Sunday, October 22, 2006

Proper Sunday - Yesterday's Papers - Relax

Trouble uploading pictures again. Ages since that happened and it raises my concern that it might be linked to Microsoft Office 2003 which David has reinstalled for me. It all looks fine and I spent some time re-establishing my old ntlworld email address. Had to find POP3 servers and things but I managed it, and adjusted the page layout so as to please me. I discovered a change-of-address email from Maggie dated a couple of weeks ago, which I would have completely missed had we not done the reinstall. It shouldn't make any difference but ....?

We recorded The Culture Show and watched it this afternoon. (Picture 1 is their new website icon). We enjoyed it - it brings us into contact with Pop and stuff which we don't know much about. They were interested in the Velasquez exhibition too but I thought it would be OTT to blog another one.

So I decided to Blog Picture 2 which is the new presenter Lauren Laverne. Apart from looking quite dishy (to an old man's eyes anyway) she is well informed and very bright. In the interviews she conducts she seems to get more out of her interviewees than Verity used to. We still like her a lot though and it was good to see her on this weeks show. Y says that Lauren has a 1940s look and I can see what she means.

We like Mark Kermode and find his film reviews good and helpful. I know Bungus doesn't like him (nor his Dad) but he doesn't fall into the reviewer's trap of being heavily critical of nearly everything. If he gives praise, it is worth taking note of. I hope Bungus won't mind me pointing out that he never goes to the cinema anyway. While on the subject of cinema, we intend to go and see The History Boys tomorrow. I have yet another wretched blood-test in the morning but they have seen me promptly recently and we should make it to The Odeon for 12.30pm. Opinions to follow tomorrow.

Jill's 'snap' comment was fun yesterday when they also had chicken casserole. Their accompaniments (tracklements?) were different and I was fascinated with the 'pearly barley'. Our left-overs did us for today. With cauliflower, and baked sweet potato. Remember the days when you just had to have a roast on Sunday?

I've done some further work with PhotoShop and my new books are a great help. Both are in full colour, in the 'Teach Yourself VISUALLY' series and they really are graspable even by my failing brain.

This morning my OAG (old-age gremlin) struck again. When I got up it was chilly and I switched on the heating to warm the house up for Y. I made a little breakfast and settled down to catch up on some reading. Half an hour later, because the radiators were stone-cold, I realised that the OAG had gone and switched it off again ! The sod.

Catch you tomorrow........................


Jill said...

If you count chops, we still have a roast on Sundays, so that we can have roast potatoes...they don't taste the same with anything else.

I've always called it pearly barley since I was little, and my children do (well, they did) too.

Not very keen on The Culture Show, too bitty. Was hooked on 'Prime Suspect' though.

Going to see 'The History Boys' week after next, booked a double bill, 'The Queen'in the afternoon, break for supper, then 'The History Boys.' Shall be interested to hear what you think.

bungus said...

As you may have gathered from my earlier comment, I'm more with Jill than RadioG on The Culture Show. And, as I don't go the cinema, I don't know whether I agree with Mark Kermode's crits or not. But I do know I don't like HIM! And I enjoyed Prime Suspect too, mainly for H Mirren's performance, of course, even though I was pretty sure (correctly) that I had nailed the killer halfway through Part 1. In some ways, I prefer it when you know who did it and can concentrate on the procedure. Aren't forensics fun? all those maggots and that.

bungus said...

Just had to come back again. With S being veggie, we only ever have a roast when visitors are here but, no, chops don't count Jill I would never have roast taters with them anyway. It is probably mostly to do with what we had 'at home'. Yesterday I had sausage, baked beans and chips (which is not my idea of a Sunday dinner) and Sandra had a salad and chips. But the chips were home made from new potatoes smothered in olive oil and cooked on a tray in the top of the oven; a bit like roast really!?