Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Definitely warmer - 50F - More jobs 'sorted' - WebUser

When my WebUser magazine arrived this morning I was honoured to see the editor had chosen a solution of mine to a problem aired on the forum. However the last sentence had vanished. I had reassured readers that Picasa 3 would quickly find all their pictures, even though they had chosen not to save their database, and they wouldn't be 'lost'.

I'm sure folks will work it out anyway - if not they will appear back on the forum.

Y had an appointment at her usual hairdressers in Eastwood and, while she was there, I did a few jobs. One was to buy a cheapo 24 frame, 200 ISO, film for my Nikon 35mm camera so I can have a further mess-about with my pinhole lens.

When we arrived home I tackled several outstanding computer jobs - none of which presented any problems.

Another pleasant job was to take some more snaps of 'the orchid' but I don't think I can improve on the first one which Brian S.. liked so much. I rang Helen C hoping to get a picture from yesterday's WoW but she hadn't gone either due to her dog being ill.

Arising from a comment of Jill's (could have been an e-mail to Y) that they had a daffodil out, I took this snap just outside our back door and in a couple of days we shall have one out too.

I forgot to tell you something yesterday which happened en route to Y's 'nails' appointment.

In Rise Park there were lots of police-officers pulling people into lay-bys and checking them over. A courteous young PC noticed I wasn't wearing a seat belt. I had to drive a few yards round the corner into some parking spots where Y took my 'Certificate of Exemption' over to another equally courteous young PC who glanced at it and said OK. Never been asked for it before but I'm glad I had it with me. The big problem was finding it in my wallet - yet another thing which needs a tidy and a cull.

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne ..... Very good for the 'junior reporter' on The Sports Desk. However, WebUser's 'Emanuelle' (who incidentally is a male Carabiniere in Milan) says the real big match is tonight. Chelsea v Juventus - but before you ask I have no idea how you can watch it. The link is to the BBC page about it. You will be wanting Sky soon.

That the Radio commentary was a millisecond or so before the TV action either means that Radio commentators are possessed of the gift of prescience or, more likely, the telly coverage is a little slower. I don't think that it came from Milan was relevant at all.

Jill ..... I feel sure, now you've told us more about it. that your facial pain will eventually just fade away. Does sleeping on that side make it worse when you wake up. ? Is it more sensitive to touch or does it just linger ?

Re these pains in general, I think the original Magwitch analogy is still relevant. I can be fine then ouch ! - it suddenly hits me.

We didn't have the traditional WoW-type chip-butty at home. We had a small M&S steak pie between us, with mashed potato, carrots and spring greens (prolly my favourite of all winter greenstuff) with lashings of gravy. Followed by rice-pudding with, in my case, a big dollop of raspberry jam in the middle.

Bob .... Pleased to hear about your woodcarving and thanks for the snaps. I think the effect of wielding those chisels and mallets must be exquisite pain, to be enjoyed rather than suffered. Especially as, as you say, it will go off.

I take your point about 'spray-on' oil - but it doesn't sound as much fun.

Talking of viruses - there's a scare doing the rounds click here to see that this one, headed either 'Postcard' or 'Postcard from Hallmark', is in fact a hoax - whatever it may say about being checked out in Snopes etc. It hasn't. What pleasure do people get out of scaring folks to death like this ? I simply googled the subject heading and the link I have given you was the result. But folks simply don't check - they just forward it round to everybody with 'shock/horror' implications.

Pete (Mannanan) .....Glad you enjoyed the Rooney quote and the Johnny Walker link. Please feel free to use them on your own site. Basically, unless I say otherwise, you are free to use anything you find on Radiogandy. Obviously I can't give you permission to use other people's snaps because they own the copyright.

Mostly though I'm sure that, if you ask, via me, they will say it's fine. Rob however sells many of his images so I am particularly careful with his stuff.


Quotation time ...... I love this one. It is vaguely reminiscent of Ben Whitaker's -
"Freemasonry is the mafia of the mediocre" ......

"Conceit is God's gift to little men"

Bruce Barton

Y is off to her usual Burton Joyce date tomorrow and has already spoken to Lisa. Millicent was overjoyed that Grandma would be collecting her from Windmill. They will all have a lovely day. Y will be tired when she returns but, as she says, 'happy tired'.

I shall mess-about and I've already decided to give EPS a miss tomorrow evening. It is the first leg of a competition with Ilkeston camera club. Although they can be good fun, I'm better cossetting myself at home. Helen C is going to tell me all about it anyway.

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorow"



Yvonne said...

As a Chelsea fan, of course the real big match was Chelsea v Juventus (won by Chelsea 1:0). You're right - I might be thinking of Sky Sports, especially if the BBC loses Wimbledon coverage!

But it was lovely seeing Jose Mourinho last night (now manager of Inter Milan) looking as suave and handsome as ever!

bob said...

Recently watched ‘Pickup on South Street’.
Beautifully photographed film noir (et blanc) starring Richard Widmark who had by this time
(1953) established sleazebag dominance over Dan Duryea.

Met old colleague for lunch at the White Post.
Enjoyed fish, chips & mushies and the ‘craic’.

After early Picassa 3 problems (resolved by reloading Picassa 2 and running them concurrently) things now seem to have settled down.
I am still exceedingly impressed.

I am pretty sure the millisecond ’gap’ in reception is difference between ‘radio waves’ and ‘digital’.
But you will know more about the technicalities than I do.

I am no great fan of ‘greens’ (I could do without cabbage and brussels for evermore and consider kale decidedly unpleasant).
But I do like ‘brussel tops’, ‘turnip tops’ and ‘purple sprouting’.

Agree about hoax viruses.
But I suspect one problem is that most people don’t know how to check veracity which leads them to play safe by forwarding to all.

“We’re all endowed with certain God-given talents. Mine happens to be punching people in the head.”
That Sugar Ray Leanard quote reminds me of your (modest) saying that the one thing you were good at was throwing people out of pubs.

Jill said...

Those orchids look fluorescent....not sure if that is good or bad!

Bob, with you on not knowing how to check veracity of e-mails re viruses. Your Sandra's take' - my gran used to say 'an ounce of help is worth more than a pound of pity'. Similar?

'Happy Tired' is fine in my book - and yes, I am better. I had one of thos 48 hr. tummy up-sets, you feel rotten but doesn't last long.

Bonb again, I wishes you lived nearer yesterday - Son asked me if I wanted two sheep's hearts. liver and kidneys, all fresh from butcher, he had had to buy them for his daughter to photograph for her Art GCSE (don't they do funny things nowadays?) and didn't want them - neither did I! I reember my gran stuffing hearts for my grandad, Mum liked liver and bacon, which I sometimes cooked for her. I used to put kidneys in with steak, but the children and R would carefully pick it all out, so I stopped. But I bet you could have made several meals from yesterday's offerings!

Face - if it hurts, it hurts no matter how I lie or what I do. I can put my finger on a tender spot and prss and it makes me jump, so I don't do it! I've now got all the forms for the small claims court, it will cost me £45 to do which I get back if I win.

Reg said...

Radio and Electronics is Black Art to me but in simple mechanical terms is the time differance because the digital signal goes up to the stallite and down again, were as the radio wave is direct, both signals travel at the same speed (i.e the speed of light?) We are back from holiday both having had stomach problems
no one else in the hotel had any problems so where we got it from is a mystery.