Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tidy-up continues - 38F - warm ?


For today's lead picture we are indebted to Bob for this photo of British Sugar at Newark. Its painterly qualities appeal. Where the smoke drifts across the building you can see the impasto and the prominent brush-strokes. Well - you nearly can !

Apart from cooking another beef stew (its that sort of weather still 'innit?) my day has been preoccupied with the ongoing sort-out in my bedroom and office. This led to nearly an hour unblocking the shredder. But I am definitely making inroads. Hardly noticeable though to a naturally tidy person.

Picture 2 was from my 'WoW at Eakring portfolio' and is a self-portrait during a break from looking in the ice for faces. My heavyweight set of 'wheels' incorporate a seat which is great. The distance I can traverse is much longer than before but moderated by time constraints and exhaustion.

During a more-or-less sleepless night I read up on 'camera obscura' and related matters. Also my brain has started ticking with regard to the mooted 'Son of an evening with Rob and Graham' which some people would like us to do at EPS next year. Again the main theme would be the relationship between art and photography and I would like to cover the photographic links to "narrative paintings" and "conversation pieces". I was reading the current RPS journal around 3am and there was an early Woodburytype by Henry Peach Robinson which was a must to include. If you open the latter link, the influence of The PreRaphelites hits you....... OK... leave it now - Editor

My responses to your previous comments

Jill .... Thanks for explaining about the fox's lair, or should it be 'den' ? It is hardly a fox-hole is it ?

And sorry to hear about your boundary dispute. We really are lucky with our neighbours I think. But Chiswick sounds lovely, and IS so according to Y. I think we bumpkins know about it only from the Boat Race.

Yvonne ..... Well done with your Valentine Cards. Now I wonder who they could be from ? I got one. A lovely one with a heart on !

Bob ..... We must agree to differ about The Angel of The North. I cannot find any criticism to make of the piece except that I wish it were nearer because I would love to see it from different angles and different weather conditions and at different times of day etc...

Re Lawrence......... Here I suspect we agree more. Personally I prefer the poetry and the nature-writing to the novels which I have always found turgid creations - and I use the word advisedly. But I do like Durban House.

Reg ..... I think the Hucknall Welfare and Bilsthorpe Welfare 'effect' was common in most mining areas. These things happen amongst fit and generally well-off young people. And not-so young I fear.

You make excellent points about Durban House, and Exhibition space in Eastwood. One point being is that it is such good exhibition space. Oh what a shame it will be if it goes.

Glad Lizzie 4 Ticks got paid. Do you need an escort when you bank it ? I still do consultancy work.

Re..Ratting Cap ..... No, I don't think the expression is partiularly local, I've always understood the term to refer to a cap often tweed or corduroy, with the material stretching right forward and attached to the front of the peak. I had hoped to earn brownie points by posting an image - but I failed.

However, if you are looking for one I'm sure this firm can fix you up.


Quotation time ..... If I've not used this one before I shudd av !

"A Hospital is no place to be sick"

Sam Goldwyn

The link is to the intro to 'A song is born' and you jazz fans will love it.

"Catch you tomorrow"



bob said...

Bungus bowled over by the self-portrait.
You’re better looking than I thought!

Possible misunderstandings:
1) I would much rather have ‘The Angel…’ than not. But I’ve always thought the wings overlarge.
2) I think we should keep both Durban House and OBMW,

My ‘ratting cap’ of 1956 was made of lovat felt.
I abandoned it in the urinal at Saltergate, 1959 (Chesterfield v Mansfield).
‘Time, like an ever-rolling stream, bears all our hats away…”

I would happily watch ‘A Song is Born’ on CH4, mid-afternoon.
But some of the featured musicians (esp, Whiteman and Goodman) are now less highly reckoned by jazz aficianados,.
Danny Kaye also starred in ‘The Five Pennies’ as Dixieland cornettist Red Nicholls.

“Beware the fury of a patient man.” John Dryden
(that sums up my dad to a T).

Jill said...

Why do you need a special cap for ratting? I had never heard of a ratting cap......

It is only the one neighbour we have a dispute with - our house is in the middle of a square of houses, approached by a long drive - we have - I think - nineteen other properties backing on to the garden. They all have long gardens, our garden is about 200 ft. long, so we rarely see each other. One builder built all the houses in the 1930s, then built a house for his son in the middle, and it is written into the other people's deeds that they are responsible for all the fences - we don't have a single one.

We watched Nottingham's finest last night - Torvill and Dean - R is watching the ice-dancing right now, but doesn't appeal to me the way Strictly did. And I want to watch Jeremy Paxman, I always liked Victorian paintings - every picture tells a story.

I cooked a Tesco's NZ rack of lamb at lunch time - very good it was, about half the price of M & S.

I thought the first photo actually was a painting at first glance!

Yvonne said...
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