Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday off - Y done washing - I cooked a Chilli

A collage showing the late afternoon sun and a selection of birds throughout the day. We also had Great Tits and Long Tailed Tits but I wasn't quick enough.

I did a Chilli for lunch from my ancient Toshiba microwave book. I don't microwave it though - it goes in the normal oven - but the basic recipe is good. Y likes a hot Chilli so I make them as hot as I can stand and then it will be OK. Today's earned praise and, as I started with 500gms of mince instead of 450grms I upped the other quantities accordingly. There will be plenty for tomorrow and a couple of portions to freeze. Y has had a busy day down at the river with the washing. I offered to take her in the car but she said if I did that she would lose face with the other ladies.

We have just watched The Genius of Photography BBC 2. A new series. There has been one before with the same name I think. It was quite good although I thought rather disjointed in places and too much messing about with stage sets and computer manipulation. The programme reinforced my opinion that 'record photography' or 'vernacular photography' as the presenter called it is more important long term than 'pictorialism'. I fear that long after the best pictorial efforts of camera club members have been binned by their offspring their point&shoot family snapshots will have longevity in family collections, not to mention importance to future historians.

Chuck Close was briefly interviewed and maybe we shall see him again in future episodes. I mention him because I intend to include photorealism in my part of the 'Son of an evening with Rob and Graham' next EPS year.

I'm looking forward to my Sunday morning chat with David and hearing all about the Center Parcs holiday. Everybody seems to be going away, Reg and Maureen, Rob and Elaine and I think that, without intending to be rude to Roy and other WoW members, I might have a rest this week and try to recoup some energy.

My responses to your previous comments

Reg .... Thanks very much for the emu-oil website. Ha Ha ! A nodding Emu would be a lovely idea. I'm sure Rod Hull could arrange it for us. Who of us old timers will ever forget his interview with Parkinson ?

Bob .... You really must stop going round the county threatening to 'have a pint in that pub' if it's having such a disastrous effect.

The David solution of a massive handout to stimulate trade does seem to have caught on doesn't it. I suppose its Keynsianism in a different coat.

Lizzie 4 Ticks ... Your mangle sounds very photogenic. Please send a picture when it looks in a good light.

I think I really have got to try Emu Oil. Sometimes these weird concoctions actually work. Debra once brought back a tiny tin of Tiger Balm all the way from China and it was brilliant ! Unfortunately we used it all up ages ago and I had though it now to be a banned product. Then I googled Tiger Balm and according to this website its still available. Perhaps it no longer uses real tigers.


Quotation time ......

"In waking a tiger, use a long stick"

Mao Tse-Tung

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"


Yvonne said...

I used to have a mangle on my hand-agitated (honestly) washing machine. It was absolutely marvellous at squeezing water out of the clothes - living in a flat at the time with two babies and no garden, it was a godsend.

Jill said...

Yvonne, I remember those washing machines! I had one very briefly, then we had a Rolls twin tub one, I thought I was in heaven, but then realised that the spin dryer did not actually perform as well as the mangle!

4 ticks, I get the impression that you are enjoying seeing your mother's mangle slowing rotting away.....

G, I am glad the mitts are OK as regards colour, I only had bits and pieces of that yarn left, hence the two-tone. You may notice a little refinement I made - the thumb actually has a bit of knitting, instead of just being a hole? Someone complained (and they won't be getting another pair) that the hole where the thumb went was too big and let in cold air.

Tiger Balm is still available, I have seen it around, though of course cannot remember where? Emu oil, that's a new one on me, would be a bit sceptical....

I went out with friends to a yarn shop owned by an old friend in the wilds of Surrey, we organised ourselves to get on the same train at different stations, lots of texting to find each other...We were made very welcome, cake and Cava provided, and a day of gossip, chat, knitting enjoyed by all. I got back very tired, but well-worth the effort.

Talking to friends yesterday about these silicone handles, she has a baking dish for muffins that is silicone, that goes in the oven at around 190 and that has been fine? So I will give it a go, having carefully kept the label off the saucepan and the bill.....I paid £7.99 for the larger one, there was a John Lewis label underneath the TK-Max one for £15.99. They don't usually buy in sub-standard stuff.....

bob said...

Like the collage but not sure what top centre bod is.
It looks about blackbird size?

I also watched much of The Genius of Photography (followed by Freddie Mercury biog and Queen concert, then MoD).

Think you’re right about importance of record photos but more buildings and crowd scenes than people in posed groups (unless relatives).

Emu oil sounds good but you might never fly again.

My mother also had a washing machine such as you describe. Green it was.
When she had tennis elbow my dad had to agitate it and it was not long before she had a twin tub.
But I also remember a ‘proper’ independent mangle on the back yard.