Monday, February 02, 2009

Proper Snow - 31F - 8mph NE wind


Thanks for contributing your snowy pictures. I know I am having a little affair with Miss Collage at the moment but I'm quite keen. Above are pics from Brinsley, Burton Joyce, Chiswick and Boughton. Top left is Jill's 'Iced Stone Greyhound' - to me it looks like the air ventilation shaft to Ro's bunker and to the right is Lisa braving the arctic conditions to see to her bird-feeders. There's altruism for you ! Bottom right is from a miserable owd sod who asks "Who decided snow is attractive? " - Well, Y and I think it is anyway.

My unavoidable trip for my warfarin blood-test was safely out of the way before the snow storm began and when I returned I had the foresight to put out tomorrow's bin and close the gates. So neither of us has had to venture out again. Y is still not 100% but improving by the hour, and her appetite is better.

At lunchtime we watched David Attenborough's programme on BBC iPlayer about Charles Darwin. It was quite excellent and he is a role-model to demonstrate that the older gentleman can still 'cut the mustard'. The link above has an internal link so if anyone who missed it wants to watch it, there it is, just two clicks away. There were points about 'evolution' that have always worried me, like the human eye for instance ! But with some brilliant computer graphics he put our minds at rest.

My suggestion that Bob might like to submit his 'comments' in the form of pictures with text thereon attracted a very nice drawing which I feel I must share with you.

It is in fact an excellent likeness. Whatever else, he can certainly draw.

My responses to your previous comments

JBW...... You are to be congratulated on your persistence with the water-splash, which I feel sure will lead to a result ! Y hasn't had chance yet to ask her chum Joan who knows lots of things like that.

Also, we are at Mansfield Centre for the National Trust tomorrow evening for our monthly talk, and it is just the sort of thing someone there might know. The lecturer is Bill Clarke talking about Kedleston Hall.

So don't lose heart Reg - I've got agents working on it.

Jill ....... We can see/hear from the media that your Snow is much worse than ours. Here in the gentle Erewash Valley we seem protected from extremes of weather. But please send more pictures ! To capture a pic of your urban fox would be great and of much interest to our more far-flung readers.

Our 'rib-sticking stew' was indeed plenty for today too. There is perhaps a quarter of a pint of gravy left but I have already frozen it - to seed the next suitable meal. We can't waste gravy of that quality. It was a temptation to let it down abit and have some dumplings in it. But I am fat enough n'est ce pas ?

Re the Charles Darwin - I assume we are talking about the same prog - with David Attenborough ? See remarks above.

Re all your choices - didn't Reg say you can record more than one, while watching another. Trouble is then, finding time to watch them all. When video recorders were first invented I commented in an article that "we had just bought a machine to watch the television for us"......


Quotation time ......

"Wouldn't it be nice if our lives were like video-recorders and we could 'fast forward' through the crummy times"

I used to love Linus ? with his comfort blanket .... brilliant cartoons and a lovely man by all accounts.




bob said...

Bungus says:
‘UNI PROTEST ENDS’ said the R-Nottm headline and that’s por-Trent-ous enough for me.

When ego gets in the way you must alter it
(‘Bungus’ is my ‘alter-ego’, geddit?) but I shall restrict comment almost exclusively to the farfetched and surreal only.
(‘farfetched’ was a word frequently used by my mother to mean ‘highly unlikely’, often in the form ‘a bit farfetched’, ie ’slightly highly unlikely’).

Dickens had it right after all. Coincidence rules.
I have a bedside clock radio. When I woke and switched it on this morning the clock read
at the very same moment that the announcer said
‘A 45’

Stags were the only team of the Notts trio to gain points this weekend.
Pantyhers had a couple of good wins which I think takes them to 3rd in the table. (that should read ‘Panthers’, not ‘Pantyhose’).

PS. I thought I had posted this comment this morning. Perhaps I’ve forgotten how to do it!

Jill said...

Bob, a warm welcome back....The drawing from yesterday reminded me more of James Thurber than the Marx brothers.

G, that picture isn't my stone greyhound, it's the bird bath.....sent to show the depth of snow, it's about three foot six inches in height, in a circular bed. Perhaps I didn't send the greyhound one, I got in a muddle with them thanks to Picasa and exporting them.

I am hoping we can get out tomorrow, I have an appointment with a solicitor to discuss my claim when I fell (family pressure, they think I will do better) and we usually do the big shop on a Monday.

Yes, I meant the David A. programme on Darwin. I discovered we had the HD channels, managed to watch it in that format, it was startling. I don't think I'd like it when it is a lot of people, you can see too much detail, every spot and pimple, but great for natural history.

We haven't had any more snow so far, but it is frosty and icy outside. I will keep my eyes open for the fox.....

Rob said...

Welcome back Bob. Yes, indeed Panthers are now third in the table but the Steelers are well in the lead at the top. I like the drawing.

My mum used to talk about highly unlikely things being like s*** from China - far fetched.

Sadly I've failed to find any information on the watersplash at the start of Antiques Roadshow or duck hunting by the Marx Brothers or the 3 Stooges. I have a dim recollection of Chico Marx blowing a duck-sounding whistle in a film but that could have been any or all of them.

Keep warm folks.