Monday, February 23, 2009

Blood Test - Brocolli & Stilton Soup - 49F still chilly


Y's snowdrops look great but the hearts-ease and the purple crocuses are struggling abit.

Started the day with a 'fasting' blood test at 8.30am and then I did a mini shop at The Co-op because I'd decided to make Broccoli & Stilton soup for one meal and we also needed tea and coffee etc. In Paul's £1 shop I got things I needed. One thing was a pack of 3 x shorthand note books (for a £1) - excellent value and very nice ones too, with a built in rubber-band to mark one's place. For lunch we had double egg and chips with our favourite stewed mushrooms. Delicious. The Y did Bananas & Custard for pudding. Again - delicious.

The Telegraph crossword is completed except for an across clue in the bottom left corner. Something about a container ship ? I can't be more specific because the papers have gone to the bin and its too cold to retrieve it. Now there is a boring story for you !

The kitchen window-sill panorama was achieved by moving the camera along the row rather than swivelling it and I've learnt something. The method doesn't work as well, and I shall do them the old way in future. In any case the snap doesn't do the sunlit basil justice.

The Christianity episode was probably the best of the series so far. Written and presented by Prof. Colin Blakemore he mounted his atheist argument with more tolerance and less abrasiveness than Richard Dawkins.

Later in the evening we both enjoyed Jeremy Paxman about the Victorians and their Art. The Telegraph have been rather too critical of him I feel. But we certainly take no notice of many 'critics' who feel they must find something to knock ! There are honourable exceptions like Charles Spencer in the Telegraph.

The general thrust of the programme was fine we thought, but for me, the presentation of the Art was occasionally too gimmicky and often showed not the full canvas but some computer-manipulated bits of it. Distracting. This evening we aim to watch him in the final of University Challenge and are most interested to see Gail Trimble.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob.... I took no offence. When I do I shall tell you - as you well know. 'Groundnut Oil' would seem to be most appropriate.

Linseed oil is for cricket bats I seem to remember. Glorious smell and so reminiscent of England and Grammar Schools.

Jill .... Glad you enjoyed the bird collage. I really like the 'collage' idea - it is so easy in Picasa 3. The system is good, in my opinion, for a round-up picture of something one has been doing, where 6 separate pictures for instance would be tedious.

I'm sure you are right about the efficacy of rubbing-in rather than swallowing. But, even with external use of many things, my warfarin causes a problem. We are lucky to have a pharmacist just round the corner who carefully checks out anything I fancy having a go with.

The Sissinghurst programme does sound interesting and maybe I can find it on BBC iplayer. The NT know from experience, the sort of nosh which is popular in their restaurants, and will I think insist on the last word in the matter.

Yvonne .... Thanks for you on-blog sympathy with my aches & pains. I feel rather better today, as you will have realised.


Quotation time .................

"Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river"

Nikita Khrushchev

Another smiley that took my eye



Jill said...

I am sorry about your aches and pains - does that mean no WOWing tomorrow? I think it is a good ides to change doctors now and again - they have different approaches to things, like hair-dressers!

That looked suspiciously like an amaryllis on your window sill, but when enlarged I think it is a hyacinth. My amaryllis growing at the odd angle is in full flower, different to last year's, I think it is a double-petalled variety. We have the first daffodils out, in pot by front door, slightly sheltered. The snowdrops look splendid I've never had much luck with them. Do have some violas out, though, again by front door.

Enjoyed University Challenge last night, Grace Trimble came storming through at the finish. At the start I wondered if she had been got at, she was so quiet! I saw her interviewed this morning on tv, she came over very well, both her parents are scientists and she said 'took them on interesting holidays'.

I went to doctor yesterday, face could take six months to settle down, and for bone to heal. 'At your age' implied but nor spoken....

bob said...

We too now have a respectable drift of snowdrops (and one crocus).

More Tesco reduced bargains on Sunday.
250gm ‘Finest’ Leaf Tea (very good) and 125gm ‘Finest’ Assam (excellent) at 50p each!

I’d try to help with the crossword, but…

Linseed oil. Lateral thinking; cricket – bat – balls.

Newark & Sherwood District Council are aiming to appoint a contractor to lop remaining trees in hedge asap.
If I am given a date, I shall try to appoint GT Marsden, Esq, BA (Humanities), LRPS as honorary official photographer!
I expect my neighbour will once again climb a holly and, as stepson Dan said last time, doubtless feel a bit of a prick.

I remember that Ibuprofen Gel worked very well when I had ‘fast-bowlers’ heel’.
Sorry about your cheek. Doctors must think old folk have nothing better to do but sit around healing.

Unaware Gail Trimble being criticised until I heard comment on Radio Nottm this morning.
I agree with them and you; it is unfair.
Terrific final.