Sunday, February 01, 2009

Snowy Sunday - 28F - 10mph wind

Today I am using two guest pictures, the one on the left an original drawing by Bob. It reminds me very much of the Marx brothers film Duck Soup
Please don't ask me why.

Or I could be confused with something by The Three Stooges.

It was a film where they went out duck-shooting. Definitely a case for 'nifty googler' but he will prolly be too busy. This 'work' business interfers far too much with life.

Anyway - Thank you Bob. Typically witty and beautifully drawn. The hippo has a wistful look, but happy enough. Or should I say 'hippy' enough.

n.b. herein may lie the answer to your 'blog comment title' problem. Send me a picture with your 'comment' thereon in text, and I can publish it !

Guest Picture 2 is Jill's amaryllis and in an e-mail she wonders about Y's reaction to the phallic symbol. Obviously Y has decided on a discreet silence. But your editor considers that, in phallic terms, it definitely looks like a 'before and after' depiction !

As you will gather from the title, it is chilly here to say the least, and we have a light covering of snow. Please see the picture on the right. The view from my bedroom window around 5.30pm. And it has snowed again since. Tomorrow morning will be interesting. My only commitment is my blood-test at 9.10am. And I don't have to make Snowmen for people these days.

I had a nice chat to David this morning and he sounds about fully back to his normal chipper self. He has done a full week at work but has been trying to leave at a reasonable 4/4.30pm rather than after 5.30pm which he had slid into. David is a conscientious young man and I am very proud of him. Also today is Brooke's birthday and she is going to use her birthday money on some acquisition for The Dolls House.

I hope Jill will forgive me but I have done a little work on her Amaryllis to brighten it. All the light was outside, leaving the plant itself a little under-exposed.

For main meal I cooked a beef-stew. Shin beef, swede, carrot, celery, mushrooms. And I managed to find fresh thyme in the garden - two bay leaves (not in the garden) and beef-stock. As I have commented before, its 'beef-stew ' if you are to eat it yourselves but the same meal served to guests miraculously becomes a 'beef-casserole'.

Aren't we Brits a strange race ?

David suggests that my yesterday's Triptych showing the changing sky at sunrise could perhaps qualify as an 'idea'. Number 6,332 in fact. Some of the tick-comments on Ephotozine were very complimentary about the idea of showing the progression one after the other. Ephotozine is a free online camera magazine, and one can have a portfolio of pictures which other members can comment on and give a tick to. Often if I'm not sleeping too well I can spend a happy hour looking at other people pics.

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne...... You did indeed rise from your sick-bed to be a loyal wife. Thank you for your comment. I am very pleased however that you have been wise and spent most of the day reading in bed and keeping warm. And I am glad you enjoyed the beef-stew so much. You paid me the genuine compliment of using your dessert spoon to finish off your gravy.

And thanks for doing the golden syrupp sponge-pudding and custard for pudding. Just what was called for on this bitterly cold day.

Fancy winning the village tote - again ! ...... We are clearly on the right side of the contribution/winnings table.

Jill ...... I suppose 7.30am must still seem like the middle of the night ! But I definitely think that, on a nice day, one can now notice a difference in day-length. Roll on the spring.

This evening we watched Rageh Omah in the series on Christianity. His subject was based on the Crusades. He made an excellent programme of it. I have always considered him a talented journalist. Rageh now works for Al Jazeera which I know Ray watches and listens to, in order to obtain a more balanced coverage of events in that part of the world rather than restricting oneself to BBC.

Re theatre seats. I can only think that the Victorians had smaller bottoms and shorter legs. Or they considered pain an essential accompaniment to culture.

Again, the info on your evacuation was most interesting. Y has told me how she used to come and see you when you were in Hospital with TB.

Reg ...... I for one don't know the whereabouts of the Antiques Roadshow watersplash.

But, here is the place to ask. If 'nifty googler' can't crack it I suspect that Y's pal Joan will probably know. I must remember to ask Y to enquire next time they enjoy a leisurely hours chat on the phone !

It is definitely a lady-thing isn't it. I speak to you on the phone at least once a week and it's usually 90 seconds max.


Quotation time ................

"Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business"

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"



jbw said...

Re the interest in the Antiques Roadshow "water-splash". Googling and other search engines did not seem to be able to provide any clues so I have tried going right to the top and have asked the BBC Antiques department. They have responded to my email saying that they will reply within 10 working days. Thinking about the BBC and their "working" days we might have an answer before Christmas. I will keep you informed.
The 10,000 seating capacity at the Arena is when they have a stage show and use the rink area as seating space,

Jill said...

Snow - we have masses of the stuff! No buses/trains/underground/post - but snow by the bucketful. Had to do a spot of snow-clearing (with help) before we could open electric gates to get out....and it has been snowing on and off all day, though I think the temp is just above freezing. Wait till tomorrow when it all freezes. Have taken some photos.

Saw a large fox carefully wading through the garden, snow up to his tummy, ran to get camera but he had gone.

I do hope your stew was enough for today, it sounds just the rib-sticking sort of meal we all need.

I do get up a bit earlier in the summer, but this weather I am staying put until the central heating has been on at least half-an-hour.

Didn't watch the Christians prog, watched Charles Darwin in HD, just realised we had it....there are 4 programmes on at 9.00 tonight I would like to see, now how often that does happen? Decisions, decisions....