Friday, February 27, 2009

Bed bound - Virgin still useless - Pictures


Today I am opening with Jill's bulbs because I haven't done anything photographic except produce this collage from Jill's e-mail. The main reason is a decision to stay in bed with my leg straight out down the bed - this has a tendency to ease things but I am left with the strange sensation that the limb is encased in plaster as if I'd broken it. editor - no more - because other peoples aches and pains can be as boring as holiday snaps.

The absolutely PROMISED tv remote, which was certain to arrive to day, didn't ! Surprise, surprise ! are all Virgins useless ?

Y has been in charge of the galley and we've had lovely food - vegetarian bakes, potato wedge and salad. Later, some attractive open cheese and lettuce sandwiches and I do hope that some pedant doesn't find it necessary to point out that if they were open they weren't sandwiches. Lots of tea and coffee goes without saying.

Also needless to say, I've listened to Radio 4 almost continuously but a little Radio 7 first thing. At 11am on R 4 was a snasher entitled Hair Spray and Harmony about a ladies' barbershop singing competition.

My ArtDaily newspaper was also full of interest. I reproduce this Picaso 'The Matador' for your enjoyment. If I am up to it I would very much like to visit the exhibition "Picasso: Challenging The Past" at The National Gallery till early June.

Also in ArtDaily is a video by Anthony Gormley who has had the bright idea for the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square. For 24 hours a day for 100 days volunteers will be invited to stand on the plinth. All will be filmed and he hopes thereby to create a snapshot of our times.

I don't know Anthony Gormley personally but he seems engaging and surprising normal for one so creative.

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne .....
Reg's explanation also probably has something to do with digital radio always being a few words ahead of analogue radio. Or is it the other way round ? Bob mentions the point further down.

A Feedback listener asked which time-signal was the correct one ? They had an 'expert' to explain but I couldn't understand what I was being told.

Bob ....
I can hardly bring myself to comment. I already know the meaning of decoupage, and I was trying to make a point about recouping energy.

Your cavalier attitude to computer security is not to be admired. Whilst enjoying your frisson of uncertainy, if you did download viruses, or spyware etc., you would expect Danny or someone else to sort it out for you. And all while something simple like SiteAdvisor is there, and FREE.

The fact that Danny hasn't recommended it is neither here nor there. WebUser forum people do, and I think that their accumulated wisdom and experience is probably sound.

Judgementals ...... I take your point about 'smileys'.. The word 'bungus' has a similar effect on some people. i.e Once they see it, they read no further. Pleased however to note that your comments no longer begin with you referring to yourself in the third person.

Reg .... Courteous young PCs have always existed. We were taught to be nice and polite to Mums and Dads and people who worked for a living, and as 'orrible as could be to criminals and louts.

Thanks for the report on the 'battle' and I'm glad Peter Cheetham did well. I think Helen thought him a little 'picky' - but he always has been. I well remember him going through a phase of doing exhibition prints which showed the film-edge ratchet holes. Never understood what that was all about.

Jill..... Glad you liked my Dick Barton link. I also remember the 'circus folk' serial. Y reminded me of a Dick Barton episode where they were trapped in a room when the floor and ceiling and walls were all coming together. And I could remember the episode but I'll be damned if I can remember how they got away - which they surely did !

Re Incredimail. I really do hope you haven't downloaded because the consequences can be far reaching. All seems well at first but after some months things start to go wrong, leading eventually to a crash. Here is the Wikipage about it, please click, scroll down to Controversy to read about the problems.

My solution, published in WebUser, was about Picasa 3 difficulties. If you still have problems why not telephone and I'll talk you through the 'fix it'.

Join the insomnia club ! No doubt at that time the bird would be a Robin - bless 'em - almost worth being awake for


Quotation time .................

"Art thou the bird whom Man loves best,
The pious bird with the scarlet breast,
Our little English Robin...."

William Wordsworth

We must go shopping tomorrow. Tracy coming for a meal.



Yvonne said...

Jill: I too heard a beautiful singing bird in the early hours - I wasn't actually suffering from insomnia (though I do) but finishing reading my book: Lee Child's 'Killing Floor'. A rather violent tale- when I recommend it to Steven, he'll say 'you're not like other mothers are you? .....' But I had to know how it ended.

Made 'Dick Barton' look like Janet and John books - although Terry Wogan is having a lot of fun with them on Radio 2 in the morning.

Anonymous said...

R and M0 write :-

G Tell Jill she will be able to listen to Jouyrney into Space. A brand new episode on April 12th Radio 4 'Frozen in Time' see with David Jacobs as Jet Morgan and presumably Doc 'Mitch' Mitchell and Lemmy Bartlett By other current personnel hope the sound effects are the same as before.Can't remember the circus one but Jouney into space was nearly as good as Dick Barton believe it was on for half an hour later in the evening.
Went to Durban house Bistro for lunch, as usual good. Broxtowe B.C.are acting like dictators, one of the staff is up for a disciplinary hearing for asking his local councillor, or leaving a message with his wife, "what he was doing to protect his job" So much for free speech!!
Had my blog entry for today so writing to the Editor.
Disgusted of Newthorpe Where was that from (disgusted of Tunbridge Wells) Round the Horn?

bob said...

Of course they were open sandwiches - or smörgås. Not my favourite.
I find:
"Smörgåsbord" is a word consisting of the words smörgås ("open faced sandwich") and bord ("table").
The word open faced sandwich, "smörgås" in turn consists of the words "butter" and "goose", (smör and gås).

Discovered from Corry last night - it is Lent.
I have given up kale.

I just thought ‘decoupage’ might be lodged in your memory (see my Dick Barton note below).
But pleased you already knew its meaning.

Yes, mea culpa, I do rely on you and Danny to ‘sort me out’.
When I can’t, I shall stop PCing.
So far, I have struggled through.

If you are pleased that I have dropped the Bungus I must be doing something wrong!
I shall recommence immediately (or not).

I think I must have the Dick Barton ‘floor/wall/ceiling’ episode imprinted.
It's always irritated because of the physical/mechanical impossibity (they’d get in each other’s way – but you knew that).

My wood-carving not intended to be realistic, much less any specific person. The General de Gaulle was serendipitous, if obvious.

Sorry you have problems with Picassa.

Enjoyed Man City’s performance and eventual victory.

Jill said...

G, I hope you are up and about and able to enjoy lunch with Tracy.

The Picasso Exhib. was discussed on NewsNight Review yesterday - their complaint was that other artists work was not on show alongside, you had to go to other galleries to see it.

'Journey into Space' - that was it, but I didn't stick with that one, it may have been past my bedtime? Yes, I remember the slowly-closing walls/floor/ceiling one, but like G can't remember how they got out - stopped the mechanisim somehow?

I took to A.Gormley too, he seemed very un-arty. There is a move afoot to get somebody knitting up there on that plinth....

Incredimail - I read that page and didn't really understand it, I'm afraid. Does it do any harm if it just stays there and I never use it? I have a friend who has had it for some time, sends me e-mails with pretty back-grounds and pictures on it, I think I asked her about it, that's how/why I got it.

May take you up on your Picasa offer, thank you.