Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tracy's - Start of Y's Birthday - My Birthday

Some of the food at TJ's before the onslaught. As anticipated, the 'vittals' were excellent. In the dark middle corner (if that is possible) lurks a Thai curry, courtesy Jamie Oliver and covered in foil. Pronounced delicious by all, plus loads of loverly nibbles. A chocolate cheesecake and cream, which one immediately knew was bad for one - it was so good. I couldn't manage the cheese-board. There were enough people and kids for there to be a hubbub and we all mingled and chatted. We met June's Bill and he seems very nice and coped extremely well with being thrust into such a bustling and strange environment. The children were very good - no serious tears and they all loved playing complicated games in Tracy's gym. Helen had brought loads of things for the kids to do, including a Popcorn maker which was extremely popular. I was full to overflowing but what can you do when offered some warm freshly made popcorn by a proud 5yr old. I 'yumyummed' and got away with eating just two bits. By the way, don't worry about the frightening weapons on the wall - she is a keen martial arts afficianado. Lisa had done me a birthday cake with not quite 71 candles which was brought in after the lights had been dimmed and everyone sang Happy Birthday. My lung-full of puff extinguished all but one. I am indeed a very lucky man!

I 'bailed out' fairly early and Y stayed over which worked out well for everyone. It stopped me from getting over-tired and allowed Y to relax without having to keep her eye on me.

The next picture is my birthday cards and everyone had gone to such trouble with their selection. The centre one is a framed picture by Ruby (6yrs) and she has captured the 'spirit. Hannah did me a computer, keyboard and a real mouse, Brooke and Sky had done me a castle with turrets with a halloween theme and Elli had done a family drawing.

Presents and things this morning- followed by a kip and then I collected Y who is doing a roast chicken for this evening. Then Strictly Come Dancing and then .......... I might get to have a look at the crossword.

See ya all ...............................

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bungus said...

Many Happy Returns.
I did not know that your birthday was imminent but I never send cards to anyone anyway.
You may feel lucky but the celebrations all sounds quite terrifying to me, so I feel sorry for June’s Bill *.
But then I absolutely hate most parties, particularly family parties, and steadfastly refuse to attend any held in my honour, although I am always happy if someone makes me a simple Victoria Sandwich.
I shall be happy for a wake to be held at my departure, though, and would be quite delighted for the food to be laid out on my box which should be inscribed “Good Old Bob (Some Say)” and “This Way Up” (I am just debating whether to ask for Billie Holliday’s ‘Gloomy Sunday’ to be played at my non-religious service. I had never heard of the song until yesterday but apparently loads of people leave copies with their suicide notes and it was banned from the BBC until a few years ago. I do not recommend that you should look for the lyrics but they are easy enough to find on the web).
Back to the party: I always take every opportunity to enjoy my own little joke about something spelt (for instance) ‘Thai Curry’ being pronounced ‘Delicious’ and I have never tasted a cheese cake that tempted me to try a second slice.
I suppose “Moaning Bob” was about right after all!

I was unable to watch ’Come Dancing’, of course, because ‘The X Factor’ was on ‘the other side’. I feel that there are several competitors this year who should have a reasonable future, and two or three who could possibly become really big.

I taped ‘Robin Hood’ but it seems to me that they are not taking it seriously.

* Sorry,
but I am reminded of the Tory member of the House of Lords, many years ago, who said to a colleague;
· “I’m not sure what to do about this Homosexual Bill. What do you think? “ and received the reply
· “Just pay it, old boy, and hope you hear no more.”