Friday, February 06, 2009

Snow still with us - 34F - NW wind

Yesterday evening I ventured out to photograph the Witch Hazel (Hamamelis) which is managing to flower in these adverse conditions.

David said all that needed to be said really in his blog comment. When you consider that his mum and I were divorced as long ago as 1966 I was surprised how much her death knocked me sideways. Memories of when we were very young flooded back.

Y, who I didn't meet until many years after the divorce, was stalwart in her support and said and did all the right things. As David says we must now move on.

In the middle of the night two days ago I contrived to order the same book twice from Amazon and they e-mailed me to say that both had been dispatched in the same delivery. Their returns policy however is as slick as the rest of the operation. So, unless any reader would like a copy of Jeff Carlson's book about Photoshop Elements 7 for a small fee I aim to send it back tomorrow. I say a small fee because I'll have to pay postage to send it back anyway.

During the snow I have tried several times to capture some snow-flakes actually falling. The picture on the left is the pick of the bunch. Unsurprisingly I suppose, in my hands anyway, the old Casio Compact produced a more intelligible shot than my Nikon D80.

To quote what an elderly Sgt once said to me - "Pc Marsden, you'd best leave that to them what understands that sort of job"

The panels of projected images were judged last night but I'm assuming I didn't do very well or I think someone would have rung me. Ah well !

Betty next door went into the City Hospital for her knee operation on Wednesday and all went well according to Derek. He doesn't expect her home much before next Tuesday or Wednesday and he joined us at lunchtime for our regular Fish & Chips and mushy-peas. Followed by Sponge Pudding and Custard. All healthy stodge for this winter weather. We enjoyed having him and, all being well, he is to join us for Sunday lunch too.

My responses to your previous comments

I don't think there are any blog-comments outstanding which need a response from me. If there are please post a 'comment' letting me know.

The way Yvonne popped into the editorial chair was a great help.

Quotation time ...... This I like ....

"Only the mediocre are always at their best."

Jean Giraudoux

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"



KevinB said...

Well I would say that the quality was high,I came in second again, seems to be a position I have dominance over hehe. Obviously I need to improve quickly as I have Helen close behind again.

I can assure you that you did make a show in 3rd place but was unintentional on your part, someone will explain I am sure.

Jill said...

Welcome back to blogging.

I was just thinking how many of the spring flowers were yellow, and you put on another one, the witch-hazel. My grandfather had a marvellous specimen, he told me it was called witch-hazel because of the twisted branches/twigs, it had been cursed by a witch to grow crooked.....

All our main roads are snow-free, just the gardens have a bit left. Today it has drizzled/rained/sleeted all day, and been cold and raw. May be in trouble tonight if the wet pavements freeze.....

I read in the D.Telegraph that people living in Surbiton, Wimbledon and Kingston have not had any mail delivered since Saturday - feeble or what? More grit needed.....

bob said...

… those who have welcomed him back so cordially.

Glad you can now move on, Graham.

I don’t dislike the snowflakes picture but it reminds me somewhat of the view through the window of a 3rd class carriage on the Doncaster/Leeds line. Sorry!

Sandra’s ‘bestest friend’ Hilary’s partner Jack has been in hospital with respiratory problems for about a week now and Hilary phoned an hour ago to say that she has been summoned to his bedside.
That, on top of many other recent occurrences, makes me feel like one of the cast of ‘Survivors’ (or someone who came through Rorke’s Drift or Custer’s Last Stand) surrounded as I am by debility, death and destruction.

"Only the mediocre are always at their best." reminds me of a regular at the Durham Ox.
I remarked that a particular darts' player was ‘not as good as he used to be', to which Dave replied
“I’ve NEVER been as good as I used to be.”

Doesn’t witch hazel came in 2 varieties, the straight and the crooked?

More grit? True Grit perhaps? a touch of the John Waynes.

Anonymous said...
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Helen C said...

It's good to see the blog back again.

I agree with Kevin about the quality of pictures in last night's competition. The judges were fulsome in their praise of your misty morning pic but they had reservations about the others. Roger was the well-deserved winner while Reg and I tied for 3rd place because the judges thought we both had one duff picture! I was forced to agree that my attempt at a close up wasn't impressive but it was the best I could manage. I have a suspicion that Roger had an unfair advantage - a macro lens!!