Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Another Mild Day - Busy doing not Much

Last night on TV, I intended to watch MegaStructures again. It was to be about The Golden Gate Bridge.

I pretty soon discovered that, would you believe, we are not subscribers to The National Geographical Channel. And the fact that we successfully watched it for several evenings, was either a fluke - or more likely, Andy says, it was NTL trying a 'come-on'.

Anyway, I found an alternative on UKTV History about a Georgian House that was followed through it's successive occupants, through Regency etc. Bearing in mind that last week I encountered copyright problems with the Sears Tower, this week I took evasive action by photographing the TV screen. It's tolerable, I think, little more.

Picture 2 is a distinctive spider that was inhabiting the lid of the garden-waste bin. Maybe one of our 'wildlife-correspondents' can identify it. I would guess that the very prominent crucifix on it's back has some significance. Perhaps it is a British Airways spider !!

If the image is a little blurred, the reason is that it is an action-shot which I was unprepared for, because he was really 'tazzing along' when I pressed the shutter button.

Still on camera matters, John came over this morning and brought the old camera-bag full of stuff I had given Laura but which she does not now have a use for. It is all from pre-digital days. There are some filters and bits which will be useful but a lot of it David can put on ebay. Somebody might still want developing tanks but I doubt it.

He showed me his new Sony Erikson mobile phone which is equipped with a 3.2megapixel camera. It isn't very long since we thought that 3meg was a respectable sensor size for a fullblown digital camera. He showed me a few pictures from their recent Netherlands holiday and the quality and definition was incredible. You can enlarge and crop in camera and apparently you can print up to A4 without any trouble. It was good to hear everyone's news. Philip still hasn't decided about the flat he has been offered. Allanah is settling into the sixth form well and her A level choices are English Lit, Psychology, and Religious Studies and Philosophy. Although not really religious, I found the component I did - The Rise of Christianity and The Early Roman Empire - particularly valuable. It has been surprising how often I have been able to drop a 'killer-fact' into the conversation. Laura is trucking along but John says she seems to spend a lot of time working in a Costa Coffee Bar. She no doubt needs the money.

The OAGs (Old Age Gremlins) seem to have been active today. My particularly ones specialise in (a) throwing things off shelves when you've just put them there (b) taking things back to the bedroom when you have fetched them and placed them carefully on the dining-room table and (c) twisting things out of you fingers and chucking them on the floor. No doubt other people's have their own favourite maliciousnesses. I'd love to hear..................

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