Monday, October 16, 2006

De Gaul's Head - Walking-stick Progress

You can all now judge the quality of the Bungus head which we have discussed.

It does look like General de Gaul and the rough-chiselled finish appeals to me. I don't envy Bungus his class tutor's mode of finely honed and polished pieces as an end product. They will look as if they have been mass-produced in a factory. Wouldn't suit Willam Morris at all !!

Y has gone to Palmer's Green on granny-duty and she managed to carry the old lappy for Debra. It isn't the lightest of laptops but apart from her handbag she managed to cram things in the laptop bag. She keeps clothes and things down there which lightens the load somewhat.

Picture 2 is also down to Bungus and it is to show his progress with the walking-stick. The one on the left is an old stick I gave him when he was without one somewhere, and the one on the right is the work-in-progress.

I'm shall be very interested to see what the bob-tail bit on the end turns out to be. Perhaps he is intending to create a grey squirrel !

Not much to add really. The weather continues to be mild, 15c in Nottingham at the moment. Can't tell you about Brinsley because my little weather station is showing all the signs of being kaput. First the outside temperature vanished. All new batteries achieved was a date change to Thursday 1st Jan 04. I then did what boys mostly do and pressed and clicked as many buttons as I could. Result - the screen went completely blank and has remained so.

Bob asked Dan about Acronis and Images. He replied that he used Norton Ghost and went on to explain about images. Completely over my head I'm afraid. But I shall try not to worry about it. I keep attacking with PhotoShop though.

Rest Day tomorrow.........................

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bungus said...

Sorry if I now go on too much but what confusion. Confusion, that is, between woodcarving, wood sculpting and walking stick making. Walking sticks, which may involve carving, vary tremendously but the most prolific local ‘manufacturer’ likes his highly finished and varnished – others don’t. Most woodcarvers seem to aim for realistic representation, often of animals, and a fine polished finish. Wood sculpture (eg, my head, which is unfinished and will remain so) is a much ‘rougher’ trade sometimes done with chainsaws (some the size of your little finger). Others may well disagree with my definitions and I am no expert in any of the disciplines. Then there is woodturning!

The exaggerated hook on the handle of the walking stick is not representative although it came with an inherent likeness to a duck’s head and some have tried to persuade me to create a closer resemblance. But to me it is a practical tool which has no need to look like something else. It is mainly for leaning on and aiding walking but it can also serve to poke and pull. The exaggerated serendipitous hook should allow it to hang from my wrist while my hand does other things, eg, takes photos. This should be a very useful function as I have lost 3 sticks in the last 12 months through putting them down or hanging them on fences, while doing other things, and then leaving them behind. I don’t think there is any strong squirrel resemblance and it there was it would be more red than grey!

Sorry about the thermometer but you will know whether you need to take your pully off or fetch a blanket. Would this be an appropriate.time to say, “Chill out !” ?