Thursday, October 26, 2006

Burton Joyce - Mansfield - Eastwood

The Liquidamber has also decided that 'the fall' is upon us. As distinct from yesterday's sumac one can plant this anywhere with confidence, and provided you obtain a dwarf one (max about 8 feet) they are no trouble at all. Pleasant green foliage from Spring onwards and delightful colours in the Autumn. The full-size ones are magnificent but can reach 80 - 100 feet. No lawn-invasions; no diseases or creepy-crawly infestations. At least WE haven't had any in over 10 years.

Good news on the blood-level front. Reading nearly within permitted range and no test till Nov.6th - the day after the new date for Y's white-water-rafting.. The people rang Tracy to tell her that tomorrow wasn't going to be possible because the course is flooded! Don't ask - because I don't know the answer.

Y went to Burton Joyce as normal and I delivered her to the tram and then did some shopping. Messed about and then went to Mansfield to meet Bob. We had our usual laugh and a good chat but I think it's back to The Widow Frost for lunch next time. Bob's was OK but mine was luke-warm at best, my large flat mushroom was a small undercooked mushroom and my grilled tomato hadn't been grilled at all. After that we went to the cafe outside Debenhams and my 'tea' consisted of a mug of hot water and a tea-bag to dangle in it. Shan't be going there again.

Then we went to PCWorld to see if I could get onto the internet via their Wi-Fi Hotspot. Couldn't - they aren't a Hotspot anymore. But Comet, a few hundred yards away are - a BTopenzone one, which is a better deal anyway. You win some, you lose some.

This picture doesn't have any artistic merit. I just wanted to record it. One of our shrub 'Ballerina' roses sent a flowering shoot 5 feet up the garage wall. Just the one. All the other shoots have been quite normal. She's obviously more into Aida than Swan Lake.

When I've finished my Blog I think I'll have a quick kip, then collect Yvonne, then go to Eastwood Photographic.

I think my Photoshop difficulties will only be solved by Roger popping round for an hour to sort me out. I intend to ask him tonight. I shall take my laptop again but it isn't a good idea, in a club, to be too demanding of people's time.


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bungus said...

I discover Hamameliaceae or Liquidamber (sweet gum) has 6 species. L. styraciflua grows 18 to 25 feet high unless the top is cut out after first year. Seeds take uou to 2 years to germinate and then need to be grown on for at least another 2 years

"White-water-rafting.. not possible because the course is flooded"?
I was once going gliding but it was a cold day and I couldn’t find my thermals.

I don’t believe it! This friend who addresses me as ‘Moaning Bob’ complains that his meal was cold after leaving a clean plate and not a word to the management. As for his mushroom, at least he didn’t have to cut it. Only wanting a very light lunch, I chose sausage & mash which was lovely but so ample i could not finish it or manage a treacle sponge to follow. And his mug of hot water (well, not all THAT hot by the time he had changed tables three times) was only £2.65 (it would have been 67p in Wetherspoons). I dare say he’ll feel better about it after a night’s sleep but if he wants to walk up that hill next time to see if ‘Widow Frost’ is hot enough for him, that’s OK by me.

Afraid I do not understand the Aida/Swan Lake allusion. Egypt and elephants v Ice and frilly tou-tous? One an opera, the other a ballet. What is going on?

”I shall take my laptop again but it isn't a good idea, in a club, to be too demanding of people's time.” I could not possibly comment.

When seagulls flock inland to residential areas it is a certain sign of rough weather at the landfill site.
"How post-modern," you may say.