Sunday, October 15, 2006

Quiet Sunday - 13C - Going to get cooler

Yet another sunrise folks. Eventually I shall become bored with them I suppose, but not yet. The thought always occurs "I've lived to see another day - I might as well enjoy it". A further theory, following the spiders and their webs yesterday, is that it seldom rains at dawn. This one is better supported, from years of working 'nights' out of doors, on the 'beat'. If there
are any policemen outside at dawn at the moment I would be surprised, and double-crewed in a car, you would scarcely notice.

People's 'comments' yesterday were very interesting. Fancy Jill going to the top of The Sears Tower and then not daring to savour the view! When girls, she and Yvonne must have been scared/scarred by the same experience. We were in the Isle of Man once and Y got 'stuck' half way up the Laskey Wheel, not daring to go either up or down. Eventually she had to move because she was blocking the way for a group of kids and her matriarchal instincts overcame her fear.

And don't believe Bungus's modesty about his wood-carving. The 'Easter Island' head which now lives in hs garden is excellent and always reminds me of an Elizabeth Frink. Next time I go to Boughton I will take my Nikon and return with bloggable pictures. Subject of course to his permission! I'm not a member of the 'paparazzi' or however they are spelled. Which reminds me of 'Spelt' - a non-wheat flour which might fit in for Sandra's bread-lust but wheat- intolerance. It has a good history because the Romans were very keen on it.

Helen is still under-the-weather and David still suffering. Sometimes his collarbone aches if he has his sling on and then aches if he takes it off. He has to go to the fracture clinic on Thursday and I can help by providing transport. I know they would cope without me, but it's nice to be able to do something constructive.

The last picture is basically published for Pete's (Manxislander) benefit. He has said how much he misses canals. This is from Carrington Street, Nottingham about two hundred yards from the main Railway Station. No narrow-boats I'm afraid - he will have to do with the reflections of the buildings and things. They appealed to me because the water was so still and the light was so clear.

Re back-up photo storage, Bungus has suggested what may be the best answer of all - an external hard drive, which is the method favoured by two of his friends. He is obtaining for me 'further and better particulars' as the lawyers say.

Catch yer termorra..................


bungus said...

You are right. I am no habitual early riser but it is usually fine ‘fost off’.

I can understand Jill absolutely, being something of an acrophobic myself – I am scared by the Heights of Abraham or any suspension bridge. And yet I used to go up 30’ ladders without even a wall behind them (viz, to arches supporting the roof of the Riding School at Thoresby Hall before it became a theatre), no trouble.

Despite RadioG’s praise, the head is crude and unfinished, which I am happy to believe gives it a certain charm. Take a photo by all means but I’ll send one to be going on with.
And yes, thanks, Sandra has already discovered spelt and finds it very acceptable. I won’t mention the Romans though.

Like the canal pic. So many warehouses look better than more ‘important’ buildings (eg County Hall). ‘Honesty’ is the word which comes to mind; ‘Form Follows Function’ or, as Corbusier said, I think with the same idea in mind, ‘A house is a machine for living in.’ (he said it in French, of course, being Swiss).

Pete said...

Thanks for the canal pic, reminded me a lot of the Birmingham canal system with the old factories and wharfs. Not a lot of people know this but there are more miles of canals in Birmingham than Venice....I can understand Y getting stuck half way up the Laxey wheel as at this point you have to duck to get under the connector rod.Believe it or not I don't like heights at all but will climb these things and look out. The Laxey wheel isn't that high in the realm of things but the view and where it's built make it seem a lot highjer. Certainly one of the gems of th IOM.