Sunday, October 29, 2006

Very Mild Day - Quiet Sunday

Picture 1 is of some UFOs which I spotted over Sherwood while looking out of TJ's window on Friday evening. Fortunately I had my camera ! And all on non-alcoholic Ame. An excellent do though and David, who looked very cool in a dark maroon suit, slipped me a tenner. He had sold an old Pentax SLR body for me, and some bits, to a chap on the market who, in my opinion, has more money than sense. Unless he feels there will be a resurgence in demand for non-digital SLRs. Alan, to whom I had chatted about the nonsense speed-limit on the A610, e-mailed me some copy corres. he had received from officialdom on the subject. Aren't young people nice?

Picture 2 is my trusty artichoke seed-heads which I snapped with flash on my return. They have served us well and before they go rotten I intend to cut some and see how they look indoors as dried flowers.

I haven't heard of, or seen them so used before - we might start a trend.

It has been so mild today, 14c in Nottingham, though it felt warmer in the sun, and Y did some cutting back and I sprayed the patio with weed-killer. The rest of the time I have been sorting out self-inflicted computer wounds. I decided to upgrade to Firefox 2 and lost my Yahoo and Google toolbars. I tried everything, even system-restore back to dates when I knew the old browser was functioning fine. No good. In the end I had to uninstall it all and start again. It is OK now so I have created a quick restore point for today, as a hedge against future problems. A classic example of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Firefox 1.5 was fine and, to be honest, I can't see any glaring advantage to 2.5.

On Saturday morning the llamas were in the field and the donkeys weren't. I suppose that as, I believe, llamas live in Tibet, they are hardier than I expect.

If this seems a little terse it is because I have had to write it twice. is playing up again (loads of people have been complaining and it's made the international computer press). It simply said "Could not connect to Saving and publishing may fail". And it did. I'm beginning to think that Bungus's method of writing in Word, and then copy/paste might have a role to play in my Blogging.

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bungus said...

UFOs hunting in packs now? I did say no good would come of it.

I thought the Sunday air chilly up here, in the far north, although it was very pleasant in the sun. But is it not out of season? I know you don’t believe in global warming but …

Re working in Word (as I am doing now) and copy/paste – surely I have to be right about something eventually? All right, such modesty ill becomes me, so “I did try to tell you!”. And could I be right in thinking that many of your computer wounds are self inflicted? Some might say that a man of 71 should not be so rash in his thrill seeking.