Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WoW at Duke's Wood Eakring - 34F

Although the weather was still 'raw' there was some sun this morning and a decision was made to go to Duke's Wood at Eakring where the 'nodding donkey' oilfield is, or was.

Although a fun day out, perhaps we went at the wrong time of year. But we had lots of laughs and all together we mustered 8 wow-ers. For some reason Mike is missing from the picture on the left - don't know where he had got to.

Supporting the notice board on Reg's left were some cut-out badgers and I suspect that Helen's determined approach indicates she has spotted them too. The picture of them, on the right is courtesy of Reg. They are very effective I think.

I guess everyone captured a few pictures and I spent some time searching for patterns in the ice, of which there were plenty.

In this one I can see an elephants head with the trunk slightly raised. And I am quite ready for a chorus of "I can't see anything at all like an Elephants Head" but then, I am perhaps possessed of an over-active imagination.

As usual I persuaded 'the chaps' to walk off ahead and leave me, contentedly, with my wheels (which have a seat). With my flask of coffee I walk abit, sit abit, snap abit. But they don't really like to do it. Because they are such nice people they are concerned about my welfare and I have to be quite firm to get them to be off and enjoy their walk

It was also nice to know that we were in Rob's thoughts and he was kind enough to send me the picture on the right. He had a business meeting in Kettering and thought he had found proof that we WoW-ers had been there earlier and started vandalising the place !

As if ! Far from being 'reprobates' as he described us our style is more SAS with a hint of MI5 and Crime Squad.

Anyway, to return to today. I hadn't been at all cold while out and about in bleakest Eakring but when we arrived for our Chip-Cob at The Bird-in-Hand at Blidworth I started to chill out, as they say.

The pub just didn't seem as warm as it should have been. We had a warm welcome as usual, and the chip-cobs were fine, but I started to freeze. I nearly had to ask the chaps to walk me about, against the risk of sleep and hypothermia.

My responses to your previous comments

JBW.... The Photoshop 'merge' method for old maps sounds a very useful tool. So often one needs to know how an area 'was' in older times. My Vodafone 'dongle' allows me instant internet access (I used it successfully this morning) in most places. Some parts of wildest Derbyshire have defeated it, but not many. And of course broadband internet is even handier than old maps.

Jill .... Perhaps you are right about cotoneaster berries needing to ripen. Maybe they are like a mature Stilton or a Camembert. Brussel sprouts do indeed benefit from a frost. So does celery, or it used to.

'Dancing at Laughansa' defeated me, and google too. I'm sure we shall hear more.

Lower Marsh sounds most interesting. And it obviously has some with-it people who have designed the linked website. The internal links are set out like little shops on a street. Great fun ! Unfortunately I couldn't find IKnitLondon there but I succeeded in finding its own website.

Bob..... You were quite right about Eakring. Shame about the Museum being shut - but you can't get the staff you know.....

I haven't a glib answer to your serif/non-serif point. does some strange things but usually it is so user-friendly I forgive the occasional glitch. As with Picasa 3. I suppose with free, easy going software there must be a certain tolerance.

You are right about the nostalgia associated with ironmongers shops. There was that unmistakeable aura. And those brown overall coats the staff wore.

Yvonne ..... Margaret M's grandson is certainly doing well isn't he ? You are right about the 'breakfasts' too. It will be fun when Hannah comes for her sleep-over. Computer-wise we shall learn lots.

Rob .... Thanks for explaining the Ikea bill to Bob. Age-related you know !

And thanks for bringing the Sports Desk up to date.

I'm sure you are right about the loss-leader nature of Ikea breakfasts. But, as a trading strategy it works. After 'breakfast' folks are surely going to browse. And Ikea design stuff is so attractive one is unlikely to emerge from the store empty handed.


"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"

I've nicked this new ending-line from Manxislander's website !


bob said...

Bungus beholds the Elephant's Head.
Did you spot it before taking the snap?

I cannot go any longer without cursing your irritating ‘abit.
Putit down to the irascibility ofage.

Keeping pubs warm enough can be difficult and very costly.
At the Durham we used to hand out blankets.

Parsnips also (used to) benefit from frost. But the all-year-round ones available now taste fine to me AND they do not need the core removing.

Now the comment has appeared en blog it IS non-serif – unlike its appearance when posted.
But I wasn’t complaining, just puzzled (as I obviously was when misreading the VAT).

DIY shops and builders’ merchants just aren’t the same as Hamyer & Copeland or Blake & Beeley before 1960, are they? There was still a brilliant one in Radford in the 1980s – although it had diversified.

I wouldn’t dare buy Sandra a present from Fat Boys (the nearest Ollerton has to Ikea). I’m playing safe and taking her to lunch.

VAT – mea culpa; my misreading!

Yvonne said...

I can see the elephant very clearly and it's usually me that can't!

Jill said...

I am sure the fresh air (euphenism for 'cold') and company was beneficial, but do remember you are not moving around like the others, we don't want your fingers or toes or any other bits dropping off from frost bite, do we?

Lovely badger cut-outs.

Cluff Towers is obviously the five-star place to go to for one's breakfast!

Was interested to see the Lower Marsh web-site, didn't know about it, and I don't know why IKnitLondon is not on it. I will ask Gerard next week, perhaps he doesn't know about it either....

R loves old-fashioned ironmongers too, I think they are almost extinct? We have a chain called Robert Dyas, probably the nearest thing, but they employ WOMEN in green overalls, not right at all (in R's book).

Y, you are lucky getting a Valentine present - the day passes unnoticed here! Many moons ago I bought a heart-shaped cake tin, iced the cake pink, R asked why the cake was a funny shape....but whatever you get I hope it doesn't involve too much DIY.

Jill said...

PS - am I allowed to add I can see the elephants head - and his sort of rolling eye?

Reg said...

It appears that Broxtowe B.C. have decided to close Durban House with out public consultaion or notice. It is to be confirmed at the Cabinet meeting next week. The staff are not allowed to say any thing. David will probably be allowed to stay open. We did not see him so did not get his version.
I am sure there will be some form of protest. Eastwood is again losing out. But Durban house is losing money so must go despite any loss of facilty or service. I understand it brings approaching 100,000 visiors a year to the district which must bring some income to the town. Watch this space.

jbw said...

One of the best local (relatively0 iron-mongers is Bennetts at Derby.

Pete (mannanan) said...

I spotted the elephant's head straight away. Glad the line could be of some use. thanks for your visit to my site and comments. Keep up the good work. regards to Y.


Tradesmen said...

Looks beautiful where is Eakring i'd love to visit.