the best Store in Nottingham, with well informed and polite staff but did thy have an ironmongers?
Best ironmongers I know of was in the middle of Dartmoor Chagford, I think. A real warren you could get lost for days in it.
No comment Bungus I don't want to upset any one, but I understand you, I don't think you are missing a thing.
Did Ollerton Welfare have Grab a Grannie Nights?